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MITCHELL® FULL RUNNERTM FRE600 Electronic totally unique spinning reel technology

Press Release

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - It's fitting that the inventor of the first spinning reel has now brought totally unique technology to the spinning reel market. The new full runner FRE600 electric spinning reel features a patented bait alert that beeps and flashes when a fish takes the line. Complete with battery.

What can a battery possibly do on a fishing reel? Plenty! While trolling, using floating bait or fishing from the shore it's not always convenient or possible to keep a hands-on relationship with the fishing rod. And fish seem to know when the angler's attention is elsewhere and pick that time to take the bait and strip line off the reel.

With the FRE600 the patented Bait Alert from Mitchell announces "fish on!" with a beeping sound and a light on the spool that starts flashing when a fish takes the bait. To operate, simply cast the bait where desired and disengage the reel by lightly pressing the front of the spool. Once the Bait Alert is triggered, simply turn the handle to re-engage the spool and get ready to set the hook. It's a simple process that is sure to result in more fish on the stringer. A long-life watch battery keeps the Bait Alert functioning and a replacement battery can be easily found anywhere batteries are sold.

The Full Runner feature of this reel allows bait movement for a more realistic bait presentation. This free-floating bait movement entices more strikes. When the spool is pressed to turn on Bait Alert, the full runner feature is also switched on. The spool tension can be quickly adjusted with the external adjustment ring at the base of the spool to vary the freedom of bait movement. A crank of the reel handle turns the Full Runner feature off.

Full Runner FRE600 spinning reels feature a three-bearing drive, instant anti-reverse, 5.4:1 gear ratio and graphite spool. The 16.2-ounce reel can hold up to 240 yards of 12-pound monofilament line. The reel handle can be adjusted to left or right hand cranking. Multi-stop anti-reverse and rear drag adjustment provides power for hooksets and confidence for fish fighting.

FRE600 spinning reels can be matched with Abu Garcia, Berkley or Fenwick rods for the best combination of rod and reel. The suggested retail price of the FRE600 is $54.95.

For more information about the Mitchell Full Runner FRE600 Electronic spinning reel or other Mitchell fishing tackle products, call Mitchell Consumer Services at 1-877-502-6482.



Press Release

Every angler knows that success depends on getting their lure into the strike zone and keeping it there for as long as possible to entice the fish to strike. According to bass tournament anglers, the most productive depths are between ten and 16 feet. That’s why crankbait authority David Fritts designed Rapala’s new DT (Dives-To) Series, which dives faster and remains in the strike zone longer than any other crankbait on the market.

“Most crankbaits don’t stay in the strike zone long enough to give you a chance to catch fish – most reach less than 25 percent of the strike zone for the distance they’re cast,” Fritts explains, “but the DT Series gets down deep and stays there for almost the entire length of the retrieve.”

The DT Series lures were designed for precision fishing with all of the details only a professional angler could know. A thin polycarbonate lip drives the DT Series into the water and quickly places the lure within the strike zone depth. Carefully positioned internal weights, a tapered fuselage and a thin tail create the ultimate crankbait action. The lure moves from side- to-side, and an internal rattle creates a rhythmic sound inside the balsa wood lure that fish can’t resist.

The DT Series is the first series of lures designed to hit a specific strike zone and stay there. Two DT Series lure sizes – the DT10 and DT16 - are offered to reach the ideal strike zones, between ten and 16 feet deep, depending on fishing conditions. For the depths they run, these lures are the smallest in their class.

With all the small details crafted into the DT Series lures, Rapala has designed one of the finest lures in its long, legendary history. “I have been making, modifying and fishing crankbaits for thirty years and this is it!” says Fritts, who has earned more than 50 victories on the FLW, Red Man and B.A.S.S. tournament trails.

Because they are perfectly balanced, DT Series lures also cast further than any other bait in their class. The lures are designed to fly like arrows through the air, so they can be cast up to 150 feet. DT Series lures also pull easily through the water for fast retrieval, relieving angler fatigue.

