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The Niff-T-Seat® is ideal for hunting deer or turkey with a bow or gun.

Press Release

One NTS-4 Niff-T-Seat will sit the four (4) elevations you see on this page. Easy to carry into the woods and setup is quiet too. At 5 inches the Niff-T-Seat weighs a mere 1 lb., 10 oz.

This is the perfect solution for turkey hunters. Close to the ground with easy, quiet swiveling ability. The 11 inch height adjustment gives you added versatility and at this height the Niff-T-Seat only weighs 2 lbs.

Sturdy and steady with easy swiveling so you can hunt all day in comfort. Raise the seat a bit higher to 16 inches for more elevation and a better view of things around you. At this height the Niff-T-Seat only weighs 2 lbs., 3 oz. Raise the Niff-T-Seat to its full height adjustment of 22 inches. It only weighs 2 lbs., 10 ozs. and gives you full visibility, great comfort and easy mobility. All four heights with just one Niff-T-Seat.

Available from


Mag-lite Solitaire Flashlight and Victorinox Swiss Army Knife


Each "Classic Combination" comes complete with Mag Instrument® flashlight, alkaline battery/batteries, and Classic Knife stored in its own unique and attractive gift box. Our Mag Instrument® flashlights are already classics. The Mini Maglite® and the Maglite® Solitaire® flashlights both feature a high-intensity light beam that converts quickly from spot to flood with a twist of the wrist. With shock-resistant anodized aluminum casing, spare lamp and capability of converting to a freestanding candle mode both the Mini Maglite® and Maglite® Solitaire® flashlights are the first word in personalized flashlights. They're made to last with our limited lifetime warranty on all components except lamps and batteries.

Another original is the Victorinox® Swiss Army Knife. A hardworking tool made with expert craftsmanship, this model is called the Classic and comes with blade, file/screwdriver, and scissors.


MITCHELL® COPPERHEAD® MCH220-Lightweight reel with heavy weight performance

Press Release

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - There's a fishing reel made for every situation on the water and every size and species of fish that swims there.

The new Mitchell Copperhead® MCH220 spinning reel accommodates a wide range of freshwater fishing actions, from the scrappy panfish to the hard pulling northern pike. The new Copperhead MCH220 weighs a mere 9.1 ounces but is big enough to hold 155 yards of 10-pound test monofilament line.

The balanced black and copper colored spinning reel has four bearings for a smooth performing drive train. Easy handling, the MCH220 features instant anti-reverse for quick, solid hooksets and a smooth oversized front adjustable drag system to handle changing fish fighting situations. The gear ratio is 4.8:1.

Each reel has a skirted aluminum spool and the handle can be switched to right or left handed cranking. The rugged aluminum frame and reel seat stand up to tough fishing punishment. The suggested retail price of the Copperhead MCH220 is $34.95 Match the Copperhead spinning reel to that favorite high quality Abu Garcia, Berkley or Fenwick spinning rod to complete the ensemble. For more information about the Mitchell Copperhead spinning reel or other Mitchell fishing tackle products, call Mitchell Consumer Services at 1-877-502-6482.


Are You a Minnow Murderer?-NEW! 1403 Min-O-Life Collapsible Bait Bucket


A complete portable aeration system designed for the traveling angler. Special EVA buckets collapses down, folds and bends yet retains its original shape.

Conveniently stows anywhere. Special transparent zippered lid permits easy viewing and access to bait while preventing spills and sloshing. Extra durable mini diaphragm style air pump. Use in fresh or saltwater.

• Light-weight collapsible EVA bucket.

• Large 2 Gallon capacity.

• Powers off single D-Cell battery for up to 34 hours.

• Includes air hose and high output air stone.

• Comes in handy storage bag

1402 Min-O-Life Aerator The 1402 Min-O2-Life portable aerator is an economical way to keep baitfish alive. A durable diaphragm pump and high quality micro electric motor powered by two D-cell alkaline batteries the 1402 will run for up to 80 hours. Unit conveniently mounts to almost any existing bait container or pail via a stainless steel mounting clip. Includes 30" of premium quality non-kink air tubing and a high volume micro bubble air stone. A built-in night-light provides extra illumination for rigging or baiting up after dark.

Micro Bubble Air Stone Premium Grade Air Tubing Built-In Night-Light Stainless Steel Hardware



Press Release

Zeiss Offers a Highly Reliable and Precise Riflescope for Hunting and Sport Shooting Chester, 02/14/2003. Carl Zeiss Sports Optics announces the latest introduction to the V-Series line of riflescopes with the addition of the VM/V 6-24x56. Developed for the long-range shooter in mind, this riflescope is ideal for hunting, varmint or precision shooting at great distances.

