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BuckShot's Equalizer Treestand With Innovative Leveling System

Hunting Treestands- Buckshot Equalizer

Buckshot Equalizer- The design team at BuckShot has engineered a geared leveling system that safely and quietly allows the cables to adjust up to 12” as you climb. A new innovation in treestands, the Equalizer is safer and easier to get into and climb because you start just above level and adjust as needed. Setup is quick and easy with our patented SwiftLocTerminal.

. A rock solid treestand with over 270” of welded aluminum, offset tandem blade stabilizers that provide an exceptional grip, plus the positive locking system that firmly secures the stand to the tree. The Equalizer climbs trees 8” to 20” in diameter, has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and stand weight of 22 pounds.

You can comfortably hunt all day in the 22.50” x 29” seat climber and the 20” x 29” foot climber. A moveable seat cushion in Mossy Oak’s® New Break-Up™ allows you to hunt facing the tree or back to the tree.

Standard features include a TMA Certified full body safety harness and adjustable backpacking straps. Optional accessories include an Adjustable Safety Bar with Mossy Oak’s® New Break-Up™ on the back cushion, Bow holder, Shooting rest and Foot rest.

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