“Rapala lures are world renowned for being the most well-crafted, productive balsa lures on the market,” says Mark Fisher, head of Rapala’s pro staff. “With the new DT Series, Rapala is offering freshwater anglers the very best of the best.” The experienced Rapala design team has created a wide range of color patterns for the DT Series lures. With 12 distinct patterns to choose from, Rapala DT Series lures are an effective choice for fishing a variety of waters.

About Rapala Dedicated to delivering memorable fishing experiences every time, the Rapala Group, based in Vääksy, Finland (Helsinki Stock Exchange: RAP1V), manufactures and markets fishing lures, fishing line, fishing rods, hooks, terminal tackle, knives and accessories under the Rapala, VMC, Blue Fox and Storm brand names. The company was unofficially founded in 1936 when Lauri Rapala invented the Rapala fishing lure. Rapala maintains its strict standards of quality and craftsmanship while delivering its fishing products to anglers in more than 130 countries. For more information about Rapala lures, visit


Kolpin- The Stealth ATV Exhaust System

Press Release

The ATV Stealth Exhaust System fits on any ATV with a four-stroke engine to quiet ATV noise by 50% or more. It can be easily installed according to user preference and rear-of-machine configuration.

Engineered with an innovative high-flow, low-restriction spark-arresting muffler, the Stealth Exhaust System quiets ATV noise by 50% without sacrificing engine performance. The patented design is used on military ATVs by both U.S. and British Special Forces, is also a USDA Forest Service Approved Spark Arrester.

The ATV Stealth Exhaust System includes an efficient, aluminized steel muffler measuring 22 inches in length and 4½ inches in diameter. Fully welded, the muffler is proven to work well on all sizes of ATVs from 250s to 700s. The system comes complete with a universal kit including mounting hardware and detailed instructions for quick, easy installation; a universal adaptor elbow for high mount installations; a zinc-plated two piece wrap-around clamp hanger assembly; and galvanized flex tubing that turns the exhaust and noise closer to the ground.

The ATV Stealth Exhaust System reduces noise levels for decreased disturbance of other public land user groups, and provides added protection to the environment through the use of a second spark arrester. Its revolutionary design results in less disruption of wildlife for the benefit of outdoor enthusiasts, as well as livestock for farmers and ranchers that use ATVs. In addition to significant noise reduction, the ATV Stealth Exhaust System actually delivers an increase in mid-range power and overall performance on some models, according to extensive dynamometer tests.

Patent No. 6,591,935 Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: $229.99 Model No. 53500


Federal Ultra•Shok

Press Release

Ultra-Shok High Velocity - extra speed, more impact, quicker to target.

Ultra-Shok Heavy High Velocity - bigger shot payloads, increased pellet energy, more pellets on target.

Zinc plated shot for corrosion resistance. Three water-resistant seals at crimp, wad and primer.

High density shot cup prevents pellets from contacting bore surface.

High output 209A Primers for instant ignition and consistent ballistics at all temperatures.

Water resistant packaging.


Ross Reels Introduces the Rhythm Series

Press Release

To be a success in any industry, a company must be in rhythm with the needs of their customers. For over 30 years, Ross Reels has successfully met this challenge by continuing to introduce innovative reels that meet the demands of the most demanding anglers.

This season Ross is pleased to introduce the Rhythm series- large arbor reels that carry on the Gunnison spirit of durability, style and performance, but incorporate all the features of current Ross technology.

It is the perfect reel for 1wt. through 8wt. rods and is sure to become a favorite of anglers looking for a large arbor reel that is modestly priced, sturdy and reliable.

The Gunnison series may be gone, but its spirit lives on in this terrific new series. Ross Reels- Feel the Rhythm.

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews


Rhino 2-way Radio with Location Reporting


We spent $250 dollars each for the two of them. That's a lot of money no matter who you are. My big concern here was safety for my Daughter who has decided to come hunting with me this year. We've had them about three weeks now.

