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Rocky Carson- New All In One Tree Stand Safety System!


Intelligent hunters are outdoorsmen who succeed by being aware of the environment, controlling their scent and hunting safely. ROCKY's new Carson Safety System and Scent IQ™ clothing are two new revolutionary technologies that allow hunters to accomplish all three of these tasks in a head-to-toe concept.

Incorporated into select ROCKY camo outerwear and boots, the Scent IQ system allows hunters to totally eliminate human odor. All Scent IQ products are completely waterproof, noticeably lighter and more flexible than standard carbon-based clothing products.

Intelligent hunters are also aware of the dangers of hunting whitetail from a treestand. A recent magazine survey stated that more than 35% of hunters will experience at least one fall from a treestand during their hunting lifetime. Providing the luxury of easy-on and off, unlike most safety harnesses, the ROCKY Carson Safety System features a harness built into a durable vest that can be easily tightened. The unique system can’t be tangled and is extremely user-friendly.

The ROCKY Carson Safety System patented liner vest incorporates an inclosed safety harness which never gets in the way. It can be worn alone as an upper body harness system or it can be attached to the ROCKY CSS safety pants with leg harnesses as a full-body harness system. It can be zipped into a jacket with the back tether extending from the vest, through an opening slightly below the shoulder line. The liner vest system also has metal loops on each side for climbing and descending.








Eagle Electronics-The All New Cuda Series,Designed To Put More Bites In Your Fishing!


Big LCD display, performance, and features including built-in water temp sensor. The new Eagle® Cuda™ 168EX gives you so much fishfinder power for so much less!



4.5" (11.4 cm) diagonal screen Film SuperTwist LCD High-definition 168 vertical pixel resolution Backlit screen and keypad 4-level grayscale


Depth capability to 600 ft* (183 m) with 800 watts of peak-to-peak power High-performance, low-profile 200 kHz Skimmer® transducer with built-in temp delivers a wider, more effective fish detection area of up to 60° with high sensitivity settings - Operates at boat speeds up to 70 mph (61 kts)

Advanced Signal Processing (ASP™) automatically adjusts your settings for the best sonar picture Patented GRAYLINE® separates fish from nearby structure and bottom Advanced Fish I.D.™ shows underwater targets in different sizes of fish symbols

FishTrack™ displays target depth readings above fish symbols

Surface water temperature readings come from a built-in temp sensor in the transducer

Zoom with zoom bottom tracking and easy zoom-in/out control


Easy to connect/disconnect with uniplug cable connector

Internal back-up memory for key sonar settings

Completely sealed and waterproof, even for use in harsh saltwater environments Full one-year warranty


Martin Prowler SE


You've scouted for months. You've patterned for weeks. Opening day is here and you're in your stand. The buck of your dreams is in front of you. This is no time to doubt your equipment. If you're holding the new Prowler SE, you won't have to.

At Martin, we have come to know what you demand from a hunting bow. It has to be forgiving, accurate, fast and quiet. The new Prowler SE has all of these features built right into it.

The 8 and 3/4" brace height keeps it smooth and forgiving. Our new SE limb system, which places the limbs almost parallel to each other, keeps the Prowler SE quiet as whisper and recoil free. The Fuzion Cam keeps it fast and give the Prowler SE the tack-driving accuracy you expect. What more could you ask for in a bow?

Visit your local Martin Archery dealer, or go to for details on how to get your own Prowler SE today!


Terminator Titanium Spinner Baits Introduces Quad Blade

Press Release

Quad Blade. Introducing the Quad Blade. The direct result of demand from our loyal consumers to build a multi-bladed spinnerbait.

Four premium quality blades combine to look just like a small school of baitfish moving through the water. And to make sure they're all spinning, Terminator goes beyond ordinary and tweaks the very tip of each blade to make sure our valued customers experience superior performance.

Of course, at it's heart and soul is Terminator's patented nickel-titanium SnapBack frame. Plus, it features our easy-to-change QuickSkirt, making it a cinch to change skirt colors quickly and easily when patterning fish... another feature found only on Terminator Titanium Spinnerbaits.


Official Browning BUCKMARK License Plate

Official Browning BUCKMARK License Plate. Replace the tags on the front of your car with something that represents who you are.

This incredibly cool BUCKMARK license plate mounts easily using the hardware already on your truck or car. Two colors to choose from.

To order signature items call Monday through Friday 8am - 4:30pm Mountain Standard Time. Please provide the code number found below for the item you would like to purchase and call 800.333.3288 or 801.876.2711. Available in gold and black.

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews


Monster Mix Whitetail Mix


I paid $22.60 at Barnes Feed Store back in the spring. Over the last few years we've been getting a ton of what many call scrub bucks, in fact I think the biggest anyone pulled out of there last year was a six point with a 10 inch spread. Not my idea of big.

