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Parker hunter mag Bows

Bows Manufacturer: Parker
Parker Model: hunter mag
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows I have been bow hunting now for six years. I enjoy hunting very mush especially archery hunting. Last year I wanted to purchase a higher quality bow that would not let me down. I looked at many different models and I liked the line of bows that Parker offered. For the money I think that the parker is a good bow. I started looking on the internet for a used bow in good condition. The Parker Hunter Mag is what I started looking at very closley. Brand new the bow and accesories cost about $500. That was a little bit out of my price range. That's why I was checking out the used ones. I found an ad selling a brand new Hunter Mag with accesories for $212. I figured that i was getting a good bargain with this so i bought the bow.

Things I like about the Parker hunter mag Bows: I am very pleased with the bow. At first the draw length was a little bit long but one nice feature about this bow is the adjustable draw length. I shortened the draw and now it is perfect. I like the superflauge camo pattern that parker uses. The bow looks and feels good. The bow draws smoothly and there is not too muce reciol. I also like that the Hunter mag is very light. I makes in nice for long walks into the woods.

What I don't like about the Parker hunter mag: One thing that could be improved upon in Parker bows is the recoil. When shooting especially the shorter bows (Ultra lite 31) there is some recoil. When i shoot my bow I shoot with another guy and he just got a Matthews Outback. His bow draws a little smoother than the Parker and there is no recoil when the shot is released.

Bows hunter mag quality: The Parker Bows are very well built. They are long lasting and durable. The quality of the bow is very good.

hunter mag summary: Overall I am very pleased with my Hunter-Mag and I am glad I went with it. It shoots excellent and is a great bow for hunting.

Rating for this Parker product: 4

Author of this review on Parker Bows: Seth Hammond

Date: 2004-10-19

Usefulness Rating: 4.14583 out of 5.
96 reader(s) voted.

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