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Tecomate Wildlife Systems New Deer Food Plots

Deer Food Plots

Hunting- Tecomate Wildlife Systems, Ltd. further strengthened its already industry leading lineup of wildlife seed products by introducing four great new deer food plot seed products in 2005. Tecomate literally pioneered the deer food plot revolution and, with its recent introduction of the Tecomate Plotmaster™ line of planting equipment, Tecomate Hurricane™ feeders, and other deer nutritional products, Tecomate now offers an unmatched Systems Approach to planting successful deer food plots and overall wildlife nutrition that is rapidly changing the face of deer management across the nation.

The idea behind the Tecomate Deer Food Plot System and its overall wildlife nutrition program is simple: By planting the right plants in the right way with the right equipment, Deer food plots can be used to grow more and bigger bucks; attract and hold deer in a specific area; and relieve pressure on the native habitat so that it actually improves ... to the benefit of all wildlife species!

Tecomate has not only proven this system works on its own properties but has helped countless others across North America grow more and bigger bucks than they ever thought possible ... and has backed up this success with scientific university research!

Tecomate has recently introduced its newest seed product called Tecomate Buck Beans. This revolutionary, new deer seed blend is perhaps the Best ALL-ROUND Warm-Season Plot Ever! The ideal warm-season perennial nutrition plot to grow more and bigger deer -craved by deer, protein-packed, highly productive, grows throughout the warm months, drought tolerant and not vulnerable to early grazing pressure!

Tecomate Buck Beans consists of two incredible legumes - proven Milgarra Butterfly Pea and the hottest new warm-season plant in years, Burgundy Bean, a fast-growing, vining legume that produces tons of high-protein forage and is craved by deer. Together, these two small-seeded, low-planting rate legumes rival the high production of big-seeded peas/beans! It is a great as a stand-alone product or can be blended with other products. It's a perennial in the South and an annual in the North. This 5-lb. bag plants 3/4 acre and produces forage for 2 to 5 years. It's a great early season hunting plot. It's also the small plot solution for high nutrition because it is not vulnerable to early grazing pressure.

Another great new product for 2005 is the Tecomate Pea Patch. This is the ideal high-nutrition, warm-season mix for attracting, holding and growing more and bigger bucks on smaller plots. Loaded with the most nutritious and productive big-seeded peas/beans ... including Tecomate's own fast-growing, vining Ebony Peas and forage soybeans. Perfect for meeting the deer's nutritional needs during the critical summer through early fall antler-growing/fawning time. Diversity helps limit vulnerability to early grazing, making it ideal for small plots. Plus, premium grain sorghum and giant hybrid sunflowers both "screen" the peas/beans early on and produce seed deer and game birds love. This 13.5-lb. bag plants 1/2-acre and provides explosive growth and incredible production from early spring until late fall.

Also for deer hunters, Tecomate now offers its popular Ultra Forage Mix in a new 2.25-pound, quarter-acre bag which is perfect for standside hunting plots to bring deer in close for good shots. Appropriately named Ultra Forage Standside Hunting Plot, this new product consists of high-protein clovers, vetch, chicory and a sensational proprietary Tecomate forage and bulb-producing rape/turnip hybrid, which is most attractive during hunting season after "frost-curing" causes the sugar content and palatability to increase and after the sugar-loaded bulbs mature.

Formulated specifically for small, high-use woodland plots, this super-fast growing annual mix can withstand heavy grazing pressure and will produce quality forage from fall through the following spring.

Due to its popularity and customer request, Tecomate has also added a new larger 10-lb bag of Tecomate Chicory to its 2005 lineup of deer seed. This is one of the hottest new plants on the wildlife scene. This fast-growing, highly preferred, very nutritious plant grows virtually anywhere and produces nearly year-round. A great standalone product or perfect for blending with other deer seeds. This product can turn ordinary deer seed mixes into something special. This new wildlife super forb is drought-resistant and grows on nearly all soil types. It is available in a 3-lb. bag that plants 1-acre as well as the new larger 10-lb. bag that plants 3 acres.

For more information on Tecomate Wildlife Systems complete line of wildlife nutritional products, contact Tecomate Wildlife Systems, Ltd., 314 East College St, Wrightsville, GA or call 1-888-629-4263 or visit the Tecomate website

Take a moment to submit a review on Tecomate's great line of products or deer seeds you've used in the past.

Pictured is the Tecomate lab at 44 days from planting (4 days after taking down the Plotsaver."


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