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Archery Research History and Features

Bow Hunting - Archery Research

Archery Research - The development of the Archery Research line of bows has been underway for several years. The completion of several key technology developments and proper market timing has allowed the AR product line to finally make its way to the showroom floor. When shooting any of the three AR bows, it is obvious that it has been worth the wait.

Each component of the AR bow has been selected for its particular design characteristics and for its integration with the rest of the system. The attention to detail in the fit and finish of each bow is clearly evident.

Right out of the gates, performance and feel of the bows were principal design characteristics. Early geometry models of the bow showed that the shooting performance would be achieved. But, our real hopes were realized when the cutout patterns in the riser created results that supported our theories - vibrations could actually be attenuated through a properly designed chamber system. Finally, an efficiently designed bow with machined features that make the bow lighter to carry and smoother to shoot.

Of course, a project of this nature would be impossible were it not for efficient and cost-effective manufacturing techniques. As intricate as the CNC machine work is on each handle, it is balanced by the use of a common extrusion and common fixturing for all three handle designs. Excluding strings and cables, each AR bow (AR-31, AR-34, and AR-37) uses common parts to generate consistent draw weights and draw lengths. This results in several important outcomes: (1) only 2 limb sizes are needed to cover the range of available weights on any of the bows, (2) the wheel that makes a 29 inch draw on the AR-31 also makes a 29 inch draw on the AR-34 and AR-37, and (3) the pocket and grip systems are common for left or right hand bows.

We are confident that the intelligence built into the design and manufacturing of the Archery Research product line has created a simplified bow line that is easier to understand, easier to service, and easier to sell than any other bow in its market segment.


The Archery Research line of bows was engineered to provide the performance, features and feel sought by discerning archers. Whether the goal is to stack arrows in the center of a target or take down a record animal, the AR bows can be shot with the confidence inspired by years of research and product development.

Performance - The AR bows are accurate through precision design, best-in-class manufacturing techniques, and a meticulous bow-building process. Attention to detail in all aspects of the engineering, specifications, and manufacturing have created a super accurate bow that is so smooth to shoot. All this performance is achieved in a lightweight bow (less than 4 pounds each) that is light to carry and easy to customize with your choice of accessories.

Finish - triple-coated matte finish on each handle, limb, and pocket creates a detailed Mossy Oak Break-Up camo pattern that won’t wear or scratch off like typical camo finishes.

Feel - Crisp on the shot with vibration dampening chambers designed into the handle from the beginning… not just as an after thought. Felt vibrations are reduced through the implementation of a short limb stroke and chambers that dampen vibrations the closer they get to the bow hand. The AR bows are sold without bolt-on vibration absorbing add-ons and other gizmos because they don’t need them to feel right.

Reliability - With the AR line, the countless hours of development and testing have resulted in an entire line of bows that are free of unnecessary complication - less to bolt on, less to go wrong. The bows are simple, reliable, and fun to shoot.


Contoured Grip - AR’s unique angular cut grip allows the shooters hand to fit into the bow in its natural position. The AR grip design allows for proper biomechanical alignment of the hand and improves skeletal alignment all the way through the bow shoulder. The grip also improves performance by minimizing the distance from the grip throat to arrow rest, thereby reducing any effect of bow grip torque.

Centerflite Cutout Window - Proper vane and broadhead clearance are made possible with the generous material relief around the arrow centerline.

Multiple Attachment Points for Sights - Ever wish you could move your sight up or down just a bit to fit all your pins properly? Now the solution is built into the bow.

Posi-Lock Rest System. Handle is compatible with the industry’s most popular arrow rests. For Posi-Lock arrow rests, the AR bows provide an integrated positive locking feature to keep the rest solidly in place regardless of the abuse they see in the field.

Multiple Weight and Stabilizer Attachments - Whether for balance or for feel, stabilizers and NV’s can be added in as many as 6 different locations for the customized feel sought by each archer.


Tough, Reliable, Pultruded-Glass Limbs - Every limb is fixtured and contour cut on a water-jet for manufacturing consistency with precision ground belly cuts for fine-tuned stiffness in each limb. Limbs provide a nearly 20 pound adjustment range, while the stiff limb forks minimize wheel lean.


Pivoting, Centerline Pocket - Integrated pocket liner and pivoting half-round create an ideal limb pocket system. The pocket liner provides vibration-absorbing entrapment of the limb to reduce waves that travel from the string and limbs to the handle.


Meticulously Designed Cam - Optimized draw force curves and straight nock travel coupled with a solid stop offer industry leading shootability. The wide cable track improves string life and simplifies bow setup. Anodized for a tough, lasting finish. Available in 26, 27, 27½, 28, 28½, 29, 29½, and 30-inch draw lengths for all three bow sizes.

Idler Wheel:

Large Diameter Idler Wheel - Sized to compatibly match the RAM cam in a lightweight design. Integrated with precision sealed ball bearings and anodized for a tough, lasting finish.


Industry leading BCY materials for all strings and cables. Two-tone twisted string and cables to match the camo of the bow.

Cable Guard:

Integrated Cam-Loc Cable Guard - Offset cable guard rod offers adjustable design for fine-tuning cable offset. Anodized for a tough, lasting finish.



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