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Shimano Calcutta B

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Fishing- While its fishing reel roots began with the low-profile, tear-drop shaped Bantam 100 in early ‘70’s, many say Shimano came of age in the fishing tackle industry with its introduction of the Calcutta baitcasting reels with their round design in 1991. And with the advancement in technology Shimano has brought to fishing reels since then, the next natural step for the company is the introduction of new Calcutta (CT) ‘B’ series reels, available in sizes from 50 to 700.

“With the new innovations and technology Shimano has brought to fishing reels – and to anglers - since the original Calcutta 200 fishing reel started a renewed trend in round reels with simplistic design, we felt it was time to bring some of the new features and redefine the entire Calcutta series,” said Jeremy Sweet with Shimano’s product development staff. “But as anglers will see, we continued with the proven Calcutta construction and performance features, and have added features already proven in other Shimano fishing reel series.”

Shimano turned heads among anglers, tackle dealers and the fishing media when the first Calcutta was introduced at what was then called the AFTMA Show (the fishing tackle industry association’s trade show) in Anaheim, Calif. in July ‘91, many questioned if any angler would spend $139 for a baitcasting reel.

“It was not only the price, but the trend at the time was a low-profile design with a magnetic brake system – and a slew of gadgets,” notes Sweet. “But it was obviously accepted very well, so much so that is set the benchmark in how baitcasting reels would evolve until this day.” The fishing Public Loves it.

Within the ten new Calcutta B reels, anglers will notice original features such cold forged aluminum frames, aluminum sideplates and aluminum spool. “While we started off with die-cast frames with the Calcutta 100 and 200, Shimano’s cold-forging capabilities produces a stronger frame with tighter tolerances for the exceptional smoothness and durability that make these fishing reels legendary, “ said Sweet.

Shimano also continues with its Variable Brake System (VBS), using centrifugal brake weights instead of a magnetic system to aid in casting control and increased casting distance.

Plus anglers can adjust the VBS brake weights while fishing to match their casting ability until they become more familiar with its operation, allowing them to then turn off brake weights to add casting distance.

Anglers can take advantage of Shimano’s Quick Take Down feature to quickly remove the handle side sideplate for routine maintenance on all the fishing reels, or to adjust the VBS brake weights. On the Calcutta 100B, 101B, 200B, 201B and 200GTB, Shimano offers its Easy Access Sideplate so that the VBS brake weights can be adjusted without removing the spool.

All the new Calcutta B fishing reels feature Shimano’s A-RB anti-rust stainless steel ball bearings, specially treated to provide at least ten times more corrosion resistance than standard ball bearings. Except for the Calcutta 200GTB with seven A-RB ball bearings, all other Calcutta B reels have three A-RB ball bearings, and each have a Super Stopper one-way A-RB roller bearing to eliminate backplay for solid hooksets.

For proven drag performance, all Calcutta B fishing reels include Shimano’s Dartanium drag material to provide a wide range of drag settings. “We also increased the gear ratio in the most popular original size fishing reels – the 200 and 400 models – addressing comments and feedback we’ve received from diehard Calcutta users,” Sweet notes. Gear ratios are 5.0:1 on the CT50B, 400B and 400BSV, 5.8:1 on the CT100B and 101B, 6.0:1 on the CT200, 200B and 200GTB, and 4.7:1 on the large CT700B and 700BSV.

As with the original Calcutta fishing reels, the new B fishing reels offer special features for the intended use of specific sizes. “Again, many of these features have already been proven on other Shimano fishing reels,” said Sweet, “and yet they still keep the simplistic design that we strive for in the Calcutta series.”

For use with lighter line and lighter fishing lures, the CT200GTB has additional A-RB bearings and a weight reducing drilled top crossbar. It also features a Lo-Mass drilled spool system to provide lower start-up inertia for more manageable casts.

On the larger size Calcutta B fishing reels, the CT400B, 400BSV, 700B and 700BSV feature a clicker that increases the tension on the freespool and also activates a ‘fish-on’ clicking alarm. The CT400BSV, 700B and 700BSV have 3-Position Power Grips, a slip-resistant Septon coated handle grip that allows for three different hand positions for various fishing techniques. To enhance line control when fishing in live-bait situations, the CT400BSV and 700BSV are designed without a top crossbar or levelwind providing better access to the spool. Additionally, the CT700B and 700BSV have a manual clutch lever for line control and live bait fishing techniques.

The CT400B has extra large paddle grips to assist when cranking big muskie fishing baits and for fish fighting power when pursuing inshore species.

Line capacities on the Calcutta B reels in pound test/yards includes:

• CT50B — 6/195; 8/130

• CT100B; left-hand retrieve 101B — 8/165; 10/140; 12/120; 14/100

• CT200B; left-hand retrieve 201B — 8/230; 10/210; 14/120

• CT200GTB — 8/210; 10/190; 14/110

• CT400B; CT400BSV — 12/330; 14/260; 20/160

• CT700B; CT700BSV — 20/310; 30/200

For more information on Shimano’s ‘redefined’ Calcutta B fishing casting reels, see your local fishing tackle dealer — visit the Shimano web site at — or call Shimano’s customer service staff toll-free at 877/577-0600.

Note: Pictured is the Calcutta TE 300 fishing reel.


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