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Mister Twister Exude Revolutionizes Soft Plastic Lures

Fishing Gear - Mister Twister Lures

Mister Twister Fishing Lures- Every now and then a product comes along that revolutionizes an industry. When Mister Twister introduced the Curly Tail™ grub more than twenty five years ago it changed the soft plastic fishing lure concept forever.

Now Mister Twister has done this again with Exude™ brand fishing lures. What makes Exude fishing lures so different from any other soft plastic fishing lures? While the formula is complex, the concept is simple. Exude brand lures include fish food. That’s right. . . fish food.

Talk to Mister Twister General Manager Chuck Byrd and he’ll tell you, “Exude is a new plastic fishing formulation that provides a more natural presentation while releasing a proprietary scent blend of protein, minerals and amino acids found to be most effective in stimulating fish to feed.” See. . . fish food!

As if making Exude fishing lures from fish food wasn’t enough, Mister Twister further distinguished Exude brand lures by seeing to it they began releasing their fish food as soon as they came in contact with water. This is not just a breakthrough in fishing lure technology. Like the Curly Tail concept, it’s a huge breakthrough that just could define the next generation of soft plastic lures.

Drop any Exude lure in water, pull it out and feel it. It’s slimy. . . just like a bait fish. That slime coat is the Exude process. It’s releasing a scent trail in the water. The folks at Mister Twister will tell you there is nothing, other than the real thing, equal to Exude. And, they just could be right.

“We refer to our Exude fishing lure line as Exude brand lures,” Byrd likes to point out, “because it’s a whole new concept in fishing lure technology. It’s a better idea. Rather than introduce another soft plastic lure with a little different shape we wanted something spectacular as we entered the 21st century. We wanted something revolutionary! After all, it was Mister Twister fishing lures that revolutionized the soft plastic fishing lure industry twenty-five years ago with the Curly Tail concept. We wanted to define the future of soft plastic fishing in the twenty-first century and I believe with Exude, we’ve done it.”

“Face it,” Byrd continued, “anyone can apply a topical scent to a fishing lure. We looked into this and quickly concluded that it doesn’t do a lot of good to apply a surface application of salt, or any other scent to a lure if it washes off on the first cast.”

Mister Twister also looked at fishing lures that “contain” scent.

“Soft plastic fishing lures that contain scent are very popular today,” Byrd admits, “but we wanted a fishing lure to do more than just ‘contain’ scent. We wanted a fishing lure that released scent and all of the fishing lures we tested that contained scent stopped there. They contained scent, but they had no avenue to release that scent. We concluded it didn’t do a lot of good to trap scent inside of a fishing lure if there was no way to let it out. After all, that would be like eating peppermint candy still in the wrapper.”

“We decided,” he concluded, “we wanted the scent to be part of the fishing lure process. We wanted a soft plastic lure that actually was produced from scent. And natural fish food additives. Exude brand fishing lures are the result of that thinking.”

While he makes it sound quick and easy it wasn’t. First the Exude formula had to be perfected. Then there was the problem of making it part of the fishing lure manufacturing process.

“We were told more than once that we couldn’t do it,” Byrd reflects, “but we weren’t about to give up. We’d jump over one hurdle just to discover two more – higher and closer together - had been placed in front of us. But we jumped them, kept on working and in time it all came together.”

Too many times fishing lures that do well in test tanks and laboratories fail miserably in the field, but not Exude lures. The Mister Twister folks had done their homework and they had done it well. They were flooded with positive field test reports. The message was the same. . . Exude works. Exude catches fish. Amazing. Unique. Unbelievable. Need more Exude.

Mister Twister Field Staff member Kevin Saunders is a bass tournament fishing fanatic. The first time he had the chance to try Exude was at a Missouri bass tournament.

“My first cast with the 9.5” black emerald Exude Ribbon Tail produced a 6.3 lb. Largemouth,” he wrote. “My second bass on the black Exude was 5.8 lbs. These fish were caught in an area that was previously producing only small fish on conventional plastic worms. Exude was attracting bigger fish. I had to check this out, so I moved to a weedy point and threw my favorite 6” black and chartreuse worm. This produced two 14” bass. I switched back to Exude and soon boated a 6.8 lb. brute. By noon - thanks to Exude - I had 18.3 lbs. of bass in the livewell.”

“I was sure at the weigh-in” he continued, “I would meet other fishermen with heavy baskets of fish. I moved to deeper water to escape the sun, and two flips later I had another bass in the livewell.”

“At weigh-in,” Saunders concluded, “there were 22 fishermen and each had a least one bass to weigh. . . When I stepped up to the scale, the leader had five bass just over 15 lbs. My catch topped the scales at 23.75 lbs. I had not only won the fishing tournament, but my 6.8 lb. bass was the big bass of the day.”

With the Exude formula perfected, the folks at Mister Twister fishing turned their attention to lure design. They soon had an Exude 4” Fry, an Exude 4” FAT Tube and an Exude WIDE Ribbon Tail in both 7.5” and 9.5” sizes.

The Exuce formula was first introduced in 1999.

“We knew right away,” Byrd smiled, “we had to expand the line and we had to expand it fast. Bass fishermen especially were really excited over the whole Exude concept. We had already designed an Exude 3.5” Craw Chunk and were pleased with its action, but it wasn’t enough, so we also added an Exude 6.5” Nightcrawler and the Exude 6.5” Super Lizard fishing lures.”

That did it. Right? Wrong! The bass fishing public screamed for more. Today, in addition to the Fry, Ribbon Tail, Tube, Craw Chunk, Nightcrawler and Super Lizard, there is the Exude 5” RT Slug, Exude B-A-Hawg, Exude, 4” Poc’it Dad, Exude 4” Finesse Worm, Exude 1”, 2”, 3” and 4”Curly Tail Grub, Exude 5” SalaTube, Exude 5” Super Craw, Exude Roe, Exude Trout Worm and the Exude 5” Foster Split Double Tail.

The Mister Twister legacy has come full circle. The fishing lure that revolutionized the soft plastic fishing lure industry better than a quarter of a century ago, is now part of the revolution of the new millennium.

Yet the folks at Mister Twister still won’t sit back and relax. They have developed the Exude fishing hook. It seems as though the slime coating that was so efficient at attracting fish caused the lure to slip off conventional bayonet hooks. Mister Twister responded with the Exude Keeper Hook, a hook with a ribbed bayonet that holds the product securely regardless of the amount of slime it creates.

So that’s it, right? Now the folks at Mister Twister can sit back and relax. Chuck Byrd just smiles when you mention this. It’s like he knows something the rest of us don’t. To receive a free Mister Twister fishing Catalog, write Mister Twister, PO Drawer 1152, Minden, LA 71058-1152.
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