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Winchester® Muzzleloading Apex Magnum 209

Press Release

Winchester Muzzleloading's new Apex Magnum 209 offers a refreshing change from other muzzleloaders. Strikingly handsome with flowing lines and smooth contours make it as visually appealing as it is functionally superior.

With its simplified, shorter "swing action" breech the Apex allows the utilization of a 30" barrel without feeling "barrel heavy." Comfortable to shoulder and maneuver, exhilarating to shoot, and a snap to clean.

Specifications: --------------------------------- Caliber: .45/.50

Rate of Twist: 1:28" Barrel Finish: Blued or Stainless Barrel Length: 29" Overall Length: 46" Weight: 8lbs., 6oz.

Sling: Winchester Muzzleloading (included) Sights: Metallic Fiber Optic, Fully Adjustable

Safety: Internal Hammer Block

Trigger: Fixed (pull preset at 4Lbs. estimated)

Stock Finish Available in: Black Fleck Mossy Oak New Break-Up


.50 CALIBER APEX MAGNUM 209 RIFLES W8005 Stainless Steel (Black Fleck) $419.95 W8004 Stainless Steel (Black Fleck) $419.95

W8003 Stainless Steel (New Break-Up) $469.95 W8002 Stainless Steel (New Break-Up) $469.95

W8001 Blued Steel (Black Fleck) $344.95 W8000 Blued Steel (Black Fleck) $344.95

W8007 Blued Steel (New Break-Up) $389.95 W8006 Blued Steel (New BreakUp) $389.95



Accurate Fishing-BOSS MAGNUM 870XM


Released just in time for the prime 2003 fishing season is our new B-870XM Boss Magnum reel, a high-speed version of the popular B-870M boasting a 6-to-1 retrieve ratio and taking up a full 3-1/2 feet of line for every complete turn of the reel handle.

Weighing only 22 ounces and holding 350 yards of 20-pound test or 275 yards of 30-pound test monofilament line, the new B-870XM is ideal for sprinting game fish like albacore, school tuna, dorado, yellowtail, amberjack, crevalle, king mackerel and wahoo.

Loaded with precision-made, performance-tested Accurate features like the TwinDrag™ braking system, solid-block aluminum construction, six space-age, Teflon-impregnated bearings and Titanium drag washers, the high-seed B-870XM also incorporates three design upgrades now in all Boss Magnums: a lighter spool for increased casting distance; a StopCam mechanism to eliminate accidental “bumping” into freespool, and the option to expand the drag-level adjustment range, providing a more precise and variable drag setting to respond to changing fish-fighting conditions.


Browning- Hunting Heritage Limited Edition Knives

Press Release

The Hunting Heritage Limited Editon Knives are a yearly series of knives that commemorate our majestic wildlife. The blades are made from the very finest AUS-8A stainless steel. Nickel silver is fitted to stunning exotic hardwoods for handles.

Each has a game scene medallion inlaid in the handle and includes an engraved display box and collectors' lithograph.

The Hunting Heritage Limited Editon Knives are a yearly series of knives that commemorate our majestic wildlife. The blades are made from the very finest AUS-8A stainless steel. Nickel silver is fitted to stunning exotic hardwoods for handles.

Each has a game scene medallion inlaid in the handle and includes an engraved display box and collectors' lithograph. Description: These beautiful collectors' knives are made from the highest quality AUS-8A stainless steel, nickel silver and exotic hardwoods. Each has a game scene medallion inlaid in the handle and includes an engraved display box and collectors' lithograph.

Only 3,000 issued • 11x14 lithograph included • Certificate of authenticity • Mallard Duck medallion inlaid in handle • Removable legs on display box, hinged lid



Press Release

PENN and Eagle Claw, two of the few remaining American manufacturing companies in the fishing industry, have teamed up to introduce a line of innovative saltwater hooks – PENN INTERNATIONAL SALTWATER HOOKS.

Only the finest high-carbon steel was used to construct the “longest-lasting, most corrosion-resistant hooks to ever hit the saltwater market.” Using a needle-point design, these hooks will maintain sharpness under any condition. The hooks feature three new finishes specifically designed for salt water and have received a 10x rust-resistant rating – Eagle Claw’s highest to date. Penn International Saltwater Hooks are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit any saltwater fishing situation. Packs of hooks retail for $9.99. Visit to learn more



Press Release

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA -- A lightweight baitcasting reel with performance features and economical price tag, that's the new SCL 200 low-profile baitcast reel from Spidercast.

This new offering is available in both right, SCL 200, and left, SCL 201, sleek design models. Two bearings deliver the smooth performing drive found on more-expensive baitcast reels. The user-friendly magnetic brake adjustment system gives the angler total control in varying fishing conditions. The multi-position user friendly magnetic brake adjustment system is found on the side plate opposite the cranking handle for instant access whenever brake tuning is needed.

Instant anti-reverse on the SCL 200/201 results in instant and confident hooksets. And the dependable star drag let's the angler adjust the drag tension to match the fight at hand. Spidercast low-profile reels are ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. The 6.1:1 high-speed gear ratio is well suited for high-paced retrieves.

The Spidercast SCL 200/201 also features an aluminum spool that holds up to 120 yards of 12-pound monofilament fishing line, oversized knobs on the cranking handle for power cranking and dependable level wind system.

