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This page is an archived page from the Hunting & Fishing Gear Review database. It contains a snapshot of the articles and reviews that existed on this day.


Daisy Introduces Winchester 1894 Air Rifle

Press Release

The Model 1894 BB repeater is the spittin' image of an authentic piece of American history. This lever-action repeater is crafted in the style of the saddle carbine that tamed the west: the legendary Winchester 1894.

ACTION: Lever action; spring air SAFETY:
Crossbolt trigger block
CALIBER: .177 (4.5mm) BB BARREL: smooth bore steel
SIGHTS: Blade and ramp front, micro-adjustable rear MUZZLE VELOCITY: 300 fps.
STOCK/FOREARM: Straight western style solid wood.
CAPACITY: 15-shot magazine
OVERALL LENGTH: 38 in. WEIGHT: 3.4 lbs.


Walker's Game Ear-All Sports Glasses

Press Release

For more than a decade Walker's Game Ear, Inc. has been recognized as the marketer of miniature hearing enhancement and protection devices. They are now expanding their personal safety protection line to include shooting glasses.

According to Bob Walker, President of Walker's Game Ear, Inc. of Media, PA. " Our new line of All Sports Glasses (-ASG-) by UVEX R will enhance and protect your vision, just as our Game Ear enhances and protects your hearing. These two high quality product lines are a perfect combination. You've trusted us to protect your ears now let us help protect your eyes." According to Bob Walker, President of Walker's Game Ear, Inc. of Media, PA.

"Our new line of All Sports Glasses (-ASG-) by UVEX R will enhance and protect your vision, just as our Game Ear enhances and protects your hearing. These two high quality product lines are a perfect combination. You've trusted us to protect your ears now let us help protect your eyes." will enhance and protect your vision, just as our Game Ear enhances and protects your hearing. These two high quality product lines are a perfect combination.

You've trusted us to protect your ears now let us help protect your eyes." According to Bob Walker, President of Walker's Game Ear, Inc. of Media, PA. " Our new line of All Sports Glasses (-ASG-) by UVEX R will enhance and protect your vision, just as our Game Ear enhances and protects your hearing. These two high quality product lines are a perfect combination. You've trusted us to protect your ears now let us help protect your eyes."

Walker's Game Ear -ASG- (All Sports Glasses) are ideally suited for all indoor or outdoor conditions. Handsomely packaged in their carrying case is three interchangeable, non-distortion, polycarbonate lenses. Selecting the right lens for a given light condition is important.

Over the past ten years Walker's Game Ear, Inc. has earned their reputation for producing the highest quality hearing protection products available at an incomparable price. Bob Walker feels that by adding the UVEX line of safety glasses, they will be doing the same when it comes to eye protection. And as with all Walker's Game Ear, Inc. products, if you are not completely satisfied with the quality or performance of the product you have a complete money back guarantee less S/H.


Sig Arms Introduces Operation Iraqi Freedom CommemorativeClassic Compact Size 229-40-IRC

Press Release

SIGARMS is proud to honor the men and women who served during Operation Iraqi Freedom with a limited edition commemorative P229 .40 S&W with 24 KT gold engraving.

Only 2003 units will be manufactured. Each unit is numbered 1 of 2003. Each handgun features laser etching with Operation Iraqi Freedom engraved on the slide's right side and an American flag engraved on top of the slide. SIGARMS will donate a portion of the proceeds to the USO to help the families of our brave soldiers. The USO, "Proudly Serving The Men & Women Who Serve Our Country," relies solely on the generosity of the general public. The Operation Iraqi Freedom handgun is available through your local dealer.


MITCHELL® AVOCET™ SPINNING REEL-Styled After The Famous Mitchell 300

Press Release

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA – Imitation is certainly a sincere form of flattery and the new Mitchell Avocet family is styled after the most famous spinning reel in history, the Mitchell 300.

Mitchell Avocet reels are offered in two versions, the Gold Series and Silver Series. Both series introduces three models, the 500UL, the 2000 and the 4000.

The Avocet Gold spinning reel is built with 8 bearings and the Silver models have 4 bearings. All Avocet reels feature a solid and smooth operation, the patented Mitchell quick-change spool system and two shirted spools. They also include a reversible handle for left or right handed fishing, Instant Anti-Reverse and durable bail configuration for optimum line pickup and even winding on the spool. The adjustable drag is found on the front of the spool on Avocet Gold models while the Avocet Silver 2000 offers the choice of front or rear drag adjustment. The Avocet Silver 2000 is also available in a trigger model.

For more information about the Mitchell Avocet family of spinning reels or other Mitchell fishing tackle products, call Mitchell Angler Services at 1-877-502-6482 or visit the Mitchell website at


Falcon Introduces New Tackle Organizer

Press Release

Falcon Rods announced today a rugged tackle organization system that holds more tackle in a smaller space -- dry and tangle free -- than other storage products on the market today.

