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Easton Announces New Advanced Arrow - From Easton Technical Products

Press Release

Easton Technical Products, manufacturer of the world's most accurate arrows, announces NEW patent-pending arrow technology. Hunting arrows have gone to the next level with this technological breakthrough from Easton -- ST Slim Tech and HIT component system.

Easton's exclusive NEW patent-pending ST Slim Technology produces an ultra-small diameter, carbon arrow designed specifically for bowhunters. Perfectly balanced spine, weight and small OD provide the optimum blend of penetration, kinetic energy and accuracy. Small-diameter ST arrows fly virtually unaffected by crosswinds, a benefit no other hunting arrow can promise. And super-tough ST construction makes it the most durable arrow ever from Easton.

Easton's unique patent-pending component system puts the critical broadhead interface directly against the ID of the shaft, eliminating variability and inaccuracy. Co-developed with leading broadhead manufacturers, HIT components are a unique system that helps bowhunters easily achieve precise broadhead alignment.

ST Axis arrows are the first arrows manufactured by Easton with the patent-pending Slim Tech and HIT component system. "Our laboratory and field testing have shown us time and again that smaller diameter gives better penetration," said Ted Palomaki, Easton's Director of Product Development. "Just as important, we wanted to maintain compatibility with all the broadheads and points on the market today. We've achieved all our goals with our ST Axis."

Tested all over the world, advanced ST technology has proven amazingly effective on every type of big game. Field testers Phil Phillips and Fred Eichler are ecstatic with the performance of ST Axis. "Besides the durability that easily allowed me to take down a water buffalo with one arrow, what I like best about the Axis is its HIT component system -- talk about perfect alignment for dead-on accuracy! I guess I'd have to say: Axis just plain has it all," said Phillips, who already has 28 big-game trophies to his and Axis' credit.

Eichler, a traditional archer, said, "Easton has added critical weight to a smaller surface area -- and the result is powerful penetration. I'm shooting a 55-pound recurve, and that extra penetration is awesome."

To learn more about Easton's NEW patent pending Slim Technology and HIT component system, and ST Axis arrows, visit the Easton web site at http://www.easton.com or write:

Easton Technical Products, 5040 West Harold Gatty Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

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