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Ben Pearson- Freedom


The new Freedom for 2003 features a newly designed machined riser that has 42° limb pockets and features the VIB~X® (patent pending) noise and vibration reduction system.

The new Freedom also has a redesigned Z-Cam with PhD (perfect horizontal delivery) technology and uses the new Accu-Trac idler wheel. Both the cam and idler wheel house ball bearings for the smoothest draw and shot imaginable. Also new for 2003, the Freedom has a brown laminated wood grip that virtually eliminates torque and provides a solid shooting platform.

The arrow rest shelf has a factory velvet antler finish that's whisper quiet. Naturally, the Freedom features 12 1/2" quadra-flex split limbs because of the dependability that split limbs have offered. New for 2003, the Freedom comes with Pearson's new Lifetime Guarantee.

Invest in the new SuperFlauge Freedom, and you'll soon be shooting like you never thought possible!



Press Release

PENN and Eagle Claw, two of the few remaining American manufacturing companies in the fishing industry, have teamed up to introduce a line of innovative saltwater hooks – PENN INTERNATIONAL SALTWATER HOOKS.

Only the finest high-carbon steel was used to construct the “longest-lasting, most corrosion-resistant hooks to ever hit the saltwater market.” Using a needle-point design, these hooks will maintain sharpness under any condition. The hooks feature three new finishes specifically designed for salt water and have received a 10x rust-resistant rating – Eagle Claw’s highest to date. Penn International Saltwater Hooks are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit any saltwater fishing situation. Packs of hooks retail for $9.99. Visit to learn more


Bushnell Offers Two New Sentry Spotting Scopes

Press Release

Overland Park, KS. — Bushnell has added two new 18-36x50mm models to its line of Sentry spotting scopes. The Sentry line of spotting scopes offers performance and value with many of the same features found on more expensive models. The new Sentry spotting scopes are available in black or camo rubber armoring.

Sentry spotting scopes feature fully coated prisms and lenses for greater clarity and light transmission. The large 50mm objectives lens has exceptional light gathering capabilities for better viewing in early or late light.

The 18-36x eyepiece make these spotting scopes ideal for birding, hunting and shooting. Both spotting scopes are lightweight, waterproof and rubberarmored for durability in the field. They come with a tripod and hard carrying case. Suggested retail for both models of the Sentry 18-36x50mm is $157.95.

Covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, these new products will be available in the first quarter of 2003 at Bushnell dealers nationwide.

For more information, visit the Bushnell website at Bushnell Performance Optics is a global manufacturer and marketer of branded consumer products based in Overland Park, Kansas.


Unparalleled Polarized Technology Added to Serengeti® 555nmTM Lens

Press Release

Overland Park, KS – Serengeti, manufacturer of the most advanced sunglass lenses in the world, has combined the darkest lens in its portfolio, the Serengeti 555nm, with its superior polarization technology to create the ultimate gray/green lens. The Serengeti 555nm Polarized lens is available in the Argosy, Iliad, Epiros and the new Lucca.

“The Serengeti 555nm is a lens that optimizes vision at the center of the color spectrum at 555 nanometers providing clearer vision and a relaxing, cooling sensation for the wearer’s eyes,” said Paula Humo, Serengeti product manager. “Combining this technology with Serengeti’s superior polarization creates an even more remarkable sunglass.”

Serengeti polarization, also referred to as Strata, is achieved by placing the highly technical and efficient polarizing film between the Serengeti 555nm lens and an ultra-thin piece of UV 400 glass, so the film never wears off or wears out. The polarizing film allows optimum parallel light waves through the lens, while blocking glare-inducing perpendicular waves.
The Strata 400 lens also blocks and filters 95% of blue light, a natural phenomenon occurring in fog, rain, snow and overcast conditions. The lens virtually eliminates blue blur and eyestrain.The unseen science behind Serengeti lenses is the most advanced in the history of eyewear.
As with all Serengeti lenses, the 555nm polarized lens is engineered with photochromic properties and Spectral Control® filters. The photochromic technology activates the lens to constantly adjust to changing light conditions, seeking optimum transmission while the Spectral Control filters are selectively blocking and filtering light waves to improve contrast and reduce eye fatigue to create a remarkably crisp and clear view of the world.
The newest frame style added to the Serengeti 555nm family is the Lucca. This six-base stylish frame comes in gunmetal with shiny black temples and has spring hinges to enhance design and fit. All frame styles featuring the Serengeti 555nm are available at a suggested retail price of $199.99 at sunglass specialty stores and other fine optical retailers. Call (800) 548-0446 or visit the dealer locator feature at www.serengetieyewear.



Press Release

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA -- A lightweight baitcasting reel with performance features and economical price tag, that's the new SCL 200 low-profile baitcast reel from Spidercast.

This new offering is available in both right, SCL 200, and left, SCL 201, sleek design models. Two bearings deliver the smooth performing drive found on more-expensive baitcast reels. The user-friendly magnetic brake adjustment system gives the angler total control in varying fishing conditions. The multi-position user friendly magnetic brake adjustment system is found on the side plate opposite the cranking handle for instant access whenever brake tuning is needed.

