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Hunting & Fishing Gear Review - Hunter's View Hawk Climbing Tree Stand Hummingbird Smart Cast Wrist Sonar Rocky Sport Utility Max Boots Leuopold Scopes Vari X Coleman Hot Water on Demand

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Press Release

In keeping with their philosophy of identifying knives by use-category, Buck has new models for hunters, for outdoor sports and recreation, and for everyday use. In addition, Buck offers a tantalizing new selection of Limited Edition knives with special appeal to collectors.

Expanding on the success achieved with the new Alpha Hunter series, introduced just a year ago, Buck has developed the Mini Alpha Hunter, a fixed-blade with the same great look and qualities, but with a little less size for those who prefer a more compact knife. With the addition of walnut handles on all 420HC Alpha's, there are even more for hunters to choose from.

Buck also has extended its growing program of collaborative efforts, teaming with famed custom knifemaker Tom Mayo to create the Buck/Mayo TNT, a dramatic new frame-lock.

The new Adrenaline-Ti brings a blend of dramatic new design and materials that move Buck into another dimension.

Even after 100 years, Buck's goal has never wavered - to create knives of unequaled quality, unmatched performance and unparalleled value and functionality. Today, Buck continues to search for new ways to deliver a better knife to the consumer.



Press Release

Browning Archery is proud to introduce upgrades and improvements to the technology that makes the Split-Harness system even better. The new Tri-Idler system enhances this unique design by utilizing the patent-pending Split-Harness system into the counter-rotating idlers- improving balance and stabilizing the limb tips of both ends of the bow. This provides the pinpoint accuracy of a two cam into a single cam system. The Cyber ZX cam has been refined to provide straight and level nock travel with a 5" draw length adjustment range without requiring a bow press.

Models incorporating the new system are the Eclipse ZLX and the Mirage ZX. The Eclipse ZLX is 35 1/4" axle to axle with a 7" brace height. The Mirage ZX is 32 3/4" axle to axle with a 7 1/4" brace height.

All Eclipse ZLX and Mirage ZX models will begin to ship with this new system installed effective July of 2003.


Federal Ultra•Shok

Press Release

Ultra-Shok High Velocity - extra speed, more impact, quicker to target.

Ultra-Shok Heavy High Velocity - bigger shot payloads, increased pellet energy, more pellets on target.

Zinc plated shot for corrosion resistance. Three water-resistant seals at crimp, wad and primer.

High density shot cup prevents pellets from contacting bore surface.

High output 209A Primers for instant ignition and consistent ballistics at all temperatures.

Water resistant packaging.



Press Release

PENN and Eagle Claw, two of the few remaining American manufacturing companies in the fishing industry, have teamed up to introduce a line of innovative saltwater hooks – PENN INTERNATIONAL SALTWATER HOOKS.

Only the finest high-carbon steel was used to construct the “longest-lasting, most corrosion-resistant hooks to ever hit the saltwater market.” Using a needle-point design, these hooks will maintain sharpness under any condition. The hooks feature three new finishes specifically designed for salt water and have received a 10x rust-resistant rating – Eagle Claw’s highest to date. Penn International Saltwater Hooks are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit any saltwater fishing situation. Packs of hooks retail for $9.99. Visit to learn more


Kolpin- The Stealth ATV Exhaust System

Press Release

The ATV Stealth Exhaust System fits on any ATV with a four-stroke engine to quiet ATV noise by 50% or more. It can be easily installed according to user preference and rear-of-machine configuration.

Engineered with an innovative high-flow, low-restriction spark-arresting muffler, the Stealth Exhaust System quiets ATV noise by 50% without sacrificing engine performance. The patented design is used on military ATVs by both U.S. and British Special Forces, is also a USDA Forest Service Approved Spark Arrester.

The ATV Stealth Exhaust System includes an efficient, aluminized steel muffler measuring 22 inches in length and 4˝ inches in diameter. Fully welded, the muffler is proven to work well on all sizes of ATVs from 250s to 700s. The system comes complete with a universal kit including mounting hardware and detailed instructions for quick, easy installation; a universal adaptor elbow for high mount installations; a zinc-plated two piece wrap-around clamp hanger assembly; and galvanized flex tubing that turns the exhaust and noise closer to the ground.

The ATV Stealth Exhaust System reduces noise levels for decreased disturbance of other public land user groups, and provides added protection to the environment through the use of a second spark arrester. Its revolutionary design results in less disruption of wildlife for the benefit of outdoor enthusiasts, as well as livestock for farmers and ranchers that use ATVs. In addition to significant noise reduction, the ATV Stealth Exhaust System actually delivers an increase in mid-range power and overall performance on some models, according to extensive dynamometer tests.

Patent No. 6,591,935 Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $229.99 Model No. 53500

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews

Hunter's View

Hawk Climbing Tree Stand

Tree Stands

It came yesterday from I don't recall exactly what it cost since I bought a new safety harness and a few lures, Somewhere close to $99.00.

