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Hunting Bows - Part II

Hunting Bows For 2006

The Mathews Conquest Apex 7 Bows- the next generation in a long line of Conquest Bows. The Conquest line of bows has more tournament victories than any other bows in history. You know they always say the proof is in the pudding; well these bows have proven it over and over.

The new Apex 7 bows features a re-designed Apex reflex riser which offers both speed 320 IBO and forgiveness. The Apex 7 bows measures 38 inches axle-to-axle, sports a 7 inch brace and offered in draw lengths from 23" to 30.5" Another feature of these bows is the machined built in grip of the bows which feels great and minimizes hand torque. Mathews has taken the best part of the original Apex bows, its cam and redesigned it for the new apex 7 bows. The cam on these bows is said to be extremely smooth shooting and lightning fast.

The Mathews Switchback LD -These are the original Switchback Hunting Bows, but with a draw length of up to 32". The first Switchback bows offered draw lengths of up to 30". This will give bow hunters with longer draw lengths the chance to finally take one of these remarkable bows hunting. After doing a couple of hunting bows reviews on the original Mathews Switchback I can tell you this is one of the smoothest shooting hunting bows I've taken hunting and reviewed this side of a custom made bows. Not only is this bow for hunting smooth, it's also dead quiet and the vibration on these bows is minimal. They really are everything hunters look for in bows for hunting.

The Mathews Switchback XT - This is the fantastic Mathews Switchback honed to it's best. The change I like the most on the Mathews Switch Back XT is it's shorter measurements of right about 31 inches axle to axle. If you do a lot of tree stand hunting like I do or enjoy hunting from a blind, then you know an inch or two size difference can make a world of difference in taking and making a good shot. They shoot even smoother than the original Switchback. Oh and don't forget the power plant behind these awesome bows is the StraightLine C1 Cam which provides remarkable efficiency.

The Mathews Switchback XT also features the new "Triple Damper" Roller Guard and dampers in the string suppressors. If you're not in the market for a new bow, don't shoot this one. I didn't have plans to buy one and neither did my wallet, however recently I made a trip to a bow hunting shop seeking some prospects for hunting bows reviews and maybe to exchange a few hunting stories or two. The next thing I know I tried the Mathews XT and ended up walking out of the store with one. I was placing groups like a pro just moments after picking it up the first time. I hadn't even planned on shooting that day, but saw the signs to take the Mathews Challenge which is a program where every Mathews Dealer has a Mathews Switchback XTon hand to shoot so everyone can see just how well these hunting bows shoot. The Mathews Challenge worked on me and this is the one I'll take with me the first day of hunting season. I'm already counting the days until I can take it out into the woods.

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The PSE Mach X hunting bows measures in at 33" axle to axle. PSE states "it has the aiming and characteristics of target bows", but make no mistake you want to take hunting. Here's what PSE has to say about their Mach X hunting bows. Large wheels, vertical limb movement and vibration damping devices combine with cutting edge technology to make the Mach X one of the best feeling hunting bows on the market. The foundation of the PSE Archery Mach X is the extra long, nearly straight riser design. At 28.5 inches the Mach X is the longest riser ever produced for hunting by PSE Bows. With the new B.E.S.T. (Biomechanically Ergonomic Slim Throat) grip and nearly straight geometry the riser on these bows for hunting is stable and forgiving. PSE's centerflight design and multiple sight mounting holes allow the archer to optimize setup of these bows.

The Mach X is built upon ultra-short split limbs allowing it to be shorter from axle to axle. Stress optimized by size and manufactured to the tightest tolerances possible using CNC technology, PSE states the new limbs are raising the standard for performance and reliability in bows for hunting. The nine inch split limbs are controlled by independently adjustable pivoting limb pockets that allow the adjustment of cam attitude. This unique feature adds a whole new dimension to tuning your bow.

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The new X 1-Cam on features an oversized, smooth draw design with the first ever two track module. By incorporating the second and third tracks into the module PSE Archery is able to optimize nock travel for each draw length setting. String posts to adjust draw length are combined with a sliding draw stop to customize it for fit and feel which is what it's all about when you get that shot hunting. The X 1-Cam's let-off is infinitely adjustable within the range of 80% to 65% with a soft wall option in the 80% setting by removing the draw stop completely. The X 1-Cam idler wheel combines dual sealed ball bearings, a 4 " diameter and an asymmetric string groove giving it the ultimate in feel and performance. The asymmetric string groove on these reduces friction and allows the removal of the idler wheel serving for a remarkable gain of almost 10 feet per second. This is cutting edge technology.

The Mach X has an amazing eleven damping devices installed at the factory during manufacturing. PSE talked with hunters and found out what they want in new hunting bows. Two of the items that really stood out when they talked with hunters about what they wanted were feeling and damping. The Mach X starts at the source of vibration by placing damping devices at the tips of each of the four limbs. An damper is placed on each limb bolt. A damper on the end of the cable guard rod and Top Gun String Chubs installed in the string eliminate what little vibration is produced by the design of the Mach X hunting bows.

PSE's Mach X Hunting Bows will have draw lengths of 27" to 31" and peak weights of 60 to 70 pounds on these hunting bows. The speed range of these will be between 308-312 fps. The PSE Archery Mach X is available as bows only or as a hunting package with a free dozen Carbon Force Radial X Weave Pro hunting arrows worth $120.00. The Carbon Force Radial X hunting arrows received some great reviews in our hunting arrow section.

The Browning Illusion Bows- Late in 2005 Browning introduced the 2006 Illusion which Browning says are the best shooting on the market for hunting. They state the following: "The Illusion was the ultimate combination of smooth draw, quiet shooting, low recoil, forgiving geometry and fast hunting arrow delivery." This year Browning improved the bows by adding Hyperlite limb pockets. The Hyperlite limb pockets provides a solid support for the bows limbs while providing additional weight savings and for you hunters who want to look good hunting, they also made them look better.

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