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Press Release

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA -- A lightweight baitcasting reel with performance features and economical price tag, that's the new SCL 200 low-profile baitcast reel from Spidercast.

This new offering is available in both right, SCL 200, and left, SCL 201, sleek design models. Two bearings deliver the smooth performing drive found on more-expensive baitcast reels. The user-friendly magnetic brake adjustment system gives the angler total control in varying fishing conditions. The multi-position user friendly magnetic brake adjustment system is found on the side plate opposite the cranking handle for instant access whenever brake tuning is needed.

Instant anti-reverse on the SCL 200/201 results in instant and confident hooksets. And the dependable star drag let's the angler adjust the drag tension to match the fight at hand. Spidercast low-profile reels are ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. The 6.1:1 high-speed gear ratio is well suited for high-paced retrieves.

The Spidercast SCL 200/201 also features an aluminum spool that holds up to 120 yards of 12-pound monofilament fishing line, oversized knobs on the cranking handle for power cranking and dependable level wind system.

The SCL 200 and SCL 201 have a suggested retail price of $54.99.

For more information about the new Spidercast SCL 200 and SCL 201 low profile baitcast reels or any Spider fishing tackle product, call Spider Consumer Services at 1-877-502-6482 or visit Spider's website at:


Carolina Archery New Product-Drop-Tine Whisker Biscuit QS

Press Release

The Drop-Tine Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest® is now available with a factory installed Quick Shot Kit. The Quick Shot biscuit will compliment any bow but is perfectly suited to enhance an expandable broadhead setup. The entry slot is tapered to allow quick and easy arrow loading while preventing brush snags when stalking or walking to your stand. The sturdy design means your biscuit will not be bent or twisted and gives you the confidence to know your shot will always be on target! Optional stick-on felt pads are provided for silent arrow loading.



Press Release

Just when you thought the Citori couldn’t get any better, along comes the 525. Browning has taken the most popular selling over/under in the world, packed it with new features and created a system that promises to be an over/under icon well into the 21st century. Available in both Sporting and Field models as well as 12 gauge and 20 gauge.

Features Include: • New Stock Design • Euro Checkering Pattern • More Pronounced Palm Swell • Closer Pistol Grip • Sleeker Lightweight Barrels • Midas Grade Extended Choke Tubes (Sporting Model Only)

Available In The Following Models: Suggested Retail Price • Sporting 12 ga. 28" & 30" Barrels $2,493.00 • Sporting 20 ga. 28" & 30" Barrels $2,493.00 • Field 12 ga. 26" & 28" Barrels $1,777.00 • Field 20 ga. 26" & 28" Barrels $1,777.00 • Golden Clays Sporting 12 ga. 28" & 30" Barrels $3,993.00 • Golden Clays Sporting 20 ga. 28" & 30" Barrels $3,993.00


Accurate Fishing-BOSS MAGNUM 870XM


Released just in time for the prime 2003 fishing season is our new B-870XM Boss Magnum reel, a high-speed version of the popular B-870M boasting a 6-to-1 retrieve ratio and taking up a full 3-1/2 feet of line for every complete turn of the reel handle.

Weighing only 22 ounces and holding 350 yards of 20-pound test or 275 yards of 30-pound test monofilament line, the new B-870XM is ideal for sprinting game fish like albacore, school tuna, dorado, yellowtail, amberjack, crevalle, king mackerel and wahoo.

Loaded with precision-made, performance-tested Accurate features like the TwinDrag™ braking system, solid-block aluminum construction, six space-age, Teflon-impregnated bearings and Titanium drag washers, the high-seed B-870XM also incorporates three design upgrades now in all Boss Magnums: a lighter spool for increased casting distance; a StopCam mechanism to eliminate accidental “bumping” into freespool, and the option to expand the drag-level adjustment range, providing a more precise and variable drag setting to respond to changing fish-fighting conditions.


Woolrich-Kodi-Pak Knife & Saw Set

Press Release

The Kodi-Pak system has everything you need to effectively field dress just about any big game animal.

Skin, cape and quarter with the deep bellied Kodi-Skinner with razor sharp opening hook, the Kodi-Caper for detailed cuts and caping work and the Kodi-Saw with a diamond-cut blade for quartering game or clearing thick brush. Rubberized Kraton handles fit securely in the hand; Trimond texture offers a safe grip even when wet. Superior edge retention makes field dressing easy and stays sharper longer. Easy carry.

Kodi-Skinner deep-bellied skinning knife, blade 4.25", total 9" Griz-saw diamond cut, triple-ground field saw, blade 8"; total 11.25" Kodi-Caper caping knife, blade: 2 1/2", total 7 3/8"

Hand finished chrome-Moly AUS-8A stainless steel Rubberized Kraton Trimond cut handles Full-grain leather belt sheath w/belt loop Manufacturer's limited lifetime guaranty & free lifetime sharpening for Skinner. Available at

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews

Hunter's View Tree Stand

12' Buddy Stand

Tree Stands

I picked up this unit on sale this weekend at Dunham's for $119.99. The price on this unit ranges depending on where you buy it. I have seen it elsewhere over $150.