I hunt deer in some pretty big mountains and the fact my daughter can use this device to find her way out in an emergency or just to locate me and the other receiver not only gives me piece of mind, it gives Mom piece of mind as well. Amazing what their doing with electronics these days.

almost anyone can use the radio part. I struggled with the GPS portion at first and wish the directions would have been a little simpler, or maybe that I had more time to read the directions. My Daughter was actually teaching me about them in only a few minutes.

The buttons and controls work well. I'm not sure how much more I can say.

It's going to be an intersting year for me. I'll have to put away the usual intensity of the first day in favor of my Daughter. This is something she will be able to tell her Grand Kids about someday. As for the product it's pretty awesome. My only wish is they were a little cheaper. You do get a lot for that price.


George Jacek


DT Series

Hard Bait

I picked the four of them up at Wal-Mart just last month. I bought quite a few that day so I'm not sure exactly what they cost, I would guess as I recall about $4 to $5 per piece.

The ad I read said they dive fast and stay in the strike zone the longest of all lures. That's what hooked me on buying them. Excellent casts are easy to achieve with these.

Once I got them out on the water I realized they might be diving a little to fast for my liking. I guess I'm just used to Rapalas that aren't weighted as much. I managed to lose one on the bottom not ten casts into the day last Sunday. Who knows maybe I was just day dreaming and forgot how fast these guys sink.

I'm sold on Rapala and I don't think I'll encounter any problems with these guys.

I like it just need to get use to the dive. I forgot to mention I was really impressed with the side to side action.



API Treestands

Baby Grand Lite

Tree Stands

I bought this last year at Van's Tackle and Gear shop. I laid out around seventy bucks for it.

When you read what I don't like you'll understand. The concept was there, just didn't work out right.

I wanted a small stand that I could hang in a real tight area on the back of my buddy's property. I didn't want to pay a lot as the area I would be hanging it was on his far edge and not to far from a road that would allow a lot of people to see it once the leaves fall. The area has a lot of scrubs with only a couple of trees I could hang stands in. I am 6 foot and a half and didn't think I would have a lot of room and I certainly didn't. That was the problem, I felt like one of the Flying Lewinda's or something. I don't know of a reason that a stand can't have a nice big platform and still not be heavy.

The stand is well made from a quality stand point, my issue is with the design size.

I am going to give the stand and it's hunting location to my Nephew to hunt in when he arrives for the season. He's 12 and kind of small for his age so he shouldn't have a problem with it. It's a nice small stand.


B. Hart III


eTrex Legend GPS


About $225.00 at the Firing Pin 3 months ago, the price has probably come down since then.

This is my first one and these things are awesome. I've been downloading maps into it like mad. I can find anything now. It's way quick at least compared to the old fashion ones.

I'm burning up batteries like mad. I wish these things were rechargeable or something.

I haven't dropped it yet so I'll have to let you know. The buttons are solid though. If there's a way to break it I will.

This thing is the bomb, I can find anything just tell me where it's at and I'll meet you there.


I ain't Lost


Duck Calling Kit


I picked it up the night before a hunting trip last year. I'm new to Duck hunting and the kit came with an instructional tape which was half the reason I bough it.

The tape has detailed instructions which I need. Through the years I've hunted just about everything and it felt awkward to be a rookie again. The call worked well for me the one time I had it out before the season was over. I won't count the day after I bought it since I didn't have time to view the tape until a few days after that trip.

It's kind of funny looking for a call. It looks cheaper than it really is. Put some camo on it or something.

I don't know what to say in this area. I can tell you it's still working after a couple of field outings and much practice in my living room.

The duck calling kit is a great place to start. The video gives great instructions. If you've hunted for a while and haven't tried duck hunting you owe it to yourself to give it a try. It's definitely brought back a lot of life to my hunting. Let me tell you it's not easy either.


Dafy D.


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