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Trail Camera Reviews – Summary Part One


Trail Camera Reviews or Deer Camera Reviews are always some of the most interesting we receive here at Hunting & Fishing Gear Review. We currently have 76 trail camera reviews in our database and expect that number to grow rapidly as we get closer to hunting season. In this part one of Trail Camera Reviews we summarize for you all of the deer camera reviews we’ve received over the last year in to three parts so you don’t have to read through each and every review we’ve received on trail cameras in the last year.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

When it comes to trail cameras or as some people like to call them Deer Cams there isn’t a clear cut winner in the group. Some people like a particular model of trail camera and then the next person says that particular model is the worst they’ve ever used. Because of that we will list all of our trail camera reviews by manufacturer and of course include our comments.

Please keep in mind anytime you’re reading a review of a trail camera we’re dealing with electronics and just like your vcr you’ve got to read the instruction manual. With that said just be forewarned as you read the deer cam reviews and ask yourself does this person sound like he or she knows what their talking about?

Buckeye Cam

Buckeye Came is what I believe is the future of trail cameras. The feature Buckeye Cam offers that most don’t is the Buckeye Cam will actually beam the pictures it takes to a receiver up to five miles away. How’s that for a trail camera. In fact they offer an extended range version which will send your pictures over five miles away. Imagine want to get those last second pics of your hunting area. You would love to get that pic of the trophy deer you’ve been scouting for months, but wouldn’t think of disturbing your hunting area. Well the Buckeye Cam solves that problem with it’s ability to send the pictures up to five miles away. If you hunt near your house it will send them right to your PC. Imagine coming home from work and going right to your computer to check for any trail activity in your local hunting spot. Well you can with the Buckeye Cam. I would think Buckeye Cam or one of the other manufacturers is hard at work making it so your trail camera pictures will eventually be sent right to your cell phone no matter where you’re at.

Buckeye Cam Reviews (wireless)

Likes: Wireless is the way to go - We have the camera set up about a true 3/4 of a mile from our house in very hilly terrain and the base station on our deck. We like the fact that we get our pictures without having to go into the field or anywhere near the camera. We can change all the settings and test the battery status on the camera from the base unit - We are finding that we are now getting more than 1 picture of the larger bucks in the area since we are not disturbing the site and the camera uses infrared so there is no "flash" to spook the deer. Battery life has been very impressive - we have taken over 3500 pictures and the battery is still fully charged All American Made - That is a big plus for us! Upgradeability: We are hoping to be to add 3 more cameras to our system when they release the multi-camera system.- Becky

Summary: We have been extremely pleased with the system and will be adding cameras in the very near future. We were a little unsure at first about purchasing the system, but we have been having a blast with it so far!-Becky

Dislikes: The only thing we can say about the system we would like to see changed is the enclosure is big. It would be nice if they could make it smaller.- Becky

Buckeye Trail Camera 4.1 Mega Pixel Review

Likes: The best part about this camera is the Sony 4.1 Mega pixel camera that is removable for other uses beside the camera. I have it out now for the second run. The first time I put it out was a few days ago for just over a day. I set the timer to 1 minute intervals, and got 91 VERY CLEAR pictures. I only had it on VGA quality too. As soon as I get a larger memory stick, I'm going to try 4.1 mega pixels.-Mike G.

Dislikes: The idea of having a $400+ piece of equipment on a tree where it can possibly be damaged or stolen. The 2 AA batteries in the camera itself went dead after the first use, but it was taking a lot of pictures. I'm in the process of getting rechargeable.-Mike G.

Bushnell Trail Cameras- I can honestly say I don’t know a lot about these trail cameras. I would expect if they carry the Bushnell name they would be above average quality. Read on and see what our Readers said about them in their reviews of Bushnell Trail Cameras.

Likes: The unit is simple to setup and use though I am not sure the instruction booklet was complete. It takes satisfactory pictures for .35 mega pixel resolution. Interestingly, I placed this camera and a Cuddeback camera on the same tree to get a comparison. The Bushnell actually sensed and recorded more pictures than the Cuddeback. The Cuddeback is being sent back for service.- Bob

Dislikes: This unit stores the pictures on a SD card. The card furnished with the camera has 32MB and the camera works fine with the factory card. My problem is I haven't been able to find another card locally that will work with this camera. I have purchased two additional cards of different brands and neither will work. One of the card the camera wouldn't recognize but the second card the camera will record images on the card but the images are blank. I called Bushnell Service and they said it should work with any SD card. They asked me to send the camera in for service.-Bob

Bushnell Trail scout pro 2.1 Night Vision Review

Likes: Night vision mode Upgradeable SD card for more memory Easy toggle switch operation Laser pointer 30 day battery life on 4 D batteries Has security lock and password.- Carlo Z.