I had seen this tree stand and it looked nice to me. My youngest son is now old enough to hunt with us so I wanted something to hold the both of us for his first time out. We put it in a tree on our property just to see how it feels, and it was great.

The only drawback on this is the weight. Being that my youngest son is only 12, I wouldn't want him to have to lug it around. It's about 75lbs or so. It's fine for me and the older boy though.

The unit is made out of a heavy steel, so it is very strong. It says that it will hold up to 500lbs so two adults would even be able to use it. The foot and seat platforms are about 12" by 40" so it is very roomy.

I'll have to re-visit this site later in the season to tell you how we made out, but it looks like we won't be disappointed. If we like it at the end of the season as much as we do now, I may get one for my sons to use together next year.


Earl and Sons, NY

Smart Cast Fish Finder

Smart Cast

Fish Finders

This was gift from my wife on our 20th anniversary. What a great gift it is. I saw them at one of the larger tackle websites for just over 150 dollars. She didn't get me the boat I wanted, but just about the next best thing.

At first I wasn't sure what to think about such a device. When I saw it was a fish finder my first thought was, I don't have a boat to use it, but that is the beauty of this device. You actually attach it to your line and cast it into the water. It broadcasts the water's floor and anything swimming around it,to a small screen you keep next to you on the bank. You don't even need a boat! I think these things will be the next big thing for all fishermen this time.

I love it and don't often say anything bad about it, one little concern is the chance the sensor device get's wrapped around something and I lose it. Other than that what a neat device.

It's very well made and seems somewhat water resistant as well even though I put it back in the truck the first time it started raining on me a few weeks ago. There was a warning that it's not for use in the cold weather which goes hand and hand for anything with batteries.

Thanks to my gift I now know the details of a small farm pond I've been fishing for years. I'm pulling in more than I've ever pulled from the pond. I have to warn you when you go to a public place you'll get some strange looks at first and don't be surprised if several people come up to ask what it is. I wish I had a mess of them to sell myself.


Newly Hi-Tech Fisherman


Banner Dusk and Dawn


I blew close to 99 bucks on it. There wasn't much of a decision since my viken ex-step daughter's boyfriend helped himself to my ot'6 BDL and of course the attached Leoupold 3x9. Now I'm using an Old Mossburg with a poly choke and two shot clip.

Not a lot, it's dim compared to my old scope and doesn't offer the field of view. The ad says allows more light in and I am thinking allows more light in than what a bucket. It was cheap which is about the only good thing to say about the scope other than it was made cheap by whatever country made it over ther.

It's dark and I can't seem to hit the same place twice in one day. I'd reckon the bullet makers made this scope just to make money off the dumb clucks who buy it and try to site it in.

Put a lead pipe on your gun barrel and it might feel better. Better yet through it at the dam turkey or dear and you might have a better chance.

Yeah I might have bought a bad one who knows. I won't risk it again and once I get my settlement I'll be throwing this cluck out the window of my truck.


Clay, Parkersburg, WV

Leuopold Scopes

Vari X III


After reading another review about the PSE Baby G we just had to write another about how great the PSE Baby G is in our words. What a nice setup. My Step-Son and I purchased them at the beginning of Summer off Cabela's. They ran about $450 at the time, but now I see them other places a little cheaper.

It's kind of like one stop shopping. Rather than spend several nights shopping for accessories and all we were able to buy them all in one place. What is most important to myself is every item was made for the bow, not some generic fitting items. It had been several years since I hunted archery and was mildly surprised at the weight of bows now days. Then I picked up the PSE baby G and was even more surprised at how light it was.

For a few extra bucks they could have hired some people to fully put them together. I felt like it was Christmas morning again putting toys together for the kids. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed every second of putting it together, but would rather have been shooting.

This a fine piece of machinery, light, well made, an 80% lket off what more do you want.

To finalize I'm sure I'd be impressed with most any of the new compounds. The PSE Baby G takes the cake. I'm shooting better with it everyday. It's a pleasure to shoot. It's light and fast, and accurate. If you're ready to buy definitely take a look at this one.


Craig W.


DiMage E223

Cameras & Accessories

Hey I guess I'm like anybody else and like to share my story right away with everyone so I picked up this digital camera at Ritz for around $200

I absolutely love how automatic this camera is. Just set it and forget it is always my motto. Also the 9 power zoom is exactly what I'm looking for. If my scope can catch it my camera will as well.

It's not the cameras fault, but I wish it was a little more rugged and I didn't have to be concerned about it as much. Since last season I've been taking it afield with me whenever I go and the occasional trip to the lake. I guess I'm just not used to having something delicate with me. So far it's survived the occasional fall although it hasn't taken any direct impacts.

I think it's doing fine. With some of the controls you have to take you gloves off, It's not necessarily made for being a heavy outdoor camera, but I guess if it was it would be a lot heftier and bigger which is the last thing I want is more weight.

I'm happy with it and it let's me catch shots of things I don't need to shoot in order to show off. I guess what they say is true a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks Hunting-Fishing-Gear this is the site I've been looking for. Most review sites are just pushing something. Here you get honest, common sense reviews from people using the products. It's been a long time coming.


Steve R, Oregon


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