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Carl Zeiss Magnum riflescope a giant in terms of light

Rifle Scopes

With a four-fold magnification range from 6x to 24x and 72 mm objective lens diameter, a riflescope may be justifiably lauded as a "Magnum". For some time now such a model has been available from Carl Zeiss Optronics Wetzlar GmbH for the military sector and special police units. It features a special reticle (MilDot) and satisfies the high "MILSPEC" requirements.

This Magnum riflescope has lately become a topic of discussion amongst journalists in the hunting press and keen hunters. The demands for such a riflescope for civilian purposes, i.e. a hunting version have increased. In a concerted effort, Carl Zeiss Sports Optics fulfilled this wish and the new Victory Diavari 6-24x72 T* was launched at the IWA 2005.

What are the practical benefits of this Magnum riflescope? With 24x magnification, long range shooting immediately springs to mind. It is of course ideal for this purpose. However, one is soon brought back to down to earth in terms of hunting realities, and at over 300 m the finger remains off the trigger . Why then the need for 24x? For a start, at 300 m and this level of magnification an object is seen by the naked eye as if from a distance of 12.5 m, at 100 m as if from approx. 4 m thus considerably increasing detail recognition and permitting extremely accurate aiming just before firing.

Of major significance to huntsmen in our part of the world is the exceptionally large objective lens diameter of 72 mm. A lot of light is picked up. Although of greater importance is what comes out at the eye piece how large the exit pupul (EP) is. This, as we know, depends on magnification. At 6x an EP of 12 mm is featured, 70% larger than the greatest pupil aperture of the human eye. Not all light is used here, however with an EP of 12 mm the field of view is unshadowed when taking aim, when time is short and one does not look into the middle of the eye piece a benefit.

Extended shooting light

The greatest benefits are however offered by the Diavari with a 72 mm objective lens in the twilight hours. With magnification set at 10x, the EP features a diameter of 7.2 mm. With a pupil aperture of the naked eye of approx. 7 mm as is the case up to an age of 35 to 40 years old, 100% of the light reaches the naked eye. With this degree of magnification this is a twilight performance as yet unheard of ideal for night sitting game such as foxes and wild boar. Compared with a riflescope with a 56 mm objective lens and 10x magnification, the EP is approx. 5.6 mm. An almost equally large EP is featured by the new Diavari with a 72 mm objective lens with just 13x magnification. As with increasingly magnification during twilight viewing, image brightness is also increased.

A physiological phenomenon, a hunter whose greatest pupil aperture is between 5 and 6 mm due to his/her age, will see a brighter image with the 72 mm objective lens at 13x magnification than with the 56 mm objective lens at 10x magnification although in both cases the EP of the riflescope is practically identical. Binoculars and riflescopes with an EP not less than 4 mm still rank amongst the hunting optic models suitable for use in the twilight hours . This EP is achieved by the Diavari with a 72 mm objective lens at 18x magnification an unbeatable value for riflescopes.

A further benefit comes in the shape of the reticle illumination as a standard feature. This permits precision shooting in light conditions in which dark game contours could no longer be distinguished with a 3-12x56 sight.

The benefits of the new Diavari 6-24x72 in a nutshell:

Ideally suited for sports marksmanship at long range.

High magnification levels offer the best detail recognition at all hunt-related distances.

Twilight performance is unsurpassed. In comparison to the following performance data 8x56, 10x56 and 12x56 the twilight performance of the 6-24x72 is approx. 13 % greater with the same degrees of magnification a considerable time saving when the light is fading.

The Diavari 6-24x72 is also a superlative riflescope where its features package is concerned.

Illuminated reticles comes as standard optionally 40 (as 4 with illuminated dot), 43 (as 8 with fine posts and illuminated cross hair) and MilDot. Further standard features include the fast reticle adjustment feature and handy parallax adjustment function with which even image sharpness may be adjusted at high magnification levels even when aiming. Sighting-in is facilitated by the wide reticle adjustment range in height up to 160 cm at 100m. The reticle is located in the 2nd image plane and is not magnified as well. As such less of the target is concealed, of major importance in the case of very high magnification levels and long distances.

Like all ZEISS riflescopes this model is also water tight to ISO 9022-81 and filled with nitrogen. Despite the large optical design, it is recoil-proof up to the most powerful calibres and complies here, too, with the strictest military requirements. The ZEISS T* multi-coating with increased transparency in the blue spectral range permits excellent detail recognition in the twilight hours. Marginal image sharpness, brilliance, contrast and colour fidelity are of the customary ZEISS excellence of quality.

It goes without saying that Carl Zeiss Sports Optics also provides the usual high standard of service with regard to repairs and warranty (10 years) for this new model.

Such an exceptional, as yet unrivalled performance for a riflescope in the civil sector demands correspondingly larger dimensions and heavier weight. As a result, a higher, sturdier 34 mm ring mounting is required. The Diavari 6-24x72 is supplied without a rail. The heavier weight of many components requires special design solutions in order to assure the recoil-proofness of the optics and mechanical components. Understandably, the price tag for this extraordinary riflescope is also higher. Delivery start is scheduled for June `05.
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