I've been spotting a couple of times now and have spotted a couple of decent bucks, but nothing I'd call a trophy. It might be all in my head, but the deer both doe and horned seem to look healthier than they have in the past.

The land is actually about an hour North of me and wasn't able to get up there all the time during the winter months. So take this with a grain of salt so after pouring out several bags at over $20.00 a pop I'm wondering where my investment is. I also wish they'd put something into it to keep the damn turkeys away. Now they are big this year and happier than ever after having a constant supply of deer mix.

I wish it would take hold sooner to keep the birds away from it. Why wouldn't they put something in here to keep the turkeys and other birds away. I really think they are eating the majority of this stuff before it has a chance to feed the deer.

It's early in the year and I haven't done a lot of pre-season work. The locals don't know of any big ones out there and their usually the first to know after the Amish of course. For the time being I'll give it a three on a scale of one to five. Thanks Barry


B. Mcgregor

McKenzie Targets

Vital Zone Deer Target

Archery Equipment

I bought it direct from McKenzie on line. I'm not sure if they sell these at stores yet, or not. I paid $125.00 in late June.

The best thing about this is the vital organs are all exposed. This is my Son's first year of hunting and I wanted him to get a really good idea engrained in his mind where to shoot a deer. I work in a butcher shop at night and am tired of skinning deer that have scar tissue or sometimes even broadheads left in them. Don't get me wrong sometimes things go wrong, but some of these shots were just absolute misses of the vital zone.

My Son's and his buddies are starting to do a number on the poor thing. I should point out they've shot hundreds if not thousands of round in it. I also caught one of them using blunts which do a number on a target such as this as well.

Most of our bucks in this area of the country are a little bigger and if they made it bigger maybe all the impacts wouldn't add up as quickly. I'm not dissatisfied as if it split in half righ now I still got my money's worth.

I am happy I ran across this on line not only for my son, but his buddies that shoot on our range as well. More archery targets should emphasize the kill zone and we'd have a lot less wasted animals out there.


Keith T.

Trout Unlimited

Gunnison Float Tube

Fishing Tackle

I piecked it up for $99.99 at Dicks. I shopped for a while and just couldn't pass up the price.

This is quite a step up from my first generation tube that although patched held up for years. I guess the best thing is the fly patch right there where it's needed so I don't have to fumble with my vest.

So far so good no complaints yet.

It's really well made and even has a inflatable back rest for added support. This is like a Cadillac compared to the one I bought through Cabella's years back.

Even I knew these things had come as far as they had I would have bought a new one years ago.


Tom Rupp

Johnny Stewart Game Calls

Grey Fox calls


I wasn't sure what to review, but then remembered my Son's recent buy that brought so many memories back to me. Many years ago my buddies and I bought a cassette tape to attract foxes in to us. Six months back my son and his friends bought a CD of fox calls. I guess the more things change the more they remain the same. He said he paid $20.00 for it.

Hearing his cd brought back a lot of bad memories from years past. The CD will definitely bring the fox in if their around and played after dark.

I don't like hearing any animal in distress it's one thing to hunt them one on one and put them down quickly and humanely, but the animals on the CD were obviously in distress for long periods of time. I've only heard a couple of rabbits squeal like that in my life and that's only been after they were shot and fighting for their lives.

Hey, it's on CD now days and with the power of today's boom boxes you could probably attract a fox from two islands over.

We were all young once and needed to explore. I hope that by him trying this he will realize it's not for him. I'm sure liek us him and his buddies think they will get rich off of Fox coats, but I have a feeling after he hears it a few times he will realize this type of hunting just isn't for him.


Pete B. NY


Nitro Center Fire One Cam

Archery Equipment

My Wife and my Daughters bought this as a 50th birthday gift for me. Not only did they buy me the bow, they bought me all the accessories to go with it. I'm scared to ask them what they paid for it all, or what company they bought it from. She probably used my credit card.

The 80% let off is incredible. I don't know if anyone else does this, but I've had it adjusted down to 65% let-off. A few days before the season I will take it all the way to the 80%. By doing this I expect to be able to have a noticeable difference in the weight of the draw which should improve my shooting all that much more. Even at 65% she's a better draw than my old Golden Eagle. The draw weight is consistent throughout and doesn't come on stronger in some areas of the pull than others.

It was a gift so what can I say. There's a chance I may have gone with one of a couple of other bows. To be honest I'm not sure, maybe I would have picked this one.

PSE has a great reputation amongst the guys at my club. Several of them have traded up to them in the last few years. I guess their where Bear was at when I was a kid.

For the bow being a gift I'm very pleased with it. The fact it came with all the gizmos was that much better. I'm shooting three nights a week now and hardly feel it the next day. I won't say my shooting has improved, for that matter pretty much stayed the same. My enjoyment of spending nights at the range has improved and so has the soreness the day after.


Nifty Fifty


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