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DAC Technologies Ships First of New California Compliant Gun Locks

Press Release

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- James R. Pledger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DAC Technologies (OTC Bulletin Board: DAAT - news) announced today that the company has shipped its first order of over 2,500 "California-compliant" gun locks to Wal-Mart and Kmart stores in California. The state of California has established new regulations that govern performance standards for gun locks that must be provided with each firearm transfer in the state.

DAC Technologies has received approval for a number of gun locks and safes to be considered as "firearm safety devices" under the new California state regulations. To receive this approval, gun locks and safes must survive extensive attack with hand tools in testing at an independent testing laboratory. DAC gun locks and safes are certified to fit over 400 models of firearms. Approved DAC gun locks and safes will also be offered for sale to licensed firearms dealers and sporting goods retailers in California and throughout the nation.

These California compliant gun locks were introduced at the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas along with the DAC SportSafe. The DAC SportSafe received rave reviews and predictions by distributors and sales representatives indicate that this product will be in great demand by consumers. Mr. Pledger stated, "we are receiving orders daily for the new DAC SportSafe and have already shipped approximately 50% of our available inventory. This product should provide a substantial addition to our revenue."

DAC Technologies Group International, Inc., is an outsource manufacturer of high quality, reasonably priced security safes, gun locks and security products. DAC's mission is to provide the consumer with great value in the purchase of affordable products to protect the home and workplace. In particular, firearms safety and gun violence are key issues facing the American people. It is DAC's goal to assist in the reduction of gun violence and the unintentional use of firearms by children and other unauthorized persons through the distribution and sale of its effective safety and security devices. DAC now distributes its products through mass merchandisers such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Walgreens, Discount Auto Parts, Pep Boys and sporting goods stores nationwide.

For Shareholder Information please call 1-800-920-0098 or e-mail at [email protected]

The Private Securities Reform Act of 1995 provides a "safe harbor" for forward looking statements. Certain information included in this press release (as well as information included in written statements to be made) contain statements that are forward looking, such as those relating to consummation of the transaction, anticipated future revenue of the Company's and success of current public offerings. Such forward looking information involves important risks and uncertainties that could significantly affect anticipated results in the future and, accordingly, such results may differ materially from those expressed in any forward looking statements.


Excalibur Crossbows-Vixen



Produces arrow speeds in excess of 285 FPS

Finished in either "Deerhide Brown" or"Realtree Hardwoods" permagraphic camoflage.

Uses Excalibur's patented machined trigger unit & reliable recurve limb

Achieves accuracy that's not just amazing, it's guaranteed!

Comes with:

Weight - Standard 5.9lbs., Deluxe 6.3lbs. Ambidextrous manual safety

Drilled & tapped to accept optional scope & quiver mounts

2003 Suggested Retail Price*

*may be higher than your local dealer's price

No. ($US) ($CDN)

2095B VIXEN CROSSBOW - Standard Version - Deerhide Brown - 150 LB. Draw, 14" Power Stroke, 285-FPS, Manual Safety. $360.00

$510.00 2095H VIXEN CROSSBOW - Deluxe Version - Realtree Hardwoods- 150 lb. Draw, 14" Power Stroke, 285-FPS, Manual Safety, with Dissipator Bars Sound & Recoil Suppression System. $425.00 $610.00


From Crow's Nest Tree Stands-The Big Crow Tree Stand Designed for Larger People

Press Release

We manufacture two sizes of stands. The Crow's Nest, which is our largest one and the Little Crow, which is one-third the size. The Little Crow is still rated to hold 450 lbs. just like the Crow's Nest but was designed smaller to accommodate the average sized person and be in line with our competitive market. Both units are very portable and have a backpacking system built into the stand. The weight of the large stand is 23 lbs. and the smaller version is 18 lbs.

Big Crow Features:

One of the largest portable stands at only 23 lbs. Platform size 41-3/8" long x 32" wide Comfortable padded Seat Platform-to-seat height adjustment 17-1/2" - 23 1/2" Chain and cable supports Slip resistant grip on bars Standard Footrest Right and Left hand Bow or Gun plate mounts Brush holders (standard) Weight limit 450lbs. Easily worn like a backpack

Little Crow Features: 1/3 smaller than the "Big Crow" Weighs in at 18lbs. Little Crow Price: $200.00 Big Crow Price: $225.00 Available from



Press Release

In keeping with their philosophy of identifying knives by use-category, Buck has new models for hunters, for outdoor sports and recreation, and for everyday use. In addition, Buck offers a tantalizing new selection of Limited Edition knives with special appeal to collectors.

