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Treestand Reviews Summary Part I

Tree Stands

Tree Stands- Treestands reviews are the number one submitted review we receive at Hunting & Fishing Gear Review. We have 110 tree stand reviews in our database and growing by the day. All of our reviews are submitted by you the end user. This helps you to know there isnt any bias in the reviews themselves. In part I of our summary we will declare a clear cut winner of our tree stand reviews summary. Because our winner offers so many different models parts two and three will feature the other makes of treestands.

Our Winner Summit Treestands

With thirty-six reviews of Summit Treestands it would be hard not to declare them the winner. Most of the treestand reviews we received for Summit were excellent, however we did have six that rated the stands poor. Keeping it all on a level playing field well share the good as well as the bad for all of our treestand manufacturers including our winner Summit.

Summit Treestands

Summit Viper X4 Reviews

Likes: I love the ease of climbing, no matter whether I was 20 or 40 foot up I knew it was securly locked. I also like the weight and the room it gave me to sit..The seat cushion is very comfortable.- Ryan

Likes: The Summit has a rock solid grip that goes up a tree with ease. More than once my old tree stands had me in a full sweat by the time I got in position, however with the summit viper you just sit and stand and up you go. This is a very well thought out stand not by some guy in an office, but someone who has spent some time on stand.- TNT in Akron

Well I just got back from a weekend of late season bow hunting here in Wisconsin and I have to say that this was one of the best things I have ever bought. I was a welder for five years and looking at the welds on the stand I know they are quality. The thing is dead silent when you climb a tree. And setting it up was a breeze. I walked into the woods and was up a tree in five minutes.- Lukie B the Deerslayer

Dislikes: almost too comfortable! Hard to stay awake it once you get situated!lol-Dave

Dislikes: What I really hate about this item is that I do not have one!-Pete

Dislikes: The only thing I don't like about this stand is..... I mean it doesn't have....... well they could have done..... Oh heck the stand is perfect. There is nothing I can say bad about this stand.-Lukie B the Deerslayer

Well folks it seems even the dislikes are positive reviews for the Summit Viper Tree Stands. Did anyone remember how light this tree stand is. I use one when Im not in one of my fixed position tree stands and Viper is easily carried in and out of the woods even when you dont take the time to secure it properly.

Summit Bullet Backpacker Treestand Reviews

Likes: I think it is the best climbing tree stand, if not the best treestand overall, on the market. I used it over 60 times if not more, and I NEVER had a problem with noise or performance. It is extremely light and very fast to climb a tree (30 seconds to get 25 feet). I just read a review on this climber, and it was a bad review. I think the person that reviewed has no idea what he is talking about. He must be a city slicker, yuppie who has no concept of hunting. Learn how to use it, which takes about a minute, before you review it.- Mike Goets

Likes: The unit is compact, fairly light weight, and confortable. It's a easy stand to mount to a tree and climb.- Andrew Fink

Dislikes: I would not recommend this stand to anyone. It took me a good 15 minutes to get it up the tree. I had to buy 2 stronger straps to keep it assembled. No matter how hard you try the stand makes noises when back packing. Getting it ready to backback is very frustrating. I wish I had bought it at Walmart so I could take it back. Although it's supposed to weigh 22 lbs it actually weighs 24. I leaveit locked up in the swamp to keep from carrying it back and forth.- Chuck * But wait Chuck returns right here.

Likes: I did a review a few weeks earlier which I should of given this product more time as it is stated in the directions. I loved the comfort. I literally sat in my stand for 12 hours straight. You can shoot from any directions and the platform does not sqweak when standing in it.The safety harness is very nice and the stirrups are nice.-Chuck

Summit Goliath Tree Stand Reviews

Likes: The stand climbs well and is very stable. It has plenty of room also I am 6'3" and 285 lbs. I am comfortable and feel safe in this stand. It is also easy to attach to the tree with no pins to lose, only a cable and trigger lock. The stand is also quiet climbing. I had a deer walk thirty yards from me while I was still climbing last week. I believe this stand to be the best VALUE of any on the market. The stand is packaged with a safety harness and back pack straps.-Eric

