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Leica Ultravid Binoculars "Light Done Right"

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Hunting & Fishing Gear- Create a new line of binoculars that meet or exceed all of the legendary qualities of the Leica line, but in a more compact and lighter weight configuration. This was the challenge given to Leica development engineers. Result: LEICA ULTRAVID, binoculars that are light, but done right.

The new LEICA ULTRAVID binoculars not only out perform the competition, but set a new benchmark in binocular design and function. They are lighter, brighter, faster and stronger than any other binocular on the market.

Each LEICA ULTRAVID Binocular starts with a housing made of light high-grade magnesium. Wall thickness is almost twice that of other binoculars on the market using magnesium, making the Leica stronger and more durable.

To produce even greater structural integrity and longer product life, the center axis shaft of the LEICA ULTRAVID is made of space age titanium. In addition, the complete focusing assembly is made of durable metal components, not plastic like some other companies. All of this is done, while achieving the target of lighter weight.

Each ULTRAVID Binocular features enhanced optics with greater contrast and higher brightness by virtue of Leica's High Lux System (HLS™) and stray light elimination. The High Lux System is a special mirror coating enhancing the prism system that is applied utilizing an advanced Physical Vapor Deposition process generated by an Ion Beam and particle accelerator. Forty-three separate coatings are applied in a thickness as little as 40 nanometers. These so called lamba/2 coatings, which transfer 99.5% of the light over the mirrors, not only generate additional brightness, but also allow for optimization of the full spectrum of visible light making up the image. Commonly used coatings allow optimization for only one wavelength of light. Additionally, a new mechanical and optical design improves contrast and total light transmission. This is accomplished with new glass and new lens coatings. Net result: extraordinary light transmission that delivers the brightest and most natural image available from a binocular today.

The new LEICA ULTRAVID is also faster handling by virtue of outstanding ergonomics, styled after the proven design of Leica's popular DUOVID binoculars. The tough, magnesium body of the ULTRAVID BR models are completely covered with impact-absorbing, soft touch rubber armoring. The user also finds that the unobtrusive molded thumb rests on the back surface positions the ULTRAVID naturally into the hand for secure and steady vibration free viewing. The balance and feel of the ULTRAVID is superb.

With the ULTRAVID held in a comfortable and unforced manner your finger intuitively finds the large, freestanding multi-function center drive control. Outstanding design makes for fast and responsive focusing, even when wearing gloves, and requires only slightly more than one complete turn to travel from infinity to the near focus point. Other models of binoculars in this category require as much as three complete turns of their focus knobs to achieve the same level of control.

ULTRAVIDS are also faster to use because of additional enhancements to the design of the legendary, Leica innovated, multi-function center drive. The basic principle of the two coupled focusing wheels has been retained from previous Leica designs allowing fast, positive, and secure adjustment for setting user diopter correction. They are used in the coupled mode to provide fast and convenient center focusing. A new design element of the Ultravid is a ring-shaped window that not only looks good, but also makes it easier to read the diopter scale.

LEICA ULTRAVIDS are also faster to the eye, even for those who wear eyeglasses. Each eyepiece has a rotating sleeve with two click stops than can be adjusted to each individual for perfect eye position. This eyepiece design means a full field of view for everyone, including those who wear glasses. The eyecups can also be easily removed for a thorough cleaning.

Each model of Ultravid Binoculars is nitrogen filled and waterproof to a depth of 16.5 feet. They also have an extreme operating temperature range from -13° to +131°F. Fog proof and imperious to the elements, the LEICA ULTRAVID will prove to be a reliable field companion in any environment.

Ultravid Binoculars are available in both 42 mm and 50 mm models. The 42 mm models are offered in magnifications of 7, 8, or 10 power and the 50 mm models in 8, 10, or 12 power. Both models are offered in either black or green rubber armor coating. Additionally the 8x42 and 10x42 mm models are also available in a classic and stylish leather-covered variation. (See the attached chart for models and specifications.)

LEICA ULTRAVIDS, as are all Leica binoculars and spotting scopes, are covered by the best warranty in the business - Leica's Lifetime Passport Protection Plan. This exclusive protection provides "No Fault" product repair or replacement for the lifetime of the original owner. One benefit a Leica owner will likely never need.

Clearly, Leica's development engineers have met the challenge. The new LEICA ULTRAVID lineup of binoculars is truly light, but done right!

Headquartered in Germany, Leica has been an acknowledged leader in the optics industry for over 150 years. Throughout that time, the company has built a solid reputation for producing high quality, durable products due to their commitment to optical perfection and mechanical precision. Visit the new Leica site on the web at


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