Instant anti-reverse on the SCL 200/201 results in instant and confident hooksets. And the dependable star drag let's the angler adjust the drag tension to match the fight at hand. Spidercast low-profile reels are ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. The 6.1:1 high-speed gear ratio is well suited for high-paced retrieves.

The Spidercast SCL 200/201 also features an aluminum spool that holds up to 120 yards of 12-pound monofilament fishing line, oversized knobs on the cranking handle for power cranking and dependable level wind system.

The SCL 200 and SCL 201 have a suggested retail price of $54.99.

For more information about the new Spidercast SCL 200 and SCL 201 low profile baitcast reels or any Spider fishing tackle product, call Spider Consumer Services at 1-877-502-6482 or visit Spider's website at:

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews

Bass Pro Shops

Micro Lite Supreme Combo

Rod and Reel Combos

$49.99 Bass Pro Shops about a month back.

She's my farm pond set up. I grew up near a small farm pond with bass galore, unfortunately with so many there is a lot of competition for food and their all stunted about nine inches. Fat little things, but few if any are larger than nine inches. I need to relax and decided to make it a point to head over to my folks place at least one night a week and pay a visit to them before heading up over the hill to the old pond. Yes, their still the same pond, but what a stress reliever it is. Every fish up there feels like a monster bass and half the fun is at. Ultralight is the way to go.

It's doing me more good than I'm doing it.

Well made, I would bet BP Shops is having one of the big manufacturers make these for them and just throwing their name on it.

My thoughts you can fish all day with your heavy weight rod, and not have a good battle, but put a decent fish on the end of an ultra light and you're off to the races. The presentation on an ultralight is so much nicer and I think the fish know that which is why they hit it more often.


Pshycotic Ultra Light Lover

Fish Finders Hummingbird


Fish Finders

I've put a lot of stuff on my credit card since buying this last year. I am going to take a guess and say they run around $225.

It has nice read out and the directions were easy to read and understand. I love the water temperature read outs as well. You'd be amazed at the difference you can see in several different parts of a lake. Learn where they'll be and when and that's half the equation.

It's middle of the road compared to some of the more expensive models out there. I'd reckon it does it's job well. It's just that I had my eye on another more expensive model with some more features I was looking for.

It'll last a long while, amybe even longer than the old boat I have it hooked to. As with many of the fish finders I would like to see them have a little lower profile to keep taking hits which add up after a while.

A nice unit, not top of the line, not bottom of the line. If truth be told it will do the job just fine. I'd sure would have liked their deluxe model from Hummingbird or another company.


Jay M.


Smart Cast Wrist Sonar

Fish Finders

I thought the guys were joking when they showed me this oversize wrist watch in oor local hardware store. They said they might pitch in to get me one for my birthday, well here I am with my new Wrist Sonar, although I assure you I don't have it on now.

I gave it a good try and I don't.

Why would someone use something so small when for a little bit more money you could buy a full size unit that will work a lot better. I'm supposed to attach this thing to my line?? I'd much rater put a buzz bait on the end of my line and try to catch something than a sonar, although I do think I had something hit on it once. Read on and I'll tell you the outcome.

The watch makes a real nice conversation piece so I think I'll wear it out the next time I go to a cock tail party. It'll be like my Dick Tracey watch, maybe I'll beam somebody up.

Well a long story short there are this thing we all face called snags and you guessed it that's where the other part of my unit is to this day. Does anyone want to buy half a hummingbird sonar unit?


P'd Off

Granpa Joe's

Herbal Blend


Off the net at Granpa Joe's site. What did I spend too much.

It was a great conversation piece at the club both before and after I got it. Okay I had a few beers when I brought it up and now find myself with the nick name of uncle joe.

I think the sweet smell is apple juice and pee dried on sawdust. Wow, was that a waste of my money, in my last few scouting trips I must have smelled like a French ****Editor note! Keep it clean!

Doesn't apply

Hey, I got a few good laughs out of it and my buddies might still be laughing. Next their going to have Ginseng to improve the deers memory so they recognize you in the woods next year. I don't mean to be tough on Uncle Joes, who knows maybe something I was wearing was giving me away.



Johnny Stewart Game Calls

Grey Fox calls


I wasn't sure what to review, but then remembered my Son's recent buy that brought so many memories back to me. Many years ago my buddies and I bought a cassette tape to attract foxes in to us. Six months back my son and his friends bought a CD of fox calls. I guess the more things change the more they remain the same. He said he paid $20.00 for it.

Hearing his cd brought back a lot of bad memories from years past. The CD will definitely bring the fox in if their around and played after dark.

I don't like hearing any animal in distress it's one thing to hunt them one on one and put them down quickly and humanely, but the animals on the CD were obviously in distress for long periods of time. I've only heard a couple of rabbits squeal like that in my life and that's only been after they were shot and fighting for their lives.

Hey, it's on CD now days and with the power of today's boom boxes you could probably attract a fox from two islands over.

We were all young once and needed to explore. I hope that by him trying this he will realize it's not for him. I'm sure liek us him and his buddies think they will get rich off of Fox coats, but I have a feeling after he hears it a few times he will realize this type of hunting just isn't for him.


Pete B. NY


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