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Avery Outdoors Introduces NEW ITEM! Walk-In™ Dog Stand

Press Release

The Walk-In™ Dog Stand is the perfect solution for waterfowlers who walk or wade to their favorite hunting spot.

Lightweight and compact, the Walk-In™ comes with a heavy-duty ratchet tie-down that will fit trees up to 18" in diameter. The platform is covered with an EVA foam pad in Mossy Oak® New Break-Up®. Weighing only 6 lbs, it folds to 27" x 17" x 2" for compact transportation. Shoulder strap included.

Check Avery Outdoors at: for a list of dealers near you.


Buck Wing Arm Guard For Youth & Women

Press Release

This new concept in arm protection is sure to revolutionize the usage of armguards. Just think, the Saveyur® II arm guard doesn’t require noisy fasteners or hooks to secure it to your forearm. Just slip the camo stretch tube over your hunting coat sleeve. It reduces the bulkiness of your shirt and coat, while the plastic stays protect your arm from your bowstring.

BuckWing® has now made this functional product available to youth and women, by providing Saveyur® II arm guard in smaller sizes. Available in Mossy Oak® Break Up® Camo and Advantage® Camo.


Lowrance Electronics Introduces The Airmap 1000

Press Release

The AirMap® 1000 adds to the AirMap® benefits of reliability, versatility, and value with an all new 5" high-contrast screen. Features Jeppeson® and Lowrance Obstructions databases loaded on one 32MB MMC card, MapCreate™ software, an MMC/SD card reader-writer, a cigarette plug power adapter, an advanced active remote antenna, a yoke-mount bracket, and a wrist strap.

Mapping Jeppesen® Americas database with Intersections, NDBs, VOR, Airspaces (class D included), and all Airport Approach Control and FSS frequencies Exclusive Lowrance Obstructions database with ground obstructions display in AGL or MSL heights Built-in, custom continental U.S. and Hawaii background map with major highways, interstate exit services, and enhanced coastal/inland waters detail Accepts custom, high-detail MapCreate™ mapping on MMC or SD memory cards up to 256MB with searchable POI database of hotels, restaurants, shopping, services, and more.

Navigation 12-parallel channel GPS+WAAS receiver with fast satellite acquisition and precise tracking Satellite status, battery life, and digital data position display pages Position information; lat/lon, altitude and velocity Quick-access Nearest airport/airfield feature Aviation-only, Aviation+Land, or Land-only Moving Map® display modes E6B and VNAV computer modes Customizable display with 20 different navigational information selections Selectable WAAS on/off 1,000 waypoints/1,000 event markers/100 routes (up to 100 waypoints per route) 100 savable and retraceable track log/plot trails with up to 10,000 points per trail 42 graphic icons to mark locations 39 map zoom ranges, 0.02-4,000 miles Selective alarms on/off Built-in back-up memory keeps stored settings and GPS data safe and accessible for years.


From Crow's Nest Tree Stands-The Big Crow Tree Stand Designed for Larger People

Press Release

We manufacture two sizes of stands. The Crow's Nest, which is our largest one and the Little Crow, which is one-third the size. The Little Crow is still rated to hold 450 lbs. just like the Crow's Nest but was designed smaller to accommodate the average sized person and be in line with our competitive market. Both units are very portable and have a backpacking system built into the stand. The weight of the large stand is 23 lbs. and the smaller version is 18 lbs.

Big Crow Features:

One of the largest portable stands at only 23 lbs. Platform size 41-3/8" long x 32" wide Comfortable padded Seat Platform-to-seat height adjustment 17-1/2" - 23 1/2" Chain and cable supports Slip resistant grip on bars Standard Footrest Right and Left hand Bow or Gun plate mounts Brush holders (standard) Weight limit 450lbs. Easily worn like a backpack

Little Crow Features: 1/3 smaller than the "Big Crow" Weighs in at 18lbs. Little Crow Price: $200.00 Big Crow Price: $225.00 Available from


Nikon Announces New Laser600 Rangefinder in Realtree Hardwoods. Green HD

Press Release

Melville, New York - Nikon Sport Optics has announced the addition of a new, super-compact model with exceptional range and accuracy to its popular rangefinder line.

The highly compact, water-resistant Laser600(tm) Rangefinder in Realtree Hardwoods(r) Green HD(tm) will accurately display distances from 11 yards to 99.5 yards in .5 yard increments and from 100 to 600 yards in 1-yard increments. Nikon's advanced microeletronics and optics allow all hunters, including those who bowhunt and rifle hunt, to gauge distance more precisely for accurate shot placement.

The Laser600 features precisely ground and polished lens glass that is multicoated with anti-reflective compounds to improve light transmission, clarity and color rendition. The unit utilizes a high-contrast LED display to provide fast, accurate targeting against any background or in any lighting conditions.

The Laser600 incorporates a six-power monocular with a 20-millimeter objective lens for an exit pupil of 3.3mm. The user can focus the eyepiece with a range of +/- 2 diopters, and the unit delivers 17mm of eye relief. The Laser600 has a real-angle view of 6.3 degrees, translating to a wide, 37.8-degree apparent angle of view and a field of view of 330 feet at 1,000 yards.

