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Steiner launches new 25 power spotting binoculars-New 25x80 Observer will offer high-end features.

Press Release

MOORESTOWN, N.J. – Set for delivery, the new 25x80 Observer will be Steiner’s most powerful binocular.

The binoculars will offer Steiner’s fully multi-coated optics with BaK4 prisms encased in a water resistant, shock proof body.

Features include attractive black rubber armoring and included tripod mount . Steiner’s wrap-around style, profiled eye cups will also be included. Ideal for long distance viewing and Astronomy, the 25x80 feature superb brightness and image detail.

Weight will be just under 60 ounces. Price is expected to be around $600.


Terminator Titanium Spinner Baits Introduces Quad Blade

Press Release

Quad Blade. Introducing the Quad Blade. The direct result of demand from our loyal consumers to build a multi-bladed spinnerbait.

Four premium quality blades combine to look just like a small school of baitfish moving through the water. And to make sure they're all spinning, Terminator goes beyond ordinary and tweaks the very tip of each blade to make sure our valued customers experience superior performance.

Of course, at it's heart and soul is Terminator's patented nickel-titanium SnapBack frame. Plus, it features our easy-to-change QuickSkirt, making it a cinch to change skirt colors quickly and easily when patterning fish... another feature found only on Terminator Titanium Spinnerbaits.



Press Release

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., -- The legendary 151-year-old handgun maker, Smith & Wesson Corp., a subsidiary of Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (AMEX:SWB) today announced a joint venture between the Smith & Wesson Training Academy and International Security & Defense Systems (ISDS) to provide advanced Counter-Terrorism training courses for military, law enforcement and security personnel.

The training courses include Detecting & Defeating the Suicide Bomber; VIP Protection, Special Event Security, Risk Analysis & Physical Protection of Infrastructure and SWAT Training. ISDS is an Israeli government approved security company that consults and provides security and Counter-Terrorism training around the world.

"The global threat of terrorism demands that security professionals worldwide have the expertise to address the issue at all levels," said Paul Cunningham, director of the Smith & Wesson Training Academy. "ISDS brings over 20 years of real world experience to the subject. Smith & Wesson is extremely proud to partner with the internationally recognized experts in Counter-Terrorism, and to offer this vitally important training."

Leo Gleser, president of ISDS, established the company in 1982 to provide cutting edge Counter-Terrorism training to law enforcement, security professionals, first responders, executives and private sector employees worldwide. Gleser is a veteran of Israel's ongoing war on terrorism. He served for over 30 years in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as a member of the Special Elite Counter-Terrorism Units of the IDF, an operative in the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) and a Sky Marshall with EL AL Airline. All ISDS personnel are former members and instructors in Select Counter-Terrorism Units, ISA, Mossad or other intelligence and special security units.

ISDS has been selected by the Athens Olympic Committee to coordinate security for the 2004 Olympic Games. Past ISDS Special Event Security projects include the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, 1986 & 1990 World Cup Soccer, and VIP protection for celebrity clients such as Madonna, Elton John, as well as numerous world leaders.

The Smith & Wesson Training Academy is the oldest private law enforcement training facility in the United States and has offered state-of-the-art training since 1969. Located in Springfield, Massachusetts, the Smith & Wesson Training Academy provides instruction in all aspects of use of force training.

For more information on the ICDS Counter-Terrorism training courses available at the Smith & Wesson Training Academy, call 413-846-6461 or visit

About International Security & Defense Systems (ISDS)

International Security & Defense Systems was established in 1982 by highly trained and experienced former Israeli Defense Agency operatives. ISDS designs and implements highly reliable, unique, inclusive and integrated security and defense systems to counter crime and terror worldwide. The company's mission is to create a protected and safe environment, through the use of quality intelligence, accurate risk assessment and optimal integration of highly trained personnel, procedures and technology which together prevent hostile actions against people, assets and infrastructure.

About Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation

Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation is the parent company of Smith & Wesson Corp., one of the world's leading producers of quality handguns, law enforcement products and firearm safety and security products. Law enforcement personnel, military personnel, target shooters, hunters, collectors and firearms enthusiasts throughout the world have used the Company's products with confidence for more than 151 years. Smith & Wesson Corp. also manufacturers and markets Smith & Wesson branded handcuffs and other products utilizing its metal working expertise. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Smith & Wesson Corp.


Pflueger® Purist® IM-6 Graphite Fly Rods-adds multi-piece rods to the Purist® Fly Rod Series

Press Release

Pflueger® Purist® Fly Rods give anglers the convenience of a five-piece pack rod with the actions of a two-piece rod. Packaged in a rugged, reusable rod tube, these fly rods are sure to be in great shape and ready to go whenever you need them. Perfect for the fly fisherman on the go, features and specifications on the new Pflueger® Purist® Fly Rod Series include:

IM-6 graphite construction blanks Ferruless design
Aluminum oxide stripper guides
Graphite reel seat with cushioned stainless steel hoods
Stainless steel snake guides, top, and hook keeper
Top-grade cork grips


Martin Archery-Onza II A Standout in Design

Press Release

The Onza II will give you more accuracy than you can use. Our super stiff riser design concept has been in development for 15 years. With the use of new materials and cutting edge artistic design, the Onza II is as accurate as it is eye catching.