The SCL 200 and SCL 201 have a suggested retail price of $54.99.

For more information about the new Spidercast SCL 200 and SCL 201 low profile baitcast reels or any Spider fishing tackle product, call Spider Consumer Services at 1-877-502-6482 or visit Spider's website at:

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews


Pirahna 5 Fish Finder

Fish Finders

My Boss is going through a divorce so I took it off his hands and all he wanted was $80.00. I've seen these for close to $200.00 at local tackle stops.

It goes all the way down to 600 feet which is good for some of the lakes I fish. The display is nice compared to some others I've seen that have to be shaded just to see the screens output. It also have the water temperature feature which is a lot better than ten years ago when you had to check it by hand. Kids now days don't know how good they have it.

I have some problems hearing and I'm not sure if it's the tone I can't hear or just not loud enough. Sometimes my wife has to let me know when the tones are going off, but I guess you can't blame it on the machine.

Solid buttons and the menu seems to be well thought out. The unit seems like it will stand up to most anything Mothernature brings on.

I feel real bad for taking this off my boss's hands. Maybe when he gets back on his feet and has time for fishing I may give it back to him, yeah but then again maybe not.


Chuck O.

Hunter's View Tree Stand

12' Buddy Stand

Tree Stands

I picked up this unit on sale this weekend at Dunham's for $119.99. The price on this unit ranges depending on where you buy it. I have seen it elsewhere over $150.

I had seen this tree stand and it looked nice to me. My youngest son is now old enough to hunt with us so I wanted something to hold the both of us for his first time out. We put it in a tree on our property just to see how it feels, and it was great.

The only drawback on this is the weight. Being that my youngest son is only 12, I wouldn't want him to have to lug it around. It's about 75lbs or so. It's fine for me and the older boy though.

The unit is made out of a heavy steel, so it is very strong. It says that it will hold up to 500lbs so two adults would even be able to use it. The foot and seat platforms are about 12" by 40" so it is very roomy.

I'll have to re-visit this site later in the season to tell you how we made out, but it looks like we won't be disappointed. If we like it at the end of the season as much as we do now, I may get one for my sons to use together next year.


Earl and Sons, NY


Etrex GPS


The Etrex was a gift from my crew on the last day of my employment at the distribution center I worked at previously. It all stems back to an incident last year when I managed to get myself lost while hunting last year and missed an employee function. Hopefully now that I've changed jobs I won't hear a lot about that anymore.I see them at several sporting goods stores in the Ohio area for just over $100.00

I need to warn you this is my first GPS so everything it does is new and amazing to me. The first thing I noticed was the size of this thing, or lack of size. This thing is small in size. For some reason I had an idea in the back of my mind that a GPS would be large and too bulky to take into the woods, especially with my still hunting. I was also very impressed with it being completly waterproof. I accidentally tested this while leaning over to net a small native trout and out came the GPS. I thought for sure it was done for, but it didn't miss a beat even after being in the water for a couple while I located it. I'm also impressed with the back up feature which reverses your course when it's time to head back. I can usually find my way there, but getting back sometimes proposes a problem, especially if you hunt until dark Great feature.

This is like your first car, what's not to like about it. Someday I'll upgrade and let you know what I don't miss from the old one.

Excellent, from what I said earlier about the stream accident. I'm also impressed with the buttons on the side, and get this their not hard to use if with gloves on. I haven't dropped it on a hard surface yet, but I'm sure that is coming and have very little doubt it will come through okay.

Definitely don't deprive yourself another minute and get one. From finding my tree stand in the dark to just finding my way in a new area this is the best. This is a great new site, I'll be back often with reviews of my gear.


Phil M.

Bass Pro Shops

Micro Lite Supreme Combo

Rod and Reel Combos

$49.99 Bass Pro Shops about a month back.

She's my farm pond set up. I grew up near a small farm pond with bass galore, unfortunately with so many there is a lot of competition for food and their all stunted about nine inches. Fat little things, but few if any are larger than nine inches. I need to relax and decided to make it a point to head over to my folks place at least one night a week and pay a visit to them before heading up over the hill to the old pond. Yes, their still the same pond, but what a stress reliever it is. Every fish up there feels like a monster bass and half the fun is at. Ultralight is the way to go.

It's doing me more good than I'm doing it.

Well made, I would bet BP Shops is having one of the big manufacturers make these for them and just throwing their name on it.

My thoughts you can fish all day with your heavy weight rod, and not have a good battle, but put a decent fish on the end of an ultra light and you're off to the races. The presentation on an ultralight is so much nicer and I think the fish know that which is why they hit it more often.


Pshycotic Ultra Light Lover

Bass Pro Shops

Pitchin to Heavy Hitters

Fishing Videos & Books

I bought it at a garage sale in town. $5.00

I love to bass so even the worst video can't be all bad. I already know most everything as I've won most of the tournaments I enter.

Teach me something new, I've known all this stuff years ago. The only difference between a heavy hitter and a small hitter is the size of the bait you throw at it. Everything should be the same.

Not applicable

Hey if you put me in a lake that hasn't been fished in years I'd whip these guys everytime. If I did a video you wouldn't be able to keep them on the shelves.


Cy Young


Cabela's In-Store Pick-Up (125x125) Rock Bottom Deals at Cabela's Cabela's - Gift Cards

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