Expanding on the success achieved with the new Alpha Hunter series, introduced just a year ago, Buck has developed the Mini Alpha Hunter, a fixed-blade with the same great look and qualities, but with a little less size for those who prefer a more compact knife. With the addition of walnut handles on all 420HC Alpha's, there are even more for hunters to choose from.

Buck also has extended its growing program of collaborative efforts, teaming with famed custom knifemaker Tom Mayo to create the Buck/Mayo TNT, a dramatic new frame-lock.

The new Adrenaline-Ti brings a blend of dramatic new design and materials that move Buck into another dimension.

Even after 100 years, Buck's goal has never wavered - to create knives of unequaled quality, unmatched performance and unparalleled value and functionality. Today, Buck continues to search for new ways to deliver a better knife to the consumer.



Press Release

It is sometimes difficult to improve upon an already exceptional series, but Carl Zeiss Sports Optics has done just that by adding a 3-12x56 MC to its CONQUEST line of riflescopes. The new 3-12x56 MC will incorporate the same award-winning technology of the CONQUEST series, introduced in 2001, and is designed for the shooter who wants a riflescope that performs exceptionally well in low light conditions.

"We are introducing the CONQUEST 3-12x56 MC because our customers have asked for it," states Anthony R. Cataldo, vice president and general manager of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, North America. "This is a natural evolution in the development of a family of CONQUESTS designed to serve the growing needs of the American hunting community and this is only the beginning."

Crisp detail and true color rendition are but a few of the characteristics of this riflescope thanks to the oversized 56 mm objective lens for maximum light transmission at dawn, dusk and in poor visibility conditions. The world-renowned multi-coatings applied to the lenses enhance the clarity by affording truer color and higher contrast. These coatings also offer a higher transmission in the blue range, assuring brighter images and better colors in low light situations.

Accuracy and weight are contributing factors and Zeiss took this into consideration by combining proven technology and industry innovations when designing the 3-12x56 MC. A quick focus eyepiece ensures that the reticle and the image you are looking at are in the same plane providing a crisp, clear and sharp picture without having to move your eye. The riflescope weighs 25.8 ounces.

The CONQUEST 3-12x56 MC also has a scratch-resistant, anodized surface that offers years of protection against rugged use. Guaranteed to be water and dust-proof, the riflescope is subjected to sealing, temperature and shock tests in compliance with the German Environmental Standard DIN 58 390 80 and ISO 9022-80. An industry-leading lifetime transferable warranty insures the performance and function of the riflescope from generation to generation.

As with all Zeiss riflescopes, the 3-12x56 MC is filled with nitrogen to ensure that it does not fog in extreme temperature changes. Additionally, a constant eye relief of 3.2" offers a great degree of safety – even when firing upwards - and a full field of view despite the high magnification.

Available in matte black and stainless colors, the CONQUEST 3-12x56 MC has a choice of the #8 reticle as standard with the #4 and #6 reticles as special order and is currently priced at:

Matte Black $1,049.99 Stainless $1,079.99

Specifications: Conquest 3-12x56 MC Magnification 3x 12x Objective lens diameter (mm) 56 Twilight factor 8.5 25.9 Eye relief (mm) Eye relief (in) 81.3 3.2 Field of view (ft/100 yds) 27.6 9.9 Exit pupil diameter (mm) 12.7 4.7 Length (mm) Length (in) 388.6 15.3 Center tube diameter (mm) 30 Objective tube diameter (mm) 56 Weight (g) Weight (oz) 731.4 25.8

About Zeiss: For more than 155 years, Carl Zeiss has maintained a reputation for leading the evolution of optics to the high-tech precision that people know today. Headquartered in Oberkochen, Germany, the company is a world-renown manufacturer of optics. Zeiss pioneered the development of binoculars in 1894 and continued to build on its strength as an innovator by introducing the world's first roof prism binocular in 1897 and inventing anti-reflective coating in 1935. The U.S. headquarters for the distribution of Zeiss sports optics is located in Chester, Virginia.

Richard Moncrief Tel.: 804-530-5842 Fax: E-Mail: [email protected]

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews


Infinity Force Baby G

Archery Equipment

I purchased the Baby G Package from Cabelas a year ago 08/30/02 for the package rate at the time in the catalogue. It came fully set up and ready to shoot?? -After putting it together myself and tuning it - It was ready to shoot after about two hours. (Some instructions would have been Nice) If I was a beginner I would have been upset. But it all worked out.

