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PSE Whitetail Extreme Bows

Bows Manufacturer: PSE
PSE Model: Whitetail Extreme
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: Bows This bow is sold exclusively at Bass Pro Shops and retails for 300$ in a package. It is my second bow and I was looking for somthing compact and a little faster then the old 1980 Bear Black Bear that I had been shooting.

Things I like about the PSE Whitetail Extreme Bows: I really like the length, speed and how forgiving the bow is. The brace height is 8" and that really seems to help cut down on bad shots when I have a tough angle or somthing like that. I don't really know what the IBO is for the Whitetail but I do know it is alot faster then the old Bear. I don't own a rangefinder and with the increace in speed there isn't as big of a diffrance if I am aiming at 25 yrds or 30 yrds, I still hit what I am shooting at.

What I don't like about the PSE Whitetail Extreme: The handle feels like cheep plastic. I am not a big fan of the arrow rest that comes with the bow, I am getting a whisker bisket for it.

Bows Whitetail Extreme quality: The construction is just what you would expect from a PSE, strong and smooth.

Whitetail Extreme summary: For the money the PSE Whitetail Extreme is a great value, You get the performance of a high dollar bow without the big pricetag. It is very forgiving for archers who don't have 10 hours a week to spend practiceing.

Rating for this PSE product: 5

Author of this review on PSE Bows: Tony Strasser

Date: 2004-10-28

Usefulness Rating: 4.54667 out of 5.
75 reader(s) voted.

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