As with all riflescopes in the VM/V series, optimal shooting precision is guaranteed by the characteristic features of the VM/V 6-24x56. With the largest elevation adjustment in its class at 57.6 inches coupled with the 18.6-foot to 5.2-foot field of view, this riflescope enables the shooter to quickly and confidently adjust the point of impact for that long shot. Additionally 1/8" MOA click adjustments allow a very exact correction of the point of impact.

Equipped with a turret mounted parallax adjustment, the new VM/V 6-24x56 eliminates the need for the shooter to take his eye off the target. Again, this allows for a faster, more accurate shot. The user-friendly external target turret knobs have no caps for the shooter to lose and make it easier to view the windage and elevation. The 56mm objective lens clarity and light transmission is outstanding exceeds any other and provides perfect balance without adding weight or requiring raised mounts. The world-renowned T* multi-coatings applied to the lenses enhance the clarity by affording truer color and higher contrast. These coatings also offer a higher transmission in the blue range, assuring brighter images and better colors in low light situations.

Because the riflescope does not require raised mounts, the shooter is able to mount the scope very close to the barrel which significantly decreases the degree of deviation of the point of impact of the bullet due to tilting. Accuracy and weight are contributing factors in long-range shooting, and Zeiss combines proven technology and industry innovations when manufacturing the VM/V 6-24x56. A quick focus eyepiece ensures that the reticle and the image you are looking at are in the same plane ensuring a crisp, clear and sharp picture without having to move your eye. Made with thin lens technology, arsenic/lead free glass and housed in an alloy aluminum body, this riflescope is lightweight and offers a clear image even in low light conditions.

The Zeiss VM/V 6-24x56 also contains a scratch-resistant, anodized surface that offers years of protection against rugged use. Guaranteed to be water and dust-proof, the riflescope is subjected to sealing, temperature and shock tests in compliance with the German Environmental Standard DIN 58 390 80. An industry leading lifetime transferable warranty insures the performance and function of the riflescope from generation to generation. As with all Zeiss riflescopes, the VM/V 6-24x56 is filled with nitrogen to ensure that it does not fog in extreme temperature changes. Additionally, a constant eye relief of 3.1" offers a great degree of safety – even when firing upwards - and a full field of view despite the high magnification.

Currently available for a suggested retail price of $1,499.99 with the illuminated model available for a suggested retail price of $1,699.99, the VM/V 6-24x56 delivers unsurpassed quality and performance.

Specifications: V-Series 6-24x56 Magnification 6x 24x Objective lens diameter (mm) Objective lens diameter (in) 56 2.20 Twilight factor 18.3 36.7 Eye relief (mm) Eye relief (in) 80 3.15 Field of view (ft/100 yds) 18.6 5.2 Exit pupil diameter (mm) Exit pupil diameter (in) 9.3 .36 2.3 .09 Length (mm) Length (in) 377 14.84 Tube length (mm) Tube length (in) 150 5.9 Eyepiece length (mm) Eyepiece length (in) 82 3.23 Center tube diameter (mm) Center tube diameter (in) 30 1.18 Objective tube diameter (mm) Objective tube diameter (in) 62 2.4 Eyepiece tube diameter (mm) Eyepiece tube diameter (in) 44.95 1.77 Weight (g) Weight (oz) 900 31.74

1 Click at 100 yards (inch) 1/8 Maximum adjustment range Elevation at 100 yards (inches) 57.6 Windage at 100 yards (inches) 25.20 Reticles 1, 4, 6, 7, 11, 40, 80, 88 Mil-Dot

Waterproof according DIN 58390-80-03 Temperature Storage -13 F° until 122 F° Temperature Function -31 F° until 158 F° Diopter adjustment +2 dpt / -3 dpt Parallax free 50 yards to infinity About Zeiss: For more than 155 years, Carl Zeiss has maintained a reputation for leading the evolution of optics to the high-tech precision that people know today. Headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany, the company is a world-renown manufacturer of optics. Zeiss pioneered the development of binoculars in 1894 and continued to build on its strength as an innovator by introducing the world's first roof prism binocular in 1897 and inventing anti-reflective coating in 1935. The U.S. headquarters for the distribution of Zeiss sports optics is located in Chester, Virginia.

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews


Monster Mix Whitetail Mix


I paid $22.60 at Barnes Feed Store back in the spring. Over the last few years we've been getting a ton of what many call scrub bucks, in fact I think the biggest anyone pulled out of there last year was a six point with a 10 inch spread. Not my idea of big.

I've been spotting a couple of times now and have spotted a couple of decent bucks, but nothing I'd call a trophy. It might be all in my head, but the deer both doe and horned seem to look healthier than they have in the past.

The land is actually about an hour North of me and wasn't able to get up there all the time during the winter months. So take this with a grain of salt so after pouring out several bags at over $20.00 a pop I'm wondering where my investment is. I also wish they'd put something into it to keep the damn turkeys away. Now they are big this year and happier than ever after having a constant supply of deer mix.

