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Buying Advice - Reviews And Information On Rifle Scopes- Part I

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You have your new dream rifle and now must decide which one of a great selection of scopes to consider for the new rifle. In our buying advice on choosing scopes we'll summarize everything you should know before setting out to look at the many different models of optics on the market. This particular article on scopes is aimed more towards the beginner than the seasoned or expert hunter, however should help everyone gather some valuable knowledge. This primer will aim you and your rifle in the right direction(no pun intended) when purchasing a scope for your new rifle or shotgun. You should note that there are some very good quality rifle scopes on the market, some of which don't cost a lot, however offer excellent value. This is another area where technology has helped improved hunting gear dramatically over the last twenty years.

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Let's start out at the simplest level which is learning about some of the choices you'll need to make when deciding on which scopes to consider purchasing for your new rifle and which scopes to pass over.

Basics of Scopes

Powers - Popular scopes for a rifle in the East are 3 x 9 power scopes. The 3 is the lowest power or magnification of these scopes and the 9 is the highest power. The more power of the magnification the less field of view conversely less power scopes for a rifle offer larger fields of view. As an example 3 x 9 power scope means the scopes adjust from a low of 3 power to the maximum of 9 power. If expecting longer shots with the rifle then narrow your search to higher power scopes. If short rifle shots are expected for instance hunting in brush or heavy woods then research lower power rifle scopes for your firearm.

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Scopes For Rifles Buying Advice Part Two.


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