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Camovision Eyewear-You Can See Out, Game Can't See In.


CAMOVISION™ Eye Wear utilizes state-of-the-art technology which bonds camouflage patterns to the lenses without interfering with the hunters ability to see or obstruct the field of vision.

Now, for the first time ever, you will enter the field not having to worry about spooking game because they saw your eyes. With CAMOVISION™ Eye Wear you can keep your eyes where you need them, on target!

Now Available! "Clip & Flip" & RX Inserts CAMOVISION™ Eye Wear utilizes state-of-the-art technology which bonds camouflage patterns to the lenses without interfering with the hunters ability to see or obstruct the field of vision.

Now, for the first time ever, you will enter the field not having to worry about spooking game because they saw your eyes. With CAMOVISION™ Eye Wear you can keep your eyes where you need them, on target! Now Available! "Clip & Flip" & RX Inserts.

Product Information & Facts Ask any hunter how important good, effective camouflage is to the success of any hunt and the reply will be unanimous. Camouflage is absolutely essential! The only problem was, little thought had ever been given to one of the most important aspects of effective camouflage.

The eyes, may indeed be ‘The windows to the soul’, but for the hunter they present three other, major problems.

1. Man is a predator and like all predators our eyes are positioned in the front of the head as opposed to the side of the head placement of prey animals. This placement allows us to focus and gauge depth but also makes us an easily recognizable threat.

2. Man is the only animal, besides the moose, in the woods with whites in our eyes. Again, this is easily detected, making man an easily recognizable threat to prey game.

3. Although a hunter is capable of remaining still, the eyes are constantly moving. In fact, we move our eyes more than any other part of our body.

CAMOVISION™ Eye Wear solves these problems by expertly hiding the eyes behind a camouflaged lens. The wearer can see out, but nothing can see in. The result is total, complete, effective camouflage.

Available Camo Patterns: SuperFlage Game By Lynch Mossy Oak - Shadow Branch Mossy Oak - Break-up Woodlands Classic Camo Montana Camo - Ghost Ridge Montana Camo - Prairie Ghost Moth Wing Camo - Marsh Moth Moth Wing Camo - Timber Moth

Available From


Pflueger® Purist® IM-6 Graphite Fly Rods-adds multi-piece rods to the Purist® Fly Rod Series

Press Release

Pflueger® Purist® Fly Rods give anglers the convenience of a five-piece pack rod with the actions of a two-piece rod. Packaged in a rugged, reusable rod tube, these fly rods are sure to be in great shape and ready to go whenever you need them. Perfect for the fly fisherman on the go, features and specifications on the new Pflueger® Purist® Fly Rod Series include:

IM-6 graphite construction blanks Ferruless design
Aluminum oxide stripper guides
Graphite reel seat with cushioned stainless steel hoods
Stainless steel snake guides, top, and hook keeper
Top-grade cork grips


Daisy Introduces Winchester 1894 Air Rifle

Press Release

The Model 1894 BB repeater is the spittin' image of an authentic piece of American history. This lever-action repeater is crafted in the style of the saddle carbine that tamed the west: the legendary Winchester 1894.

ACTION: Lever action; spring air SAFETY:
Crossbolt trigger block
CALIBER: .177 (4.5mm) BB BARREL: smooth bore steel
SIGHTS: Blade and ramp front, micro-adjustable rear MUZZLE VELOCITY: 300 fps.
STOCK/FOREARM: Straight western style solid wood.
CAPACITY: 15-shot magazine
OVERALL LENGTH: 38 in. WEIGHT: 3.4 lbs.


Eagle Claw is proud to introduce LAZER LINE

Press Release

This new premium monofilament is available in two types of line, Lazer Tough and Lazer Smooth. Lazer Tough (green) cuts through the heaviest cover. It combines a very high abrasion resistance with super knot strength which gives it a true advantage over other premium lines available.

The Lazer Smooth (clear) combines strength and very low memory making this highly sensitive line perfect for long, accurate casts while resisting line twists.

Enhanced design and superior technology gives both styles of LAZER LINE the leading edge when it comes to fishing under normal or extreme conditions!

Each type is available in 4lb. to 30lb. test.


LAZER LINE offers $5.00 worth of free fishhooks (by mail-in rebate) with the purchase of every spool. Something no other line company can do -- offer a premium monofilament along with free hooks. Both are "Made in the U.S.A."