Likes: The Goliath Tree Stand is just that, big. I no longer have to worry about falling out of a tree while hunting. Because I am a General Contractor there's always a job keeping me from hunting. What time I do have to go hunting is scare so I don't take a minute of it for granted.- #72UOM Dislikes: I had to think hard on this question. I did find it a little of a challenge to put it together, but other than a drill it requires only hand tools to assemble. The finish on the stand seems to chip easily. The plastic coating on the cable also skins easily. I would like for it to fit bigger trees.-Eric

Dislikes: The only inconveniance I found was taking the time to put the stand together. Other than that I have no dislikes.-Georgia Deer Hunter # 1

Dislikes: The cost was hefty and I'm sure I could have knocked $40 or $50 dollars off the tree stand if I had shopped around a little bit.-#72UOM

Summit Broadhead Tree Stand Review

Another well reviewed treestand from the Summit line is the Summit Broadhead. The open front design of the Broadhead tree stand makes this a very stand for archery hunting. Couple this with its lightweight and the fact this treestand is easy to transfer and you have yet another winner by Summit.

What a stand. Its quiet, light and very easy to use. Now I scout with the stand on my back. I can easily shimmy up a tree and check stand location before cutting shooting lanes. I even use it to scout new locations for activity before season. The easy tree size adjustments are the best in the industry. Cables adjust fast with no parts to loose. Now the new stirrup feature allows easy fit with any size shoe or boot. Don't waste your time and money with other stands. Buy Summit!! ( I own two).- Dale from Bad Axe, Mi.

Portability and ease of use is what I like the most about this unit. (Portability)Hiked a mile in rugged terrain to place my stand and it was like I had a light backback on. I live in the West of Washington and the woods are quite dense. I didn't get caught up on anything. (Ease of Use) After reviewing the video two or three times I was able to set up and utilize the stand with no problem on my first practice tree. I read the manuel as well. Fitzie1

Dislikes: Users manuel works better when you read and view the CD at the same time.- Fitzie1

Dislikes: After hunting with a viper classic the previous year I decided to give this stand a shot. I really did not like this stand. I weigh 200 lbs and I still had a hard time getting the teeth of the seat to grip into the tree. Two times when i stood up in my tree stand and barely touched the side bar, the whole seat portion fell to the platform. It maybe the most unsafe treestand experience I have ever had. I would have thought that my weight sitting in the tree for two hours would have caused the seat to be somewhat positioned into the tree. The second portion I don't like is how the stand connects together as a backpack. you literally just lay them on top of each other and use a pull tight strap to hold it together. Because I had to walk deep into our woods I had to stop twice and take by stand off my back and align everything back up and tighten the strap. My buddy who hunted with me stated that this issue alone caused him to not be interested in the stand.-Brandon

Whats new from Summit

Summit 180 is their newest treestand. Never has climbing been easier or hunting more comfortable than with this new stand. You climb using the stand up and sit-down method and then you choose which way you want to the seat to face. Gun hunters may want to face the tree while bow hunters may want to face away from the tree. Summit website

Not only does this stand have some wicked tree gripping strips, but also an 8,000 pound cable that secures it to the tree. It weighs in at 21 pounds and has a 300lb. capacity.

Summit 180 Reviews Well we dont have any yet, but if you want to be the first to submit a review of the Summit 180 treestand wed greatly appreciate it. I have a feeling these treestands are going to become very popular in a hurry.

As you can see Summit dominated in not only the number of treestand reviews submitted, but also in the excellent ratings of these treestands. Parts two and three of our tree stand review summary will feature all of the other tree stand reviews weve received including some very good models from API Tree stands and Redhead Tree Stands.

Pictured is the Summit 180 Treestand.

Stay tuned for Part two of our 2005 Tree Stand Summary brought to you by Hunting & Fishing Gear Review later this week. To see all of our Treestand Reviews click the link below.

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