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Parker Buckhunter (outfitter package) Bows

Bows Manufacturer: Parker
Parker Model: Buckhunter (outfitter package)
Review Category: Bows

Purchase: I bought the Parker Buckhunter at the Nashville Bass Pro Shop for a deer and turkey bow. I paid a very reasonable price of 289 dollars.

Things I like about the Parker Buckhunter (outfitter package): When I picked it up in the pro shop it came equipped with a prong type rest, three pin fiber optic sight, and a Bohning archery quiver. The sights are pre-set and from the moment I picked it up I was splitting arrows, literally. The bow has little torque requires no tuning and look how cheap it is. Truly a great buy. By the way, I killed three deer with it this season and one even dropped on the spot!

What I don't like about the Parker Buckhunter (outfitter package): I did'nt like the sights that came with it they just were not bright enough. I took one deer with them before switching to a tru glo single pin sight. I found this to be a minor problem however.

Buckhunter (outfitter package) quality: To make this short, two weekends ago, while hunting, I tripped over a hidden strand of a fallen barb-wire fence, to keep from falling on a stack of Muzzy broadheads I chucked the bow as far away from me as I could. The bow did not go to far however, a giant white oak stopped it from landing on the soft, wet leaves. Previous experience with a compound bow would tell me to go back and re-sight and re-tune. But I picked up the bow I have so much confidence in, walked to my stand and perfectly arrowed a large doe minutes later.

Buckhunter (outfitter package) summary: The Parker Buckhunter is quite possibly the best buy in the archery world today

Rating for this Parker product: 5

Author of this review on Parker Bows: Matthew Summers TN Bow Hunter

Date: 2004-11-04

Usefulness Rating: 4.6962 out of 5.
79 reader(s) voted.

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