The Falcon FTO system is the next generation of tackle organization and includes see-through, hard plastic cases with patented configurations that securely hold spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, or a combination of each. Another innovation, “V-Groove”, is incorporated into organizers for lipped and lipless crankbaits to prevent hook entanglement. A four-latch system seals the lids firmly, keeping tackle dry and secure.

In all, the system includes 14 heavy duty polymer organizers for lures, terminal tackle, line and accessories, plus three “Soft Pak” organizers for soft plastic jigs, jerk baits, worms, and craws.

Falcon FTO takes tackle compression to a whole new level. The hard bait organizers hold equal numbers or more lures in one-third less space than units that anglers have been using. The new system introduces a higher level of durability as well, Mason said, with proprietary design, material and manufacturing specifications that keep hard bait cases from twisting and warping.

Falcon FTO Tackle Organizer system will be sold through a growing national network of fishing tackle retailers. As a manufacturer, Falcon is an established supplier to many retailers who offer Falcon Graphite Rods to fresh and saltwater anglers. Retailers and customers interested in the new system learn more about it on a new website dedicated to the new system, or by accessing the Falcon site,

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews

Abu Garcia

Tournament Baitcasting Reel

Fishing Reels

I'm very excited about your new site and thanks for putting it out there for all of us. Up until now there hasn't been a Consumer Reports type site for us to review Fishing Gear. I bought this reel at my local tackle shop here in Syracuse. I bought quite a bit that day, so I'm not positive how much it was. I'd guess around $80 some dollars.

I'm really getting the Bass Fishing bug so I think I like best about it is how quickly one can cast compared to an open face under rod design. I realy like the feel of it's parts when working the bait. Very smooth and well made.

No problems with this so far.

Time tells all, but I think it's pretty well made. I haven't been fishing long enough to know what's good or bad so I'll just say it's the middle of the road.

I love my new fishing addiction and my Garcia reel was a real good choice for me right now. I'm having enough problems getting my purchases past my wife. I'm sure you know the price of a tackle box full of bait and how much that costs so to make my point the price is right.


Bass Addict



Fishing Reels

Paid about $30 I believe. It was roughly 20 years ago at a local K-Mart (yeah, imagine that) when they used to have the nice outdoors section in their stores. I was looking for a light weight reel to use with an ultra-light rig and this one was a proven performer.

The smoothness of the reel is real bonus. Flawless operation and few snags or other issues really make this unit a joy to own. Plus, as an added bonus, it's very light and works well in an ultralight rig.

The drag adjustment can get a little iffy sometimes, but overall it doesn't take away from the reel.

Construction and quality are first rate. I should have bought 10 of these when I had the chance. I probably wouldn't have needed them, though, as they last forever.

If you can still find one, get one. It's a timeless reel that will provide years of enjoyment, and many coolers full of fish!


Old Uncle Alvin

Foggy Mountain

Total Season Deer Lure


I bought this on the net directly from Foggy Mountain. I have a small archery shop and am selling it for jsut over $20.00 a bottle/

As on their advertising it's true a deer will know when the rut is a lot sooner than we will. I thought about this and it does make a lot of sense. I've used it three times in my pre-season trips and to date I've had a few nice ones come in to me and they appeared curious about the odor. One note is make sure you don't put it right behind you, as this will have their focus directly on you, I wasn't thinking and made this mistake.

You always wonder if this stuff works or not. I wish there was a lot more reviews on this stuff. Hopefully this website will add a category for reviews of buck lures to cut through the crap so I'm not wasting my money and will know what will sell.

Nice big bottle and they tell you to lay it down just like a deer would, lots of it.

It certainly isn't scaring them away so I'm gonna give it two thumbs up. A couple of guys in the store the other day said they've used it as a masking scent and it worked well for them.


Sportsman Shop


Pirahna 5 Fish Finder

Fish Finders

My Boss is going through a divorce so I took it off his hands and all he wanted was $80.00. I've seen these for close to $200.00 at local tackle stops.

It goes all the way down to 600 feet which is good for some of the lakes I fish. The display is nice compared to some others I've seen that have to be shaded just to see the screens output. It also have the water temperature feature which is a lot better than ten years ago when you had to check it by hand. Kids now days don't know how good they have it.

I have some problems hearing and I'm not sure if it's the tone I can't hear or just not loud enough. Sometimes my wife has to let me know when the tones are going off, but I guess you can't blame it on the machine.

Solid buttons and the menu seems to be well thought out. The unit seems like it will stand up to most anything Mothernature brings on.

I feel real bad for taking this off my boss's hands. Maybe when he gets back on his feet and has time for fishing I may give it back to him, yeah but then again maybe not.


Chuck O.

Indian Archery

PSE Nova Jr.

Archery Equipment

My Grandpap got it for my birthday. He didn't tell me where it's bought.

It's my first bow and arrow. It's really powerful and shoots straight. It looks a lot like Rambos.

It's sometimes hard to pull back. Granpap says in time that will go away. It's been 8 days and still hard to pull back. My friend has one he got from his Uncle and his isn't easier and a lot older.


It's really nice I told all the kids at school today about it. Tuesday gramps might come shooting with me. His bow is old.


Michael Junior

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