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Maximize Your Feeding Ability with Kenco’s New Life Timer™ II

Hunting Gear

Kenco® Life Timer™ II from Kolpin® Outdoors, Inc. will attract herds of deer to the feeder. This easy-to-use timer allows hunters to program a variety of run times, providing a consistent food supply while eliminating the hassle of repeated feeder maintenance.

The Kenco Life Timer II allows hunters to select heavy or light feedings by setting individual run times from 2 to 32 seconds. With a programming ability of up to 24 daily feedings, the Life Timer gives hunters the power of customizing feed times with little effort. It also provides a 30 ft. circle of throw with 6-volt battery life lasting 6 months to a year.

The Life Timer’s solid cast aluminum housing keeps it safe from harsh weather or wind damage, enabling it to be left outside for long periods of time without worry. A simple three-button design makes it easy to program and use, and comes equipped with a test switch and safety delay to ensure proper use. Hunters will find the bright red LED display easy to read and can be sure of the accuracy of the Life Timer’s digital readouts.

The Kenco Life Timer II (model #T-100) will be available in June 2005, for a suggested retail price of $45.99.

Kolpin Outdoors, Inc. is a growth-oriented marketer and manufacturer of innovative outdoor products. For more than 60 years, Kolpin has remained a leader in outdoor product development and has repeatedly redefined the industry standard with patented innovations in hunting blinds, Gun Boot® cases, firearm cases, game calls, decoys and feeders, and ATV accessories.

For more information on the new Life Timer II, or to request a catalog, contact Kolpin Outdoors Customer Service at 1-877-9KOLPIN. View the entire line of feeders and other innovative hunting accessories at:
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