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Hunting and Fishing Gear- Thank you notes and e-mail messages addressed to the Coleman Company from grateful tent owners feature a recurrent theme: Wind and rain – while causing competitive tents to collapse or leak heavily – often serve to showcase the reliability of Coleman® tents. That reliability is no accident. The company is so confident that it backs each Coleman tent with a “Keeps You Dry … Guaranteed™” promise, based on the tents’ ability to perform well in the wind and rain keeping your hunting and fishing gear dry.

Since introducing its first tents in 1965, Coleman has monitored consumer feedback and stayed abreast of new technologies and materials. In addition, the company uses scientific monitoring of simulated wind and rain, as well as long-term natural testing, to identify and eliminate potential problem areas keeping you and your hunting gear or fishing gear dry.

Armed with this information, the company regularly incorporates new features and design improvements.

WeatherTec System The WeatherTec™ System, an exclusive set of tent features that ensures superior performance in the wind and rain, is standard on all Coleman tents and includes these key elements:

Leak-free seams – Needle holes are the most likely places on a tent to leak, so Coleman covers all of the tent’s critical seams, including those on the rainfly, with heat-sealed seam tape to keep out the water. In addition, the fly extends over all doors and windows to provide further protection from rainfall. You'll feel confident your hunting and fishing gear is dry.

Protected seams – An inverted seam where the floor and wall meet dramatically increases weather resistance by hiding needle holes inside the tent, away from the elements.

Waterproof floor with welded corners – All tent floor seams are welded, making them considerably stronger, smoother and more waterproof than sewn floor seams. Starting this year, all floor corner seams will be covered with welded material. This patent-pending improvement eliminates the last opportunity for leakage in the tent floor.

Zipper protection – Zipper cuffs are placed over critical portions of all door zippers, which have been identified through testing as potential entry points for water.

Weather-resistant fabric – Coated nylon fabric and anti-wicking thread, webbing and zippers are designed to keep the inside of the tent dry.

Wind-strong frame – Wind machine testing and real world observation are used to determine proper design and placement of poles, ferrules and guy-out triangles on a case-by-case basis, resulting in a strong structure for each Coleman tent.

Non-rotating stakes – With modified dome tents only, Coleman this year offers its patent-pending new tent stake with a “fin” that improves anchoring security and keeps tent stakes from rotating. Stake rotation is a major cause of tent corners and rain flies coming loose in severely gusty winds. With features like this you'll soon begin looking at your tent as one of your most important pieces of gear.

Based on recent testing, Coleman has made other improvements to its tents, including:

Strengthening of the ferrules – the short metal tubes that cover the pole joints – to enable the poles to withstand heavy winds.

New locations for guy-out triangles to strengthen the tent structure.

Customized length, geometry and placement of pole sections for optimal performance.

Strategic positioning of hook and loop closures and frame ties to lessen strain on these sensitive areas.

Attention to Details

Coleman also pays attention to all the details that make tent camping a more pleasurable experience, such as these convenient features found on all Coleman tents:

As of 2005, across-the-line features include doormats and the new Cool-Air™ Port, which provides convenient access to gear outside the tent and makes it easy to adjust airflow inside the tent. Also new are pole sleeves color-coded to match the poles, further simplifying the setup process.

Inside pockets on all of the tents, plus gear lofts and dry lines on the modified domes and Weathermaster® series tents.

Durable storage bag with separate bags for poles and stakes.

Weatherproof, easy-to-follow setup instructions sewn to the outside of the carry bag, so they’re easy to locate when needed.


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