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Tree Stand Reviews – Summary Part Two


In the first of our three part series on Tree Stand reviews we declared Summit the first place finisher. However, there are a lot of great tree stands on the market and each year they are becoming lighter, safer and more functional. Here in part two of our tree stand review summary we will examine some of the other players in the tree stand market and as always share the good and bad with you. Once again I want to point out all of our reviews come from you the Reader and not from the site or the manufacturers. Hunting & Fishing Gear Review believes this is the only way you can get a fair unbiased review. Essentially we let the numbers speak for themselves.

If you’re not familiar with one of our summary reviews, essentially we compile some of the best reviews or comments from the past year and put them into one document so you can go immediately to the information you need. Our Tree Stand Review Summary is split into three parts because of the popularity of tree stands on our site. We hope you enjoy this long, but condensed version of Tree Stand Reviews.

Since we’ve already declared a winner the remaining tree stands will be in alphabetical order.

Amacker Tree Stand Reviews

Amacker Magnum Tree Stand – I’m not sure what to think of Amacker. I know their website disappeared for a little while there and they have a statement on it saying they are back and stay tuned for more information on Amacker Tree Stands. Here’s the review of the Magnum and ladder stand.

Likes: this stand has all welded joints which eliminates noise, no nuts and bolts. it has a heavy duty mesh no slip platform and a comfortable adjustable camo sling seat. The front bar is adjustable for more leg room. The solid square stock construction makes it easier to attach accessories such as a gun or bow holder. The best thing about the stand is you can adjust the angle as you climb; there is no guessing the angle- Michael L.

Dislikes: The only complaint I have with this stand is when you sit your back rests on the bracket that wraps around the tree and this tends to make your back cold.-Michael L.

Quality: this stand is square stock with welded joints and heavy duty mesh decking. It has a weight capacity of five hundred pounds. It comes with bungee cord and an adjustable strap to secure the stand after you’re at the right height. The inventor of this stand really knew what he was doing. - Michael L.

Amacker Ladder Stand Reviews

Amacker Ladder Stand- Likes: Some buddies built me a nice stand last year, but there wasn't time for walls, or even a real solid ladder. I appreciate their efforts since I couldn't get to camp until the evening before. It was a nice stand the only problem was I kept thinking to myself I had way to much going for me to be risking my life every time I got up and down from it. This is a lot safer than nine out of ten homes made ones and as I get older I catch myself thinking about safety more often. -Jacob

Quality: The stand is very well made and once you get in place you're not going anywhere unless you want to. I also like its ability to adjust to different size tress right down to just a little bigger than a few years old.-Jacob

Dislikes: I'd guess she's about 80 pounds or so which doesn't make it very portable for me at least. It's too bad they can't make these with some space age alloy, or even abs plastic.-Jacob

Ameri-Step Tree Stands has a great lineup of stands that continues to grow each year. I haven’t used their stands, however what I see is impressive. We received one Ameri-Step Review and share it with you now.

Ameri-Step Grizzly Non-typical Climber Reviews

Likes: I liked the pivoting grip arms that increased the gripping surface area on the tree and the many cable adjustment holes for the tree diameter.

Dislikes: the unit is very noisy and the adjustment holes for the cable which I thought would be an advantage was a hindrance as the cables were hard to adjust and noisy as you pulled them into the slots . This stand is made for a smaller hunter I am 5'8" and was totally cramped in the seat and my feet hung off the platform. The instructions for packing it in and out of the woods were poor and you are left to your own imagination putting this stand together.

Quality: the construction is good, it is sturdy and the welds are clean. The paint peals off very easily and one day of climbing left deep gouges in the plastic covering the cables.

API Tree Stands

From humble beginnings in a six thousand square foot building in Tallulah, LA, an outdoor giant was born. API Outdoors was the brainchild of Paul Meeks, a devoted enthusiast and a very persistent businessman. For eight years prior to API, Meeks worked with a company that built steel treestands. The market was crying out for lighter treestands and in late 1986, Meeks branched off to make a better treestand. API was off and running.- From the API Outdoors Website.

If we had to pick a second place finisher for our Tree Stand Review summary it would have to be API. People just love their API Tree Stands. I have a good friend who owns one and can’t say enough about the ability of the tree stands and their quality. They are definitely high on my list of gear to buy in the next year.

API Baby Grand Treestand Review

Likes: BIG and COMFORTABLE seat. There is plenty "cheek" room and plenty of room to adjust your feet when you need to get off a shot. I added a bow holder and I was still able to collapse the whole stand without any trouble.- Terry S.

Dislikes: At about 26 pounds, it will give you a good workout lugging out and into a tree. Once it is there, you will be quite comfortable though. Terry S.

Summary: Very good treestand for the money. I have bought "similar" types that are much more uncomfortable. Terry S.

API Grand Slam Supreme Treestand Reviews

Likes: It is very easy to use. Very stable and quiet. It is lightweight and you can carry it like a backpack. It is comfortable and I was able to sit the entire day in this stand without a problem. I highly recommend this stand.- Deer Donnie

Summary: I recommend This Stand to Anyone Who Likes a Quality Product that is quick and light.-Clint K.

Likes: The redeeming features of the API Grand Slam Supreme include versatility, quite set up, and seat comfort. I typically use separate stands for archery and gun seasons. However, in most situations the API accommodates either archery or firearm hunts. Pre-light assembly is a critical factor for any tree stand. The API is conducive to guide set-up because the cables are coated with a polymer which prevents rust and clanging against the frame. Undoubtedly, an uncomfortable seat will interfere with a hunt. I have found myself sitting in the API for five plus hours without experiencing pain in my back and thighs. There have often been lazy afternoons that I have napped due to the comfort of the API seat.- Joshua P.

