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The Digital CamTrakker could easily be called the Mother of all Trail Cameras. The Digital CamTrakker features a Sony 4.1 megapixel fully automatic digital camera which combined with the Digital CamTrakker’s passive infrared motion detector makes quite a trail camera. The infrared motion detector senses heat, not movement like many trail cameras. This gives it an advantage over many of the other trail cameras on the market since the motion detector is looking for a set amount of heat, not motion which could be triggered by something as small as a bird.

Featured in the digital CamTrakker Trail Camera is the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-640. This camera features lens from Carl Zeiss the well known maker of rifle scopes as well. Another plus for the Sony Cyber-Shot in this trail camera is something calls Stamina Technology which extends battery life beyond that of other digital cameras on the market. If you’ve ever come back to your trail camera after a week and found the batteries must have gone dead just hours after you left it the last time you will appreciate this feature instantly. The Stamina Technology allows you to catch an average of 110 pictures from your trail camera before the batteries die.

Passive Infrared Sensor and Aiming Light

As mentioned earlier the passive infrared sensor and aiming light will only trigger to “heat in motion”. One of my Stealth trail cameras

Is exceptionally sensitive to the sun and more than once it’s taken several pictures of the sun hitting a certain area. The fact the Infrared Sensor on the Digital CamTrakker is only activated to heat in motion greatly eliminates the possibility of empty pictures. I also like the aiming light on this particular unit which has a test mode in which the sensor flashes red when the unit sensing motion. This allows you to stand back and see at which area and distances the trail camera will activate and adjust accordingly.

Batteries for the CamTrakker Digital Trail Cameras

Included in every purchase of the Digital Camtrakker is 2 Nikel Metal Hydride batteries. Each of the batteries has a different purpose. The first powers the trail camera while the second powers the strobe flash for night shots. In addition the camera can be taken out of the unit and used as a regular old digital camera. That fact alone might justify buying the camera. “Merry Christmas dear hears the new Sony Cyber Shot you wanted.” “Do you mind if I borrow it between August and January?”

Locking Flange

The Camtrakker has a secure locking flange which makes the camera tamper proof. One of the areas I have trail cameras placed is prone to someone messing with the trail cameras. Thankfully the person doesn’t steal them, but the person seems to have fun removing batteries or just turning the units off altogether. Most likely this is someone who doesn’t want their picture being taken without having asked permission to be on the property. Regardless it gets irritation when you take the time to check your trail cameras and find one or two of them have been turned off. The locking flange of the Camtrakker Trail Camera is nice feature indeed and will protect against your Sony Cyber-Shot from walking away.

The Camtrakker Digital Trail Camera is fully waterproof and sound proofed to take pictures quietly without spooking the game. In addition the camera comes camouflaged in Natural gear which prevents people from spotting your camera and the possibility of it walking away.

Camtrakker Digital allows you to choose between six different delay options which range from 20 seconds to 45 minutes. This helps eliminate taking pictures of the same deer several times if by chance it decided to take a siesta near your camera. Another very nice feature is the CamTrakker allows you to choose when you want the trail camera to work. You can choose night only use, day only use, or 24 hour operation. This will help you narrow down what animals are using your hunting ground and when. Last, but not least the CamTrakker also stamps each photo with a time and date helping you pattern the deer movement even further.

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