Savage Arms Announces Youth Upgrade Offer

Press Release

Savage Arms, Inc. announces a new youth upgrade offer with the purchase of any Savage rimfire youth model Cub, Mark I GY or Mark II GY rifle. The offer is effective July 2003, and presents purchasers with $20.00 cash back and a free Savage t-shirt when they upgrade to a Savage centerfire model. Look for coupon on specially marked youth models. Here are the details of the program:

Offer is valid to consumers only Original owner has 5 years after buying qualified Savage rimfire youth model to purchase a Savage centerfire rifle Simply provide youth coupon, proof of purchase and UPC labels for both Savage youth and centerfire models and mail to: Savage Arms, 118 Mountain Road, Suffield, CT, 06078, Attention: Youth Upgrade Offer

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews


DiMage E223

Cameras & Accessories

Hey I guess I'm like anybody else and like to share my story right away with everyone so I picked up this digital camera at Ritz for around $200

I absolutely love how automatic this camera is. Just set it and forget it is always my motto. Also the 9 power zoom is exactly what I'm looking for. If my scope can catch it my camera will as well.

It's not the cameras fault, but I wish it was a little more rugged and I didn't have to be concerned about it as much. Since last season I've been taking it afield with me whenever I go and the occasional trip to the lake. I guess I'm just not used to having something delicate with me. So far it's survived the occasional fall although it hasn't taken any direct impacts.

I think it's doing fine. With some of the controls you have to take you gloves off, It's not necessarily made for being a heavy outdoor camera, but I guess if it was it would be a lot heftier and bigger which is the last thing I want is more weight.

I'm happy with it and it let's me catch shots of things I don't need to shoot in order to show off. I guess what they say is true a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks Hunting-Fishing-Gear this is the site I've been looking for. Most review sites are just pushing something. Here you get honest, common sense reviews from people using the products. It's been a long time coming.


Steve R, Oregon


Whitetail Deer Archery Target

Archery Equipment

I bought this at walmart just two days ago. $50.00 plus taxs.

I don't.

Where do we start, first off it looks like the damn thing has been on the Atkins diet, hell my dog is bigger than this thing. The foam or what's left of it is just plain cheap and isn't holding up to my blunts at all. I can just imagine what will happen when I start practicing with my old Wasps. The grounding pins aren't big enough and the dog ends up falling over after a couple of shots. They should give you a few bags of mud to really plant the mother.

Cheaper than the ex-wife and at least when she fell over it was a good thing. Come to think of it, she had holes all over her just like the dog.

What country this came from should have kept this thing to eat. If I could find the slip I'd be taking this thing back tonight if it survives the gang coming over.


Save Your Money



Pirahna 5 Fish Finder

Fish Finders

My Boss is going through a divorce so I took it off his hands and all he wanted was $80.00. I've seen these for close to $200.00 at local tackle stops.

It goes all the way down to 600 feet which is good for some of the lakes I fish. The display is nice compared to some others I've seen that have to be shaded just to see the screens output. It also have the water temperature feature which is a lot better than ten years ago when you had to check it by hand. Kids now days don't know how good they have it.

I have some problems hearing and I'm not sure if it's the tone I can't hear or just not loud enough. Sometimes my wife has to let me know when the tones are going off, but I guess you can't blame it on the machine.

Solid buttons and the menu seems to be well thought out. The unit seems like it will stand up to most anything Mothernature brings on.

I feel real bad for taking this off my boss's hands. Maybe when he gets back on his feet and has time for fishing I may give it back to him, yeah but then again maybe not.


Chuck O.

API Treestands

Baby Grand Lite

Tree Stands

I bought this last year at Van's Tackle and Gear shop. I laid out around seventy bucks for it.

When you read what I don't like you'll understand. The concept was there, just didn't work out right.

I wanted a small stand that I could hang in a real tight area on the back of my buddy's property. I didn't want to pay a lot as the area I would be hanging it was on his far edge and not to far from a road that would allow a lot of people to see it once the leaves fall. The area has a lot of scrubs with only a couple of trees I could hang stands in. I am 6 foot and a half and didn't think I would have a lot of room and I certainly didn't. That was the problem, I felt like one of the Flying Lewinda's or something. I don't know of a reason that a stand can't have a nice big platform and still not be heavy.

The stand is well made from a quality stand point, my issue is with the design size.

I am going to give the stand and it's hunting location to my Nephew to hunt in when he arrives for the season. He's 12 and kind of small for his age so he shouldn't have a problem with it. It's a nice small stand.


B. Hart III


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