This rangefinder measures ranges in yards or meters and features an automatic power shutoff after the reading has been displayed for eight seconds. It measures 3.7" x 1.6" x 2.8" and weighs just 7.3 ounces without a battery.

For more information on the Laser600 plus information on Nikon's full line of binoculars, riflescopes, spotting scopes and rangefinders, write Nikon Sports Optics, 1300 Walt Whitman Rd., Melville, NY 11747-3064, or call (800) 247-3464, or check out

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews


10 by 50


I bought them over the internet through a company called Optics plus. I've always like ordering stuff through the mail or now via the internet and then coming home each day wondering if it had arrived, or not.

No doubt I love the no fault guarantee the best. For only $10 Nikon will repair or replace them at no cost. It doesn't matter if I drop them from a building their going to take care of me much like the Craftsman promise.

According to my credit card statment the price. Even with the no fault guarantee the purchase was a stretch for me, especially with my job prospects not looking good right now.

Extremely well made no doubt especially given the no fault warranty.

Two thumbs up for this set, or in this case prarie dogs down. Good hunting all. Remember even the worst day hunting is better than the best day in the office, except of course on pay day.


Elite Hog Smacker

Redhead Rain Suits

Camo Rain Suit for Adults

Rain Gear

I got it at Warehouse Hut for $30.00

This is something you hope you never have to use. It seems everytime time is on my side for a trip to fish or even the woods here comes the rain. I've worn these three times and am happy with them. I thought about buying a more expensive pair, but how often do I use them came to my mind and for that matter often when it's raining they won't bite or move.

Rain gear always comes folded so neat and tidy, but once you get them out of their cover you'll never see them folded like that again. These would make a nice pillow for somebody.

A little nosier than I'd like, but made well and probably won't tear easily.

Nice little buy to have on hand for a few bucks. Better than a poncho you can't move in, but not as nice as some of the suits I see at the club. All in all it's what you put the money into.


Mel W. Appleton, WI

Bass Pro

Tourney Tough

Fishing Line

I paid $2.99 from Bass Pro Shops on line. I wasn't familiar with the line at the time, but decided it was worth the gamble because of who makes it and I can always use it for pond fishing if I didn't like it.

Ties and knots nicely. It's also very easy to handle compared to some lines that make tying together tough. I went with the clear over the green as many of the places I fish are very deep and the clear will reflect well as blue.

Sorry, but nothing to report here.

It's hard to describe the quality of fishing line in that you either like it, or you don't. Tourney tough has passed my test. I was looking for a good quality line that doesn't tangle easily and doesn't break on the first tug and this does just that.

Give it a try.



Game Vu Deer Camera

35 mm Scouting Camera

Trail Cameras

I hunt well North of my home(2 hours) and can't run up there as much as I like. Evening scouting is out of the question on a work night. I picked them up at Mill's Fleet and Farm. Paid $130 each.

I have enough electronic gadgets to know how to use and remember passwords. I don't want the world of electronics to enter into my hunting experiences so I bought the most simple camera I could find and this was it. The belt or strap it comes with fastens to the tree nicely keeping it real secure.

The color stands out a little too much. I'm not worried about animals seeing it. I just don't want other people in the woods to see it. I'm considering buying some of the new made for plastic paint I see advertised on tv. The bad part is it's too late to paint them this year and not leave scent all around.

The price is low compared to most so I'm sure it's not the most rugged deer camera out there. Their doing their jobs though.

There's still another month to go until the season kicks in. The deer camera has alredy helped me settle between two different areas of the property I was going to hunt. To be honest the area I thought was the hot spot is the one doing the poorest from the camera. The other I was not sure about is the one I will be at when the seasons open up.


Mike Rethoni Wasau, WI


Sierra TL 15 / 30 Series

Gun Safes

My husband bought this from a friend of his, and he would not tell me how much he paid, so I assume it was expensive.

EVERYTHING! I didn't realize how valuable this unit was until our home was robbed while we were asleep.

I have to say that there is nothing that I dislike about this safe.

I got this information from a website: • UL Listed burglary resistant TL-15 (RE6528) and TL-30 (RF6528). • Fire endurance: tested at an independent facility in a gas furnace at temperatures up to 1850° F, for a period of 2 hours. Interior temperature did not exceed 350° F. • Massive 3 ˝" body and 5 ľ" door • Group IIM lock protected by a drill resistant hardplate. Spy proof key locking dial provided on LS & LG models. Front read key locking dials provided on LT model. • 10 1˝" diameter chrome plated locking bolts.

My family was asleep after returning from vacation. This safe is located in our basement gameroom. I was always afraid that my husband kept his guns and hunting rifles in the closets and our son was becoming curious (he was 2 at the time.) I talked my husband into getting a safe or cabinet and he purchased this one. Not until we woke the next morning did we find that our basement window was broken and our computer was gone. There were marks on this safe as if someone had attempted to break into it, with no success. If they had been able to get in, I am afraid of what would have happened.


Julie, Madison, WI


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