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The Secret Spot That Produces Fish

Fishing Gear - Super Spot

Fishing Gear - Secrets are made to be revealed, particularly when they're made by fishermen. Old anglers know that there really isn't such a thing as a secret lure. It might be known to only a few for a moment, but time eventually turns those trusty unknowns into valuable commodities. Such is the current case with Cotton Cordell's Super Spot.

Zell Rowland won this weekend's Bassmaster Tour event on Alabama's Lake Guntersville with the help of a Super Spot. He was hardly alone. Tim Horton finished in the Top 12 by fishing one as well. Horton said he estimates over half of the tournament participants used this lipless crankbait as their primary lure during the tournament.

"The Super Spot is the finest lipless crankbait on the market," Horton said. "The reason is it comes through the grass unlike any crankbait or any lipless crankbait. The key to getting strikes is being able to rip a bait through the grass and none does it better than the Cordell Spot."

"There's been a lot of different lipless crankbaits on the market, but the secret is out with the pros. That was certainly the case on Guntersville this week. It seemed like everyone we talked to was throwing the Cordell Spot, particularly the Rayburn Red and Royal Shad. It's hard to explain how much better it feels than other lipless crankbaits."

Rowland, whose fifth career win pushed him close to the $1 million mark in B.A.S.S. events, said he relied on a red and a gold oz. Super Spot for most of the tournament. He caught the rest of his fish on a Smithwick Rogue and a jig.

Rowland, like Horton, said a Super Spot is better than any other lipless crankbait in lakes that have a lot of grass. He said the Super Spot is better in vegetation because it has a body that is taller from top to bottom. Other more streamlined lipless lures, he said, sink too fast due to their body shape.

"A Spot has a little bit more buoyancy to it," Rowland said. "It's easier to fish a Spot. It sits a little bit more head down, so it pulls at a 45-degree angle. Others pull at about 20 degrees. Because of this it pulls with its head down, making it easier to work through the grass. It is 10 times better than the others."

Rowland didn't have much of an argument from his peers. Several of the Top 12 finishers on Lake Guntersville were using Cotton Cordell Super Spots. Edwin Evers, who finished third and led the tournament until the final day, also threw a Super Spot throughout the tournament. He said he caught the majority of his fish on the Tomato Red color.

"I used it because I could reel it real slow," Evers said. "It has a great wobble at a slow retrieve. I can keep the bait up better than the other brands. It works better over the top of the grass."

Evers, like many other tournament anglers, is taking advantage of 11 new colors of Super Spots that are carried exclusively at Bass Pro Shops. The Super Spot was available in only six colors prior to this point.

The secret, it seems, is long past out.

Chris McCollum, who works at the largest tackle shop on Lake Guntersville, Waterfront Grocery & Tackle, said the new Bass Pro Shops colors and the Royal Shad color, a local favorite, are flying off the racks now that more fishermen are keying in on the Super Spot's unique properties.

"We've had to limit the Royal Shad Spot to only two per customer just to make it fair to everyone," McCollum said. "We're sold out and waiting on more right now. We also have to replenish the Bass Pro Shops colors three or four times a day. Tomato Red and Gold Shiner are the hottest colors. We're selling Spots three to one over any other vibrating bait. It's the first time I've seen it that way in three years."

Ironically, it was nearly three years ago Horton quietly won a tournament on Lake Guntersville with a Super Spot. Nothing, they say, remains a secret in fishing.


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