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Fishing Lures - Leverage Lures From McGuinness Product Design Advantages and Uniqueness

Fishing Lures - McGuinness Leverage Lures

Fishing Lures - FISH STAY HOOKED: When the fish strikes the lure and jumps and thrashes around trying to throw the bait, the flexible hook system moves w th the fish preventing the hook penetration hole from enlarging and the hook from falling out.

The hook is set-back which eliminates the need for a trailer hook. It also helps to solve the short-strike problem that fishermen experience at time:; with a conventional design and hook placement. The set-back hook also hooks the fisi quicker and deeper which makes the hook-set more solid.

Our spinnerbaits and buzzbaits all have our pate-nted flexible hook system that keeps fish hooked, putting more fish in the boat than any other lure on the market.

The new and original aeronautical head design with a keel slot forces the lure to run straight and true no matter how slow or fast it is retrieved.

The flexible hook connector snaps back behind the head and blades when a fish is not hooked making the lure essentially weedless. The baits move through the grass and structure with ease. The flexible hook system actually bounces over branches, limbs and clumps of grass.

The skirts used on all Leverage Lures are made of silicone with custom holographic high-flash colors and the color flecks in the skirts are impregnated and will not scrape off. Silicone skirts were chosen because they keep their shape, color, flexibility and high-flash qualities.

The .037 thick stainless steel frame used helps the angler fee! the blades turning in the water. It will not rust or break on the fisherman and blades can be easily changed.

The hooks used are super-sharp VMC hooks that keep their sharp point and will not bend. The hook is soldered to the flexible cable using a patsnted process similar to how hooks are soldered to weedless spoons. The hook will not pull-off ths flexible cable-we guarantee that! The flexible hook system has been pull-tested up to almost 500 pounds.

The flexible cable is stainless steel and is made-up of 49 individual woven strands. Stainless steel is much less brittle than titanium and will not break.

Sampo swivels and Lakeland nickel and gold plated blades are used- the best components that money can buy!

Leverage Lures provide unique advantages to lishermen-the bottom line is that "fish cannot throw the bait."

Trophy fish are being hooked and landed with Leverage Lures and tournaments are being won.

Although they were designed primarily for bass fishing they have proven to be very effective in landing saltwater fish such as red fish, snook and tarpon. They also work well on northern pike and muskie in freshwater fishing.

'Leading B.A.S.S. Top 150 Pro's such as Roland Martin and Chris Daves have already made Leverage Lures their lure of choice.


AII Leverage Lures have the patented flexible hook system that moves with the fish when they jump and thrash around trying to throw the bait. The flexible hook system moves with the movements of the fish preventing the hook penetiation hole from enlarging and the hook from falling out.

No other buzzbait has solid brass beads behind .he blade. They create a loud sound in the water that attracts fish.

The blade wire can be bent toward the head mating the blade strike the head on every rotation for a very loud "head knocker" sound.

The "no roll" head design with a wide flat bottom forces the lure to run true and keeps the bait on top of the water even at a very slow retrieve The .045 custom siiper-slainiess steel frame allows the bait to ride lower in the water and properly positions the blade over the head.

Gold plated or aluminum blades are used that are center-balanced meaning that the wire passes through the middle of the blade. The silicone holographic skirts used come in six oright high-flash colors that attract more fish.

"One of the leading Pro's who loves the Leverage buzzbait stated that "the flexible set-back hook system is going to make trailer hooks obsolete."

Available at the Bass Pro Shops
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