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ASAT 3d Leafy Suit Hunting Outerwear

Hunting Outerwear Manufacturer: ASAT
ASAT Model: 3d Leafy Suit
Review Category: Hunting Outerwear

Purchase: Hunting Outerwear I bought this suit from Asatcamo It was $130 for the jacket, pants, and head cover. I bought this suit because I wanted to try a different camo. I got busted in my old Mossy Oak too much.

Things I like about the ASAT 3d Leafy Suit Hunting Outerwear: It blends in with whatever enviroment you're in unlike most other camo. It also has the leafy design which aids in the camo effect. The suit is mesh so it can be worn during the warm months, yet you can still stay relatively cool. In the colder times it can easily fit over the top of you coveralls and whatever you want to wear under it. The more you wear it the quieter it becomes.

What I don't like about the ASAT 3d Leafy Suit: After you wash the suit the black in the pattern kind of fades to a dark gray or lighted black.

Hunting Outerwear 3d Leafy Suit quality: Very well made. The more you wear it, the quieter the material becomes. If you have any problems with it, just call or email the company. They stand behind their product more than anyone I know in the industry.

3d Leafy Suit summary: In my opinion this is the best camo out there along with Predator. The open patterns are far better at fooling a deers eyes than the camo that tries to look like it's surroundings. Give this camo a try. They have a guarantee behind.

Rating for this ASAT product: 5

Author of this review on ASAT Hunting Outerwear: Hagy

Date: 2004-09-28

Usefulness Rating: 3.5873 out of 5.
126 reader(s) voted.

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