I had a real old loggy without a seat on it. I purchased a strap on seat, but I'm tall and it didn't give me the best support especially when bundled up for one of the colder days of the year. For this one the seat is part of the unit and pretty comfortable compared to others I've tried. The straps are generous in size as well compared to my old loggy whose straps were nothing more than carrying handles.

It's not completly camo'd. The base is a gray that will probably blend in well enough, but I would rather not take any chances. It's to late to paint it and not have to worry about scent so I will probably buy a couple of rolls of camo tape and then spray it down with scent shield real well in addition to leaving it under the shed.

For $100 I didn't expect miracles, but it's pretty solid. I go a little over the weight limit of 300 with a full pack of gear, gun and knapsack so I'm alway think about that in the back of my mind. I also wish it were a little quieter when climbing, but I'm sure after a little use it will work out.

For $100 some dollars I think I did well. I don't have to worry a lot about losing it like I would with a high end stand and it is very comfortable, especially with the padded armrest in the warmer months. I'll give it a three out of five.


Bill Hemlen Sr. Boise, ID


Smart Cast Wrist Sonar

Fish Finders

I thought the guys were joking when they showed me this oversize wrist watch in oor local hardware store. They said they might pitch in to get me one for my birthday, well here I am with my new Wrist Sonar, although I assure you I don't have it on now.

I gave it a good try and I don't.

Why would someone use something so small when for a little bit more money you could buy a full size unit that will work a lot better. I'm supposed to attach this thing to my line?? I'd much rater put a buzz bait on the end of my line and try to catch something than a sonar, although I do think I had something hit on it once. Read on and I'll tell you the outcome.

The watch makes a real nice conversation piece so I think I'll wear it out the next time I go to a cock tail party. It'll be like my Dick Tracey watch, maybe I'll beam somebody up.

Well a long story short there are this thing we all face called snags and you guessed it that's where the other part of my unit is to this day. Does anyone want to buy half a hummingbird sonar unit?


P'd Off


Sport Utility Max Boots

Hunting Boots

I bought them for $89.95 at Bass Pro shops just a few weeks ago.

These Rocky's have 1000 grams of Thinsulate in each boot. If that won't keep your warm you might be dead. A few times late season hunting it got so cold and with the snow kicking in Colorado I had to call it a day early, that's a lot of the reason I went out and bought the new boots.

They have camo, but I wish it was on the entire boots, not just certain areas. I keep staring at the tread on these things and I'm just not sure how it will do in the snow. I may try to update my review in a month or so if it gets published just to let you know.

These things are really well made, almost too well as you have to unlace a lot of the boot just to get them on.

I'll know more once I play hookey the first time it snows late next month, but I don't think it will be too dissappointing.



Leuopold Scopes

Vari X


This scope came with my new Savage I bought a few months ago used at the Hunt Shack. I don't no what the actual price of the scope was although it appeared in good condition or new condition at the time.

I'm not to thrilled with this scope. I wonder if something happened to it and that's why someone sold the gun rather than go through mounting another scope and buying mounts and the like. The cross hairs are the type I like and feel most accurate shooting.

It's hard to describe it. The scope doesn't give a clear picture. It's almost as if it isn't letting enough light in or there's a little fog covering the lens. I can't figure it out, the only thing I know is the sight picture isn't clear. Who knows maybe the last guy dropped it off a cliff or something.

There's something wrong with it that's all I know.

I don't know what to do with the scope. The Hunt Shack says it's not their fault and I should call the manufacturer. Everyone tells me since I bought it used I don't have leg to stand on. The worst part is I wouldn't have paid so much for the gun if I knew it was a bad scope. I bought it in March and just set the gun aside for a while with hunting season wound up for the year. Big Mistake.




Hot Water on Demand

Camping Appliances

This is one of the best devices ever invented. We've been out twice with it now and it makes all the difference in my Girlfriends eyes on camping. The facility we stay at has water it just takes 20 minutes to get it up to luke warm and that's about as good as it gets from there. I spotted it on the Coleman site and she insisted we have it before she went out again. A month later and I couldn't live without it.

The Coleman truly does everything as advertized all off the propane tank. There's no more waiting for the water to somewhat boil. Before you turn around it's starting to pum put hot water. She can have her hot chocolate and I can wolf down a healthy breakfast of Oddles of Noodles. The battery on the pump is rechargeable which is also good for the bucket. Too bad they don't make propane rechargeable.

The only think that disappointed me was the accessories don't come with it. They should at least throw in the standard campsite hose fitting. If you're spending $179 what's a few more bills to get the machine perfect.

I live camping and always trust Coleman. If they make it, I probably have it, or have it on my wish list. This item is no different-well made and will stay in good shape given reasonable care.

Great item to add to your arsenal, meals don't take as long as before this invention. I love the outdoors, although don't always want to have to rough it. This little item helps bridge the gap between the two. Now if they'd only make a portable satellite dish so I could get all the games on Saturday and Sunday. I'm sure someone is already working on it !! Great site, keep adding the camping gear and I'll be a regular.


Bill McCullough MN

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