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Hunting- Pennsylvania Game Commission Executive Director Vern Ross reminded hunters that the agency will begin accepting regular antlerless deer license applications from resident hunters beginning Aug. 1, and non-residents on Aug. 15. Antlerless deer license applications will be sent to the Game Commission via 22 different Post Office boxes and the agency, in turn, will forward them to county treasurers for processing.

With the implementation of Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) in 2003, hunters began applying for antlerless deer licenses based on WMUs, not specific counties. Pre-printed mailing labels for each WMU are provided to affix to the yellow application envelope. They are bar-coded to speed the application process. Hunters should ensure the label is securely affixed to the envelope before mailing it. If it appears that the label is not attached properly, the U.S. Postal Service allows applicants to place transparent tape over the label to secure it.

Just in case the label does fall off, hunters also should write the WMU they are applying for in the lower left-hand corner box on the envelope. This step enables the agency to continue processing the envelope without having to open and check the application's WMU designation and then re-sealing the envelope for shipment to a county treasurer.

"With reductions in the allocations of many WMUs, hunters should give serious thought to which WMU they will apply to during the regular antlerless deer license round, because some WMUs may likely run out of licenses earlier in the process than in previous years," Ross said. "Hunters also may want to consider applying for Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) antlerless deer permits, which offer hunters additional opportunities to hunt on specific properties where landowners are seeking additional deer hunting pressure."

After Aug. 1, the Game Commission will launch the popular "Antlerless License Update" page on its website ( to provide hunters with updates on the availability of antlerless deer licenses. Notices for WMUs that have sold out will be posted immediately. Look under "Quick Clicks" on the agency's homepage. A listing of DMAP landowners also will be posted on the agency's website after Aug. 1.

Ross emphasized that, as required by state law, county treasurers will continue to issue antlerless deer licenses. Except for "over-the-counter sales," county treasurers will receive a pre-determined number of applications from the Game Commission based on the county's geographic representation in the WMU.

The Game Commission will begin accepting antlerless license applications through the mail from residents on Monday, Aug. 1; nonresident applications will be accepted through the mail starting Monday, Aug. 15. The Game Commission will begin accepting resident and nonresident hunter applications through the mail for the first round of "unsold licenses" on Monday, Aug. 22; and the second round will be accepted through the mail beginning Monday, Sept. 12.

Over-the-counter applications will not be accepted by county treasurers until Nov. 7, except in Wildlife Management Units 2B, 5C and 5D, where county treasurers will begin accepting over-the-counter applications on Monday, Sept. 19.

Applying for and receiving more than one antlerless license at a time is against the law and, if convicted, violators could be sentenced to pay a fine. While individuals are permitted to mail up to three antlerless deer license applications in one envelope, the applications must be for different individuals. Hunters may apply for only one license during the regular antlerless deer license round. During the first round of unsold licenses, hunters may apply for a second license. During the second round of unsold licenses, hunters may apply for a third license. The exception to this is when hunters are applying over the counter in WMUs 2B, 5C and 5D.

Applications that do not include return postage will be placed in a "dead letter" file maintained by the Game Commission's Licensing Division in the Harrisburg headquarters. Applicants who believe that their antlerless license application may be in the dead letter file may contact the License Division at 717-787-2084 during business hours, 7:45 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. This telephone service will be activated after Monday, Aug. 29. An answering machine enables callers to leave messages so that Game Commission staff may return their calls.

Regular and first round unsold antlerless licenses will be mailed to successful applicants by county treasurers no later than Monday, Sept. 19. Second and subsequent rounds of unsold antlerless licenses will be mailed to successful applicants by county treasurers no later than Saturday, Oct. 1.

For the highly urbanized WMUs - WMU 2B, 5C and 5D - the Board of Game Commissioners approved a 2005-06 antlerless allocation of 159,000, which is the same as last year's. However, the Board approved an antlerless deer license allocation for the remaining WMUs of 720,000, which is a decrease from last year's allocation of 880,000.

Following is a listing of the antlerless deer license allocation by Wildlife Management Unit, with last year's allocation in parenthesis:

WMU 1A, 40,000 (48,000);

WMU 1B, 27,000 (33,000);

WMU 2A, 55,000 (55,000);

WMU 2B, 68,000 (68,000);

WMU 2C, 53,000 (75,000);

WMU 2D, 56,000 (58,000);

WMU 2E, 21,000 (23,000);

WMU 2F, 30,000 (44,000);

WMU 2G, 29,000 (52,000);

WMU 3A, 27,000 (32,000);

WMU 3B, 41,000 (48,000);

WMU 3C, 32,000 (37,000);

WMU 3D, 38,000 (50,000);

WMU 4A, 35,000 (43,000);

WMU 4B, 35,000 (49,000);

WMU 4C, 39,000 (44,000);

WMU 4D, 40,000 (55,000);

WMU 4E, 38,000 (38,000);

WMU 5A, 28,000 (32,000);

WMU 5B, 56,000 (64,000);

WMU 5C, 71,000 (71,000); and

WMU 5D, 20,000 (20,000).

"We reduced allocations in most WMUs because population indices have declined in recent years, and we are assessing the results of our population reductions," said Dr. Christopher Rosenberry, Game Commission Deer Management Section supervisor. "The 2005-06 allocation is designed to stabilize deer populations in most WMUs as we continue to assess our deer population."

For a description of each WMU's boundaries, please refer to pages 43-46 of the 2005-06 Pennsylvania Digest of Hunting and Trapping Regulations, which is presented to each license buyer, along with harvest report cards, an antlerless deer license application and envelopes. For other deer-related information, refer to pages 48-55.



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