Dislikes: The stands price was on the upper end of what I wanted to spend. The support chains are covered with a form of dipped plastic. This cracked in cold weather almost immediately. It still works fine. - Deer Donnie

Dislikes: The only criticism I have of the API is the weight and the assembly hardware. The weight is a few pounds heavier than I typically tolerate in a portable stand, but is not prohibitive. The assembly hardware functions wonderfully, but if it is dropped in leaf litter it is very difficult to find. An easy remedy for this problem is to carry a spare set in an equipment bag.

Api 300GTP Review

Likes: I like the idea of having a ladder stands security with a climbers versatility. Just this season I've had to move it twice and it was very easy to set up and take down.- J.Smith

Dislikes: The only problem I've had with this tree stand is the seat. Its not the most comfortable one I've sat in,by the seat I mean it's padding the front bar on the fold up seat gets a little uncomfortable after about 2 hours.- J.Smith

API Grand Slam Magnum Climbing Tree Stands

This tree stand is for the big boys coming in with a weight capacity of 350 pounds. Needless to say this is going to handle most of the hunters out there unless they play football on Sundays. Weighing in at 21 pounds it nests completely for easy back packing in and out from your hunting area.

Grand Slam Magnum Review

Likes: I like how secure it is while hunting. It is a very solid and comfortable stand.-John K.

Dislikes: I have owned this stand for aprox 6 years. Recently I called the parts dept. for replacement chains and the elastic insulators this was November { 1'st week. I was told they would be available about the 31'st and they would call me. } I have yet to here from them and this is dec. 1'st!!! They were given my name and two phone numbers to reach me at. If I don't receive a reply I will assume you would like me to purchase a new stand from your competitor.- John K. Sounds like this one slipped past the Good Customer Service Reps. I feel confident their Customer Service is better than this.

API Grand Slam™ Star Extreme Climbing Treestand

We didn’t receive any reviews on the Star Extreme, but here’s how Bass Pro describes it.

Silent, solid, no-nonsense stands are designed to be simple to install and operate. Feature high-quality welded-aluminum construction for total hunting silence. Slatted Sure-Grip tread platforms have contoured designs to attach to trees quickly and quietly with API's unique, patented, Super Tuff form fitting, vinyl covered, power gripping chains and quik-clip pins. Fits trees from 6"-24" in diameter. Comfortable, adjustable seat sections nest together for easy packing. Non-glare Autumn Bronze powder coat finish features Realtree Hardwoods® HD™ Camo adjustable Quick-Attach removable seat and padding covers. Each Grand Slam Extreme stand includes a full-body safety harness, backpack straps, cinching straps, seat stabilizer strap, adjustable foot straps and accessory bag, and an Instructional treestand safety video.

Cabela’s Tree Stand Reviews

How can we forget Cabela’s? They have a great line of tree stands available both under their name and under other manufacturer’s names. I don’t know this for a fact, however it wouldn’t surprise me if one of the big name manufacturers is making Cabela’s tree stands for them. You might get quite a deal buying the Cabela’s brand treestands if you recognize the make. Hunting & Fishing Gear Review didn’t receive a lot of Cabela’s tree stand reviews, but from what we’ve read and heard they make a good tree stand at good prices.

Cabela’s tree stand – No model given

Likes: Price is the best feature of this stand. For less than $100 dollars you are getting a very stable and sturdy tree stand. Since I hunt on federal land I don't mind leaving this stand chained and locked to the tree for the hunting seasons. If the stand does get swiped I'm only out $80 bucks. Easy to climb and feels very stable once attached to the tree.- Dean

Summary: I plan on purchasing a couple more stands to put in different locations in the woods. With the price of the stand being less than $100 dollars you can afford to purchase a couple of extras for different locations. Many of the hunters I camp with have more expensive tree stands but are now purchasing this stand so they can hunt different locations. In my opinion it's the only way to go if you're going to leave your stand in the woods on state or federal property.- Dean

Cabela’s Ladder Tree Stands

Purchase: Okay, I got tired of spending my hunting days on a tree stand my buddies put up half drunk in the middle of summer. Besides it always seems my permanent stands are always just out of site far enough that all I can see is their little backs running past.- Steve C.

Likes: First off it's portable, don't get me wrong it's not real easy to setup and take down, but can be moved from day to day which to me is everything. It's very solid once in place and doesn't have a lot of wind sway when the hunting winds turn.- Steve C.

Summary: Ladder stands keep coming down in price which is that much more of a bonus. I plan on buying two more this upcoming season so I'll have three options depending on how the wind is moving. This is a well made tree stand that serves the purpose of a tree stand well.- Steve C.

Cabela’s SS Model Tree Stand Reviews

Likes: the entire unit is well built, strong, not sloppily forged. The bolts are right, they connect with a tight closure avoiding any rattling while hunting. The entire system was boxed up beautifully, with concise instructions.- Sam from Wisconsin

Dislikes: I would like to make a couple of suggestions to the manufacturer. While the unit is a well built unit the base could extend about 4-6" so when standing to shoot, your feet would rest comfortably in a standing position, as it is now, it is a bit short and causes the toes to have to curl upward, not easily done in a heavy hunting boot. Second suggestion, the padding in the seat cushion, under the 3-D camo, seems to be a sort of plastic that makes noise when you move on it or stand, this is especially a problem when you are hunting in the cold , this will spook any game.- Sam From Wisconsin

Summary: I cannot find a stand of this quality for this amount of money anywhere else. I am extremely satisfied. Allowing a little time for the improvements I have suggested, I will probably return for more of this type of stand.- Sam From Wisconsin

That ends part two of three of our yearly tree stand review summary. Please check back for the conclusion of our three part series on tree stands. For more tree stand reviews or to read all of them in their entirety click the link below.

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