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Coleman New Camp Stoves

Hunting Gear - Coleman

Hunting Gear -Two distinctly different, contemporarily styled camp stove models introduced this year by Coleman mark the first major redesign of its standard slim-line two-burner propane stove in 20 years. In addition, three innovative products for camp cooking and portable food preparation also make their debut from Coleman this year, including a unique propane-powered camp skillet with domed lid, a sturdy tabletop propane camp grill, and a low profile single-burner butane stove.

All these newcomers added to Coleman?s extensive lineup strengthen the century-old company?s position as the undisputed industry leader in camping and outdoor cooking solutions.

?Today?s outdoor cook has more camp stove choices and specialty cooking appliance options than ever before,? said Darrell Neugebauer, Coleman?s senior product manager. ?Food always tastes better in the great outdoors, and these new products provide added convenience and versatility along with excellent performance to help creative chefs deliver even more imaginative menus.?

New Stove Sports New Look

The Model 5469 stove is a new platform, new look two-burner camp stove, but its smooth, rounded front lines are inspired in part by Coleman’s highly successful RoadTrip® Grill. Although its sleek design presents a contemporary look, the new stove upholds Coleman’s commitment to rugged reliability and functionality. Two widely spaced burners and the foldaway WindBlock™ system accommodate oversized pots and pans on the spacious cooking surface.

The burners, each rated up to 10,000 Btu of power, are large in diameter for even heat distribution. Recessed knobs in the stylized, outsized carry handle integrated on the stove’s front-panel base are easy to grip and provide full burner adjustability from a low-flame simmer to full-throttle boil-it-fast, fry-it-fast heat. In its closed position, the stove is very easy to carry and transport from camp to car to home thanks to the rigid yet smooth handle design and compact self-storage system.

Heavy-duty chrome cooking grates are easily removed for cleaning spills on the aluminized stovetop surface, which is smooth and configured for uncomplicated cleanup.

A standard one-pound disposable propane cylinder powers the stove. Burn time ranges up to 4.5 hours depending on power settings. Coleman’s PerfectFlow™ pressure regulator system ensures consistent fuel pressure and uniform performance throughout the life of the propane cylinder, even when it is nearly empty.

The Model 5469 is a match-light stove available at Wal-Mart stores nationwide. Suggested retail price is $39.99.

Conventional Shape Undergoes Complete Makeover

The Model 5466 – available in both InstaStart™ and match-light versions – also joins the Coleman arsenal in 2005. Although a more conventional rectangular platform, the new models are beefy, have extra power, unique knob placement and design, and are offered in new colors of black for the match-light version and blue for the electronic ignition option.

They both feature a dual-purpose WindBlock system that functions as either shields to block heat-robbing breezes on both sides of the stove or as foldout side shelves to hold seasonings, cooking utensils or food items. Additionally, the system helps facilitate using large skillets or pans when the shields are down. Two widely spaced burners also contribute to these big-pot cooking options. Large diameter burners provide effective heat distribution to ensure even cooking temperatures. Each burner is rated up to 11,000 Btu, and they are fully adjustable via large, dual-grip control knobs positioned on the front panel corners for easy access. The InstaStart model features a red push button on the stove front for quick, no-matches-needed lighting.

The durable enamel-painted steel case also features an aluminized cooking surface for easy cleaning and heavy gauge chrome cooking grates that are easily removed to access the stove top for wiping up spills.

Powered by standard 16.4-ounce disposable propane cylinders, burn time is rated up to approximately 4.5 hours. Coleman?s patented pressure regulation system delivers consistent performance throughout the life of the fuel cylinder.

Available at sporting goods stores and other retailers nationwide, the Model 5466 InstaStart stove has a suggested retail price of $48.99; the match-light version has an MSRP of $42.99.

Portable Propane Skillet – Now You’re Cookin’

Coleman presents a new option for cooking up big batches of fried taters-n-onions, or scrambled eggs and ham, or country fried steak, pan-fried fish, or anything else one might otherwise fix in a skillet. Consider it that big electric skillet you often wish you had in camp, except it’s propane-powered, even more portable and it’s easier to clean, thanks to a removable, non-stick cooking surface.

Meet the Coleman® InstaStart Portable Skillet. And while it can be used to cook up all kinds of wonderful dishes as a stand-alone appliance, it also effectively frees up the family camp stove so other dishes can be prepared at the same time – breakfast, lunch or dinner. The skillet measures 18 by 13 inches and is a couple inches deep, plus there is a domed lid, providing substantial cooking capabilities to squelch the hunger of outdoor enthusiasts on the go. A tube-grill burner cranking out 8,000 Btu of fully adjustable cooking power provides thorough heat distribution over the skillet’s surface. It includes the convenience of electronic ignition for quick starts.

A standard one-pound disposable propane cylinder powers the unit. Suggested retail price is $54.99.

Cooking on This One-Burner Is a Breeze Need a lightweight, nifty one-burner stove that runs on butane, perfect for cooking omelets, sautéing, or otherwise serving as an auxiliary burner? Well, Coleman’s new Breeze™ InstaStart One-Burner Butane Stove is just that stove.

Weighing only 5.25 pounds and powered by a standard 8-ounce butane cylinder, the Breeze stove provides 7,500 Btu of fully adjustable power. Its low profile makes it convenient to use and provides excellent stability. It features a durable, rustproof aluminum burner and pot supports plus a sturdy enamel-painted steel case with ceramic-coated cooking surface for easy cleaning. It also is pressure-regulated for consistent cooking performance from simmer to full boil. And, with the InstaStart system, there’s no need to use matches to fire it up.

Suggested retail price is $29.99.

Additionally this year, Coleman introduces a new propane-powered camp grill (see separate news release) , adds a redesigned Grill Stove (information and spec sheet available separately) and extends its offering of RoadTrip Grills with the introduction of the LXE model (see separate news release) .

For more information, consumers can go to or they can contact Coleman at 800-835-3278, [email protected] or P.O. Box 2931, Wichita, KS 67201.


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