Like isnt the Word I Love it. The only thing is that I failed to install the peep sight right away since I never had one on any of my previous bows and shot accurately , I must say after installing it , my shooting accuracy is UN- believeable. It is Fast AND Accurate. It has minimum vibration despte being a short bow. It shoots flat. I shoot carbon 300 arrows , my draw weight is 65lbs 29 1/2" 12gr field and broadheads. In short it has exceeded my expectations especially for what it cost me.

The only criticism I have is how I recieved the Bow , needing to put it together without the benefit of Instructions was an unpleasant experience to say the least. But as for the Bow itself , it is a great Bow. The only modifications I have made are string silencers , An arrow rest retainer (Since the arrow has a tendancy of falling off the arrow rest at full draw without it) , 2 anti vibration discs , and a string saver since I shoot with a release.

Well made , Lighter than I thought it would be to carry , I hunt in some thick areas , the Short bow being light in weight is extremely advantageous as any hunter who has had to traverse thick wilderness can attest. It is well made. You need to wax the string and check all the Screws as with any bow. I am pleased with it. And I am biased because I shoot so good with it. It is accurate. It is smooth.

The bottom line is that it is a value. The cost as compared to what you receive cannot be beat. To make it perfect - Upgrade the arrow rest. But other than that - it is a great bow. Buy it. And the package from Cabelas makes it a sure winner.



Bass Pro

Crankin' Stick Casting Rod

Fishing Rods

$59.99 at the Bass Pro Shops just a full moon back.

When I rear back on this kid it sets the bait like nothing I've ever seen before. I'm not just setting the hook I'm planting it for next year. There are a lot of big bass out there that will testify to that. The best part of all is the tip is as loose as my buddies sister. All three of my fishing partners are talking about getting one for them selves. They've watched me catch some of the biggest fish they've ever saw with this rod.

BPS doesn't offer them in a heavier weight than the Medium action. Big mistake on their part. I guess other fisherman out there just don't catch the size of fish I do. The guys down in the yard said I should be fishing for a living. I guess it's just a gift I have.

It's well made, I'll probably get a good year out of it before it gives in. Most rods I've owned give in after half a season just from some of the fights they have to go through.

I do good with any rod I have. I'm sure this one helps a little. You just have to know how to land them. A few nights back I caught one that would have broken most rods. Some of the guys who were congratulating me said it was one of the biggest they ever saw. I told them I'd say it was middle of the road.


Eric E.


Power Stick 7' Medium Action

Fishing Rods

I paid $73.50 on a whim at my local bait shop Kren's. I figure you can't take it with you.

I do a lot of ban fishing and that little extra length makes a world of difference especially when sneaking up on scared native trout.

The medium action seems a little more stiff than the rest of my medium actions. The other day I switched from my little Shimano Ultra Light to this thing mid-way through my fishing and the difference was really pronounced.

It hasn't been in my collection long, but it seems well made and everything fits tightly. Penn makes a pretty decent product so I don't think I'll have any problems with it.

I wish the action would loosen up a little bit, but if it doesn't I'll just throw her in the back for when I do some lake or river fishing. One can never have too many rods.



Redhead Rain Suits

Camo Rain Suit

Rain Gear

I got it at Warehouse Hut for $30.00

This is something you hope you never have to use. It seems everytime time is on my side for a trip to fish or even the woods here comes the rain. I've worn these three times and am happy with them. I thought about buying a more expensive pair, but how often do I use them came to my mind and for that matter often when it's raining they won't bite or move.

Rain gear always comes folded so neat and tidy, but once you get them out of their cover you'll never see them folded like that again. These would make a nice pillow for somebody.

A little nosier than I'd like, but made well and probably won't tear easily.

Nice little buy to have on hand for a few bucks. Better than a poncho you can't move in, but not as nice as some of the suits I see at the club. All in all it's what you put the money into.


Mel W. Appleton, WI

Fish Finders Hummingbird


Fish Finders

I've put a lot of stuff on my credit card since buying this last year. I am going to take a guess and say they run around $225.

It has nice read out and the directions were easy to read and understand. I love the water temperature read outs as well. You'd be amazed at the difference you can see in several different parts of a lake. Learn where they'll be and when and that's half the equation.

It's middle of the road compared to some of the more expensive models out there. I'd reckon it does it's job well. It's just that I had my eye on another more expensive model with some more features I was looking for.

It'll last a long while, amybe even longer than the old boat I have it hooked to. As with many of the fish finders I would like to see them have a little lower profile to keep taking hits which add up after a while.

A nice unit, not top of the line, not bottom of the line. If truth be told it will do the job just fine. I'd sure would have liked their deluxe model from Hummingbird or another company.


Jay M.


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