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Grandpa Joe's Deer and Big Game Lure-All-Natural Lure Created for Aging Hunter

Hunting Gear- Granpa Joe's Hunting Lure

Granpa Joe's Hunting Lure- Lifetime hunter Joe White needed something to draw deer closer to his blind, which couldn't be in thick cover. At 86 years old, he could no longer walk very far or very well. His sons had to drive White out into the woods on a four-wheeler and drop him off in his blind or on a stump. As White was starting to fail in health, his herbalist daughter worked to create a natural lure to help him continue hunting.

"One day a hunting friend started kidding me, saying, 'All those herbs you have are no good unless they can draw deer in,"' said White's daughter, Mary Gardner. "Then it clicked. Maybe I could come up with something to bring deer in to my dad." Gardner started experimenting. She knew that certain spices just naturally attracted deer, but discovered that by blending specific herbs with them, the deer went absolutely nuts! After using her dad, four brothers, and a hundred fellow hunters from local factories as field testers, Gardner named the herbal blend Grandpa Joe's (after her dad) and started marketing it in 1997.

Using Grandpa Joe's Deer and Big Game Lure as an attractant and human cover scent brought deer in close to Joe for a clean shot - saving him hours of time and effort in tracking a wounded deer.

The most versatile of deer lures, Grandpa Joe's Deer and Big Game Lure is an irresistible attractant, a curiosity scent, and a powerful, sweet-smelling human cover scent. It makes hauling bait into the woods obsolete. Attracting hunters as well as deer, Grandpa Joe's one hundred percent natural herb and spice blend is environmentally safe, contains no chemical additives, doesn't depend on the rut, and can be used in any season or weather condition.

It won't alarm deer and it isn't repulsive or harmful to humans as many synthetic scents are. It is the only lure that can be used as a loose, dry mixture or made into a liquid for pouring or spraying. Even after deer, elk or bear consumes the lure, the ground retains its scent, and the animals return to sniff and dig for more.

The story of Grandpa Joe's discovery goes back over a decade when Gardner was trying to help her young son find relief from headaches. Physicians had been unable to find a cause for the pain, so Gardner started doing her own research of using herbs for their medicinal value. She grew a business out of it making herbal body products for women. Along the way, she developed Grandpa Joe's Deer and Game Lure. "Grandpa Joe's became an immediate success," Gardner said. This past season they were able to add a honey & spice Bear Lure to the product line.

See what thousands of other hunters are raving about and take in the irresistible scent of Grandpa Joe's at your favorite sporting goods stores or call (866) 728-LURE or visit our website at www.HuntWithGrandpaJoe.Corn.

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