I wish it would take hold sooner to keep the birds away from it. Why wouldn't they put something in here to keep the turkeys and other birds away. I really think they are eating the majority of this stuff before it has a chance to feed the deer.

It's early in the year and I haven't done a lot of pre-season work. The locals don't know of any big ones out there and their usually the first to know after the Amish of course. For the time being I'll give it a three on a scale of one to five. Thanks Barry


B. Mcgregor


Eclipse ZLX

Archery Equipment

Off the net at a place called Shoot and Hunt which took me to some other place on the net to place my order. I think it was, but don't quote me on it. I paid about $670.00 for it just a few months back.

I have small hands and some bows don't suit my grip to well. This bow feels good to me and that is half of the battle. Finding a bow with the right feel was very important to me. What I like most is I shoot great with this bow. I don't know if it's the fact it's new, or just better than the old one, but I have a new found confidence in my shooting which I had lsot over the last few years.

The cost was a real stretch for me. I'll be skipping a few lunches for the next couple of weeks and going out to dinner is out of the question. I guess it's Oddles of Noodles for the next few weeks. I guess it's good to splurge on ourselves now and again. Another item I didn't like was adjusting the draw length took forever. By the time we were getting it right I was getting tired and wasn't holding the bow like I would have. If you decide to purchase this bow I would plan on adjusting the draw over a couple of days. That's my tip of the day.

Browning to me means quality. They wouldn't sell at that price if they weren't.

I'm very pleased with it. Not to repeat myself too often, it's just my confidence is back in my shooting. I've begun scouting heavily again with Fall coming on and have put the bow down for three to four days at a time and each time I pick it back up it has the same feel and the accuracy quickly comes back.


Auggie H.

Smart Cast Fish Finder

Smart Cast

Fish Finders

This was gift from my wife on our 20th anniversary. What a great gift it is. I saw them at one of the larger tackle websites for just over 150 dollars. She didn't get me the boat I wanted, but just about the next best thing.

At first I wasn't sure what to think about such a device. When I saw it was a fish finder my first thought was, I don't have a boat to use it, but that is the beauty of this device. You actually attach it to your line and cast it into the water. It broadcasts the water's floor and anything swimming around it,to a small screen you keep next to you on the bank. You don't even need a boat! I think these things will be the next big thing for all fishermen this time.

I love it and don't often say anything bad about it, one little concern is the chance the sensor device get's wrapped around something and I lose it. Other than that what a neat device.

It's very well made and seems somewhat water resistant as well even though I put it back in the truck the first time it started raining on me a few weeks ago. There was a warning that it's not for use in the cold weather which goes hand and hand for anything with batteries.

Thanks to my gift I now know the details of a small farm pond I've been fishing for years. I'm pulling in more than I've ever pulled from the pond. I have to warn you when you go to a public place you'll get some strange looks at first and don't be surprised if several people come up to ask what it is. I wish I had a mess of them to sell myself.


Newly Hi-Tech Fisherman

Granpa Joe's

Herbal Blend


Off the net at Granpa Joe's site. What did I spend too much.

It was a great conversation piece at the club both before and after I got it. Okay I had a few beers when I brought it up and now find myself with the nick name of uncle joe.

I think the sweet smell is apple juice and pee dried on sawdust. Wow, was that a waste of my money, in my last few scouting trips I must have smelled like a French ****Editor note! Keep it clean!

Doesn't apply

Hey, I got a few good laughs out of it and my buddies might still be laughing. Next their going to have Ginseng to improve the deers memory so they recognize you in the woods next year. I don't mean to be tough on Uncle Joes, who knows maybe something I was wearing was giving me away.




Game Cam 2 Game Camera

Trail Cameras

I was about to buy one of the real good game cameras when I spotted this in a Wal-mart ad. I decided why buy one of them when I can buy four of these and cover many of the hot spots on the farm I hunt. I saw them online at Wal-Mart for $98.00 just the other day.

It has an infrared device triggered by heat that allows it to take pictures at night. The best part about that is it puts the time on the picture so if old boy is visiting the scrape before day light I won't waste my time on him. Hopefully one of the other cameras will catch him at a scraped during daylight hours. There is also an adjustable delay time between pictures which I have set for it's fastest setting.

Their not the clearest pictures in the world, but they definitely get their point across. I was chewing up film like mad and am now buying the cheapest I can get and the pictures aren't much different at all.

I think it's sealed pretty well and with the rain we recently had in Kansas none of the moisture got in. The housing or cage is made out of indestructible plastic so that's one less thing to worry about.

I feel like I got three for the price of one. You wouldn't believe some of the pictures I've got. The best thing about them is I belong to a Sportsman's lodge and now when I tell my stories I can just reach in my pocket and show anyone who doesn't believe.


Al V. Ottawa, KS


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