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Trail Cameras - Review Summary Part II

Trail Cameras

In part two of Hunting & Fishing Gear Review's Trail Cameras Review Summary we will continue our look at the reviews we've received of trail cameras and give you an overall rating of the manufacturer's line up of game cameras based on how you the actual user have rated these cameras.

In this article Hunting & Fishing Gear Review's Trail Cameras Guide Part One we'll look at some of the better trail cams on the markets and discuss some of the newest features on trail cameras. We will also tell you about the latest in deer scouting video systems which are sure to be a big hit. Last we will look at some of the better trail cameras reviews we've received and of course some of the worse camera reviews.

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When deciding which to purchase the first decision is film cameras or digital cameras. Film trail cameras use 35mm which you need to purchase and have developed once the trail cameras have done their job. Cameras that operate off 35mm are cheaper than digital trail cams with some of the lesser priced cameras in the seventy dollar range. Keep in mind what you save up front when buying cameras that use film, might go into buying film and film processing, along with taking the film in to a store for development and then a trip back to pick the cameras developed film up. Just learning how to use trail cams can create a fair amount of expense in film, film developing and your time as you wear out a trail to a store that sells and develops photos taken from your trail cams. With that said I sometimes choose to leave one of my older film trail cams along a trail where I know a lot of different people will be traveling the trail rather than risk leaving a more expensive digital trail cam in plain site on the trail. Trail cams have a way of walking away from the trail and this is especially the case when a lot of outsiders use a trail.

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Deer Cam Non Typical Trail Cameras - A friend of mine has two Non Typical Deer Cams and really likes them. We've received three Non Typical Deer Cam Trail Cameras Reviews and they all gave good ratings or above.

Leaf River Trail Cameras- Like so many other trail cameras reviews one person will love the trail cam and the next hates it. The little bit I've read about these trail cameras I would definitely give them a good look.

M.A.D. Wildlife Eye Video Scouting Camera- This is the next generation trail cameras that take video instead of digital pictures. Simply install a video camera in the unit and you receive video of your trail. I understand these are selling well and have several advantages over digital trail cameras including the fact you get video and not just a one to three shot burst of trail. Three ratings and three excellent trail cameras reviews.

Moultrie Scouting Cameras- This company known for Deer Feeders has an impressive line of simple and easy to use trail cameras. You get a lot for the money with Moultrie Trail cameras and they appear to be refining their lineup more each year. Moultrie Trail cameras are very popular on the site and most reviewers have rated them very well. As always there are a few poor reviews which I urge you to read for yourself to make a decision on these cameras.

Penn's Woods Trail Cameras - We've only received a couple of reviews of Penn's Woods Deer Cameras however both rated well and word of mouth has good things being said about them. I will be purchasing one of these to put on a trail this fall.

Stealth Cam- Stealth Cam's name is certainly out there, however our Reader Reviews of these trail cams show some very poor ratings. It's my opinion that Stealth Cam may be trying to make their cameras a little too much technologically advanced leading to problems. One thing for sure is you either love these cameras or hate these Game cameras and there's not much in-between.

Trailsense Engineering Trail Mac- Honestly I don't know a lot about these game cameras other than we've received five current reviews and all are very good to excellent with the exception of one of the game cameras. Quality and Construction is rated well on these game cameras and that's enough for me to take a good look at them for my next game camera purchase.

That wraps up our Trail Cameras Summary Part Two. One thing to keep in mind for some of the poor ratings of Cameras we receive is to judge for yourself the quality of the review. When it comes to something electronic like these game cameras it might just be the user not reading the directions or just installing the cameras improperly. Good luck with your hunt for trail cameras.

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