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Ever Wonder What Kangaroo Hunting Is Like?

Pete From Australia

Recently a Reader of Hunting & Fishing Gear Review submitted a broad head review and mentioned hunting kangaroos in the process. Jim Shiperly our Editor is always on the lookout for informative articles sent in by our Readers. Soon an e-mail was sent to out to the Reader who submitted the review asking if he would tell us a little more about hunting in Australia, in particular how Kangaroos are hunted. Pete is the hunter from Australia was more than happy to write a quick note telling us what hunting in Australia is like. Below is Peteís article.

Hi hunters, I live in Australia and I hunt with a bow. The area I hunt most often is very hilly, thickly wooded with some open grass meadows. This area is populated with Deer,Goats,and Kangaroos in quite large numbers.There are also foxes and rabbits but these are not as numerous or as desirable a target.

When I hunt goats I head for the highest, steepest hill and start climbing, I stop frequently to listen for any movement then continue on up until I hear them moving as they feed. Sometimes they hear me first but unlike the deer or the kangaroos they donít run off as far or as fast, In fact sometimes they will seemingly challenge you and snort or bark at you as you make your way up towards them.

I have had them dislodge football sized rocks from above that just missed me but im not sure if it was deliberate or just the nature of the terrain they inhabitate.Still it adds to the excitement. When I get within range, Usually 20 to 30 yards, a well placed arrow will drop them within 10 yards but I have often had to follow a blood trail for 30-40 minutes before finishing the job with a knife. The young goats or kids are good eating and I butcher them on the spot and pack them out. The big bills smell really bad and the meat smells too so I only take the horns and then only if they are bigger than the biggest set I already have.

Kangaroos Hunting Is A Different Ball Game

First, if the roo sees you first you normally wonít even get to see it, You will hear it as it bounds away at high speed through the scrub. So when I target kangaroos I also target deer. I make my way to the edge of an open meadow and check the entire area with my field glasses. If I donít see anything I just make myself comfortable and wait .Most of the time I will hunt the afternoon as I find just before dusk the roos will come out more in the open. When I spot an unsuspecting kangaroo then the real work begins .It can take more than 30 minutes, Sometimes up to 60 minutes to cover approx 100yards while stalking your target. This is made more difficult if there are a few kangaroos together as they will suddenly stop and look and listen if they hear the slightest twig snap. Then you have to freeze motionless, in whatever position you were in, until they look away and resume their grazing. I like to get to within 30-35 yards before I take my shot as I normally hit what I aim at that distance.

Kangaroos have a big body and a small head which makes them an easier target. Also when you stand to take your shot they will normally look at you then turn away just before they jump away. I find that if I wait until they turn away to take my shot the arrow enters in their lower back and exits through their chest giving a quick kill.

I always take both back legs as the meat is very lean and while stronger tasting than beef it is still very pleasant cooked in any manner.

I said that when I target roos I also target deer. Well to date they have eluded me although I often see them and get to within 50-60 yards before they get wind of me and leave. The few long shots i've had at them have all resulted in lost arrows.Still thereís always next time, One dayÖ.

I hunt because I like the outdoors, I like the challenge, and I need the exercise. Itís all good.


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