Patented Vibration Control We built the Onza II for you, an archer with an uncompromising demand for stability and speed. It’s been fifteen years since we first introduced the original Onza with its totally unique riser design. Now, firmly positioned in the 21st century, we’ve found a way to enhance its imaginative design.

Our patented Vibration Escape Modules and our new vibration absorbing inlay materials make the Onza II as smooth as a kitten. With this special vibration absorbing technology, you will shoot at scorching speeds with extreme power, and you won’t feel a thing.

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews


Ranger for Mer

Hunting Boots

I bought the boots at Bass Pro Shops this time last year. I'm a huge Rocky fan and wanted something a little more versatile for those days that start out frigid and end up warm. I now own three pairs of Rocky's. Their the best lasting, wearing boots I've every owned.

All Rocky boots are great. Money is really an issue with me but I was still surprised at how cheap these are. I picked them up for just over one hundred dollars.

I can't think of a single thing. If I come up with something soon, I'll check back in with You.

All Rocky boots are made to last and these are too.

Great pair of boots for just over $100. How can you beat that price?


Snipe Killer


DT Series

Hard Bait

I picked the four of them up at Wal-Mart just last month. I bought quite a few that day so I'm not sure exactly what they cost, I would guess as I recall about $4 to $5 per piece.

The ad I read said they dive fast and stay in the strike zone the longest of all lures. That's what hooked me on buying them. Excellent casts are easy to achieve with these.

Once I got them out on the water I realized they might be diving a little to fast for my liking. I guess I'm just used to Rapalas that aren't weighted as much. I managed to lose one on the bottom not ten casts into the day last Sunday. Who knows maybe I was just day dreaming and forgot how fast these guys sink.

I'm sold on Rapala and I don't think I'll encounter any problems with these guys.

I like it just need to get use to the dive. I forgot to mention I was really impressed with the side to side action.




Limited Edition Long Cast Minnow

Hard Bait

I made the mistake of leaving one of my lure boxes in the truck yesterday. Thankfully my Brother had more than enough lures to allow me my choice. I found the Long Cast Minnow still in it's original package and had to give it a try even though he shouted a few threats at me if I lost it.

The one we had was the Rainbow Trout. It didn't take long after putting it on to experience my first hit which I promptly missed due to a day dream and perhaps a beer or two. I had one monster swim right up to the side of the boat at it and out of pure reflex pulled up rather than let is sink toward it. I pulled in a couple of decent bass on a day that few others including my big Brother wern't having sucess at all.

Not long before we left I lost the lure. I was mad, my brother was mad and the fish were happy. The problem with a lure that manages to work it's way to all the right places is it also manages to snag quite a bit.

The problem with a lure that manages to work it's way to all the right places is it also manages to snag quite a bit. The quality was excellent, my Brother said their all hand painted and as far as replicas go this was a Mona Lisa.

Great lure while it lasted. My Brother doesn't believe me, but it did have a tendency to snag. It was bringing the hits to me and I guess that's all that counts. I'll be spending my Monday morning at work trying to find a place that still has them. Let me know if you see my Brother sneaking up behind me.


Hiding From Brother

Trail Sense Engineering

Trail Mac Deer Camera

Trail Cameras

I looked at a couple of trail cameras in the stores and was ready to buy the problem was I didn't have a lot of confidence in any of them. I decided to do some research on the web when I ran across the Trail Mac Game Camera. After reading their literature I was sold and went all out and bought two instead of the one I originally planned on.

I'm in marketing and quickly realized this company was building their product and firm for the long haul. I'm sure lots of cameras are being bought this reason, but it won't be long until guys are sharing stories about how this one and that one fizzled out. Word of mouth spreads fast especially after a few beers. The camera was designed for being outside and not for sunny days either. The literature states the battery life is extra long and you should get a full three months out of it which for me is the scouting season. There's a quality Cannon camera inside with a flash unit that is reviewed very well on regular cameras. The units are tough and made for work, I'm very impressed with them to date.

The makers should offer bulk buy discounts in my case a little discount for buying two wouldn't hurt, but if a group of guys wanted to get together and buy them all the better this would lower the price for everyone and make more profit for them. Right now they need to get their name out there, for everyone. Also, they should nake the unit in gray, black isn't bad, but sticks out when put against a gray tree especially once fall hits.

I'm tough on my purchases. I make a lot and spend a lot and expect quality. It's only been a few weeks since I bought them and I'm already satisified with the quality. Time will tell, but for me to be impressed early is a good sign.

If you are preparing to buy look up the Trail Mac Game Camera. You'll be impressed. Camera checking day is like Christmas all over again. I grab the film drive like a mad man closer to my home where there's a one hour photo. All in all it's a lot of fun.


J. Murawski



Fishing Reels

Paid about $30 I believe. It was roughly 20 years ago at a local K-Mart (yeah, imagine that) when they used to have the nice outdoors section in their stores. I was looking for a light weight reel to use with an ultra-light rig and this one was a proven performer.

The smoothness of the reel is real bonus. Flawless operation and few snags or other issues really make this unit a joy to own. Plus, as an added bonus, it's very light and works well in an ultralight rig.

The drag adjustment can get a little iffy sometimes, but overall it doesn't take away from the reel.

Construction and quality are first rate. I should have bought 10 of these when I had the chance. I probably wouldn't have needed them, though, as they last forever.

If you can still find one, get one. It's a timeless reel that will provide years of enjoyment, and many coolers full of fish!


Old Uncle Alvin


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