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Code Blue- From One Deer To One Bottle Patent # 5,672,342

Deer Hunting Gear - Code Blue

Code Blue- Each bottle of Code Blue contains secretion from one individual deer. This means two hunters in the same woods will always have two distinctly different scents from two different individual animals. If one of the hunters spooks a ^ deer, he will not hinder the success of the other's hunt, because the deer will not associate the different scent with the scent that was present where it was spooked.

Code Blue is never a blend of urines of many animals or of oils or gland secretions as are other brands. To prove it, we submit our collection facility to the intense scrutiny of an outside independent certification organization. Then, we mark every bottle with the individual deer registration number. This insures the hunter that his bottle of attractant came from a completely different animal than the attractant of another hunter's bottle. This quality assured product is available for whitetail deer, elk and mule deer. Code Blue is so unique, it's Patented.

Coming September 1, 2004


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