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This page is an archived page from the Hunting & Fishing Gear Review database. It contains a snapshot of the articles and reviews that existed on this day.


2003 Hoyt Matrix Riser

Press Release

Building on the best features of the legendary Avalon and Elan and borrowing key features of the top-of-the-line Aerotec, the new Matrix is the straightest and most stable FITA Barebow and IBU Archery Biathlon compliant design riser yet.

Perfectly balanced deflex design in both 25" and 23" versions, right and left handed.

25" model at 2 lbs. 12 ounces is lighter than Avalon Plus, but features the ultra stable and reliable Hoyt dovetail compatible hard lock limb alignment system- acknowledged as the most stable and reliable ever built. The 23" model is only 2 lbs. 10 ounces.

Matrix features the highly accurate and successful low-moment grip to rest relationship introduced on the top-of-the-line Hoyt AeroTec.

Maximum sight window in both 23 and 25" models with a full 0.455" of centershot overcut.

Standard Hoyt medium grip - low grip available.

NEW stabilizer/damper bushing location below grip for enhanced vibration management and custom feel control.

Managed Flex design for excellent bow reaction with reduced torque and minimum required stabilization. The flex characteristics of the Matrix riser are tailored to promote a positive, crisp shot and great follow-through.

Each riser individually serial numbered and warranted to the original owner for life.


Trophy Ridge Introduces Full Metal Jacket Site

Press Release

The NEW Alpha sight by Trophy Ridge will impress any archer in the field. Built with solid construction this sight is offered in 3pin and 5 pins models with DVD technology option. The Alpha sigh is built from 6061 T6 machined aluminum. This ultra light design gives the archer the ultimate 3/5-pin sight with the body doubling as its pin guard eliminating the need for plastic guards that can break.

The sight bracket of the Alpha has our New Torque adjustments on the brackets to ensure proper alignment for our ViPin technology.

Each sight will come with 3 or 5 metal .030 pins with Truglo fiber optic. The Alpha sight pin are in a vertical line like the popular Flatliner with the added feature of our NEW Nitro light source that illuminates the pins from the base, allowing the shooter improved sight visibility in low light conditions. Each Alpha sight will come with a pack of 5 Nitro Lights.

Trophy Ridge VIPIN Vertical in line pins give the shooter a 99% unobstructed field of view of his target this pin design is fast becoming a strong competitor in the traditional sight category

(NITRO Lights) This amazing light source Nitro lights will allow the archer to hunt with confidence in low light conditions:

· Hunting in blinds · Under heavy forest canopy · When there is little or no ambient light · Indoors or in Dart shooting tournaments


Ol'Man The Multi-Vision Titanium Air Elite

Press Release

Introducing the FIRST Titanium Treestands on the planet. The Multi-Vision Ti Series. At 15 pounds, They’re Lighter in Weight and Light Years Ahead of Any Other Climbing Stands.

We’re no rocket scientists. That bold admission should come as no surprise to anyone. But as far as engineering better treestands for hunters, well, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say our theories are often on the cutting-edge.

Want proof? Take the new Multi-Vision Ti Treestands that we’ve poured our energy and time into. Just so you know, the “Ti” stands for titanium. That’s the first clue to understanding how the Multi-Vision Ti Air Elite model manages to tip the scales at a mere 15 lbs.

History tells us the first time anyone put titanium to good use was back in the 1950’s. That’s when the brainiacs who developed the SR-71 Blackbird Spy Plane decided to try this metal in its design. Suffice to say, their good idea got the whole aerospace industry off the ground. We figured that if titanium was good enough to keep sophisticated aircraft aloft at speeds of mach something-or-another, a titanium treestand oughta be great for hunters who are trying to spot whitetails sneaking through the underbrush.

Besides being as strong as steel at almost half the weight, titanium is more durable and shock resistant, too. That’s worth knowing if buck fever suddenly hits and your knees start vibrating like a jackhammer. (No need to be embarrassed though. We’ve all been there at one time or another.) Titanium won’t rust in the rain or snow, either. And it resists corrosion if it’s exposed to saltwater. So don’t worry about shedding a tear if you happen to miss a shot. As long as none of your hunting buddies see you, that is.

We also crafted the platform on the new Multi-Vision Air Elite out of carbon fiber for many of the reasons bow hunters use arrows made from it. Known for its high strength to low weight ratio, carbon fiber is amazingly durable. Its fatigue resistance also outdistances that of many other materials, including aluminum.

After introducing the revolutionary Multi-Vision Ti Series, what’s next for Ol’ Man? Weightless treestands? Don’t snicker. If anyone can do it, we’re probably the ones.

Click here to see details on the versatility of the new Multi-VIsion Treestand by Ol' Man!


DeerView Mirror


It's opening morning of deer hunting season. You're sitting in your tree stand looking and listening for any movement or sound. If you're very lucky, you may get full view of a deer.

All of a sudden from behind your stand, you hear a rustle of leaves, or maybe a twig snap. So now you have a dilemma. You ask yourself;

What is it?

•Where is it?

•When can I make my move on it?

That was then, this is now. The answers to these questions are very clear, just take a look in your DEER VIEW MIRROR™. This unique innovation allows you the ability to have 360 degrees of hunting pleasure. What you can't see over your shoulders you can see in the DEER VIEW MIRROR™.

So the point of this story is, there is no need to worry about what is going on behind your back ever again. Hindsight today is very clear, when you take a look in your DEER VIEW MIRROR™. Shatter-resistant adjustable panoramic mirror

Heavy-duty clamp

28 inches of rigid, yet flexible, tubing

Molded with quality very light weight plastic

Not effected by heat, cold, water or ice

Easily disassembles into 3 pieces to conveniently fit in your backpack

Safety Feature: Allows you to see other hunters approaching from the rear. To keep you from being startled and caught off-guard. To assure you it is man not beast.

Phone Orders: 1-888-712-7350


PSE Baby-G Now Comes in Package Deal

Press Release

One of PSE's top-selling bows of all time is now available with all the accessories you'll need to start shooting right away. And now, you can get this high-performance arrow burner complete with everything you need for all your big-game pursuits at a low price. A Split-Harness string prevents wheel lean. The Lightning One-Cam™ with positive draw stop offers a solid feel at full draw. It also has a 6061 machined-aluminum Extreme Reflex riser, and 80% let-off. Each has Compression-molded Magnaglass™ limbs. Brush™ camo. The Baby-G package includes bow, FX hunter sight, Mongoose universal arrow rest, Mongoose stabilizer, one-piece quiver, four Carbon Force Dominator arrows, camo sling, Mongoose peep sight and string loop. Right hand only.

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews

Granpa Joe's

Herbal Blend


Off the net at Granpa Joe's site. What did I spend too much.

It was a great conversation piece at the club both before and after I got it. Okay I had a few beers when I brought it up and now find myself with the nick name of uncle joe.

I think the sweet smell is apple juice and pee dried on sawdust. Wow, was that a waste of my money, in my last few scouting trips I must have smelled like a French ****Editor note! Keep it clean!

Doesn't apply

Hey, I got a few good laughs out of it and my buddies might still be laughing. Next their going to have Ginseng to improve the deers memory so they recognize you in the woods next year. I don't mean to be tough on Uncle Joes, who knows maybe something I was wearing was giving me away.




Auto Recoil Multi-Tool Knife


This was a gift from My Girlfriend's Brother Marc for Christmas. He didn't know what to buy me, but knew I loved the outdoors so he thought this would be a good gift. He's a lot like me and shops at the very last second.

This is something I would never buy myself, but always wanted. I see them at differnt places on the net for around $60.00. What an awesome tool, everything is right there. I only get a few days to hunt a year and certainly can't waste anytime with not having a tool on me, or in the car. This jewel does it all. From opening the occasional after hunt beer to tightening up my gun in the field. I travel 2 hours from the house to hunt and rarely if ever have tools with me. This is the solution.

It won't handle everything that comes along and some jobs are meant for real honest to goodness tools.

It appears to me Gerber makes a great product capable of withstanding a lot of punishment. I also like the fact it's stainless steel which will stand up to the occasional harsh conditions of a hunting or fishing trip.

I'm very pleased with my gift. It's something that will help me keep my sanity when things go wrong in the field, or boat. Providing you don't lose it you'll have it for year to come.


Jack W. Houston, TX


Pirahna 5 Fish Finder

Fish Finders

My Boss is going through a divorce so I took it off his hands and all he wanted was $80.00. I've seen these for close to $200.00 at local tackle stops.

It goes all the way down to 600 feet which is good for some of the lakes I fish. The display is nice compared to some others I've seen that have to be shaded just to see the screens output. It also have the water temperature feature which is a lot better than ten years ago when you had to check it by hand. Kids now days don't know how good they have it.

I have some problems hearing and I'm not sure if it's the tone I can't hear or just not loud enough. Sometimes my wife has to let me know when the tones are going off, but I guess you can't blame it on the machine.

Solid buttons and the menu seems to be well thought out. The unit seems like it will stand up to most anything Mothernature brings on.

I feel real bad for taking this off my boss's hands. Maybe when he gets back on his feet and has time for fishing I may give it back to him, yeah but then again maybe not.


Chuck O.




On sale right now for $119.00 at I got mine a few months back from them and that's the best price I found anywhere.

I hunt in an area with thick cover and lots of evergreens. Not to mention that it always seems to be overcast or raining everytime I make it out. The cross hairs on the scope actual light up. It's amzing how easy the sights are to see when they light up. I've been target practicing from an old bench at our camp and late into the evening I can still place them in there well.

It's kind of scary knowing there's a battery in there. I hope that nothing ever goes wrong with it to screw up a day of hunting. I'm sure the makers probably have it cover. It's jsut something you think about.

This is my first BSA in fact I don't know a lot of people that have them. It gives a pretty good sight picture. I've seen better and worse if it matters. The scope isn't top of the line, it's mine though and I plan on making the most of it.

It's no secret deer are moving the most right at day and night break. The lighted cross hairs do their best work at those times. If I can score just one good shot at those times I'll be happy. Good Luck all!


Barry W.

Bandit Crankbait

Footlose Series

Hard Bait

$3.99 each in February on the net, I think either Bass Pro or ESPN Bassmaster stores.

What I like is this is either a great bait or I'm real lucky when using them. They produce for me and I have friends who have luck with them also.

As long as they keep coming in I'll keep throwing them out.

Their taking a little bit of a beating, probably because I've had such luck with them I'm using them constantly, the only thing that changes is the color and size.

Hey if you can't tell what I think about these babies then I ain't telling. For me it doesn't get any better than these.




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