Dislikes: When batteries are removed you lose your time and date. With today's technology this seems a little ridiculous. Waterproof rubber seal comes off every time you open the case. Just glued it back but problem with all models check several boxes and all had same problem. Batteries have cheap Velcro straps to hold batteries. Should have siding cover to keep batteries secure.-Carlo Z.

Cam Trakker Trail Camera Reviews

Likes: Well it's digital which means I can see my pictures right after I get to my site rather than going to my site, taking the film out, taking it to Ritz and then paying for a bunch of pictures of squirrels or coon. The digital camera allows me to view and delete the pictures I don't like right there.- I Borrowed It Honey

Dislikes: Cost is my first concern, you have to admit $650.00 plus a few accessories is a nice chunk, especially when you add a memory card which allows you to quickly switch out cards. My second concern is what if somebody steals it, I'm checking with my insurance company to see if this will be covered under my home owner’s policy. Who knows, it just might be.- I Borrowed It Honey

CuddeBack Non-Typical Trail Camera Reviews

Likes: I love this camera. The security placed in the unit hopefully will keep anyone from stealing it since it is un-usable to anyone else. The battery life has been exceptional compared to what others are saying about other trail cameras also there is no film to content with. After using this digital unit I would never consider a film unit.-Larry

Likes: The unit seems to be of very good quality. I have used it for about 9 months now and don't have any regrets. I live in Wisconsin where the winters get very cold at times. The last month or so it has been well below zero degrees at night and I left it out,550 pics later, the battery level is still at 3 with 4 being fully charged, it is still my first set of batteries and have well over 1000 pics through it, so if any one is having problem with there battery life there is something wrong. A buddy purchased one at the same time and has had the same results. Out of the ones I have used this is far the best.-Outdoorsman

Cuddeback Trail Camera Reviews – Dislikes

Dislikes: Can be a little bit of a pain to learn to use.-Larry

Dislikes: It simply does not work on a consistent basis. You can walk up to the camera and chase deer off and there won't be any pictures on the camera. I tried everything to get it to work consistently with no success. I even returned the unit to Cabela's which replaced it and the new unit did not work any better. The video mode won't work at all and the anti-theft is a little senseless. Anyone who would steal the camera wouldn't stop to realize they would not be able to use it. I just want a camera that works consistently!!!-mmassey

Dislikes: Seems like the older the batteries get, the worse the unit performs. The programming is a little extensive, but manageable. The first two units started having problems right after I purchased the second two. They were sent in for repairs, and returned to me in four weeks. The second two never did work right, and the eject button permanently stuck in on both of them. A lot of "cam error" faults, and motion sensor malfunctions.-Bucklured

Deer Cam Trail Camera Reviews

Likes: These things are awesome, I haven't caught a picture of the big one yet, he's out there somewhere and it's just a matter of time as fall will soon be here. I have a bunch of his sons on film and a few of them are going to be monsters. Very easy to use right out of the box, unlike some home electronics I've bought lately.-Smile For the Camera

Dislikes: Well, my biggest concern is some piece of scum coming on our property and taking this unit out with him. It has a nice cable on it, but who's to say the person doesn't come back in a couple of days with a bolt cutter. These things are worth money and people know it. I wish they'd make them so they'd be ruined if the cable was cut, that would stop people from their ways.-Smile For The Camera

Deercam DC 200 Trail Camera Reviews

Likes: The unit looks really great strapped to a tree. I am so impressed with the way it blends into the surroundings. Sometimes I take a picture of it strapped to a tree so I can remember where I left it in the woods. As they indicate, it is easy to use right out of the box. It is a little confusing trying to figure out what it really does and what the nice people claim it does. I like that. -"Let the Buyer Beware"

Dislikes: After about 3 rolls of film the unit had numerous failures that required me to return it to Nowhere, WI for repairs. Silly me...I took the time to take advantage of an upgrade to the DC-200 for another $85.00 Believe it or not after 3 rolls of film the DC-200 failed and need be returned. Over 5 weeks later after a few calls and complaints, the Big Brown Truck returned my Deer Cam. The nice folks out there should learn to write and apologize for such problems. Maybe they will yet though, because the third roll of film is almost finished. The Xpander doesn't do what they say it will do either. By now I have over $400.00 invested in the unit. Quite a bit more than a good steak, and at least if the steak house gets it wrong...they apologize and make it right.-“Let The Buyer Beware”.

Game Country Hawk-Eye JR Game scouting camera Review

Purchase: I purchased the Hawk-Eye jr scouting camera after doing some research on almost all the cameras out. I picked this one because of the good reviews it had. I bought one and liked it so well I bought another.- David G.

Dislikes: The only thing I would change is make the outside of the unit camouflage. The unit is black, but that can be fixed with some paint or camo tape.-David G.

Game Vu Digital Trail Cameras

Likes: Seems to have been well built. Ken C.

Dislikes: The picture quality was really bad . The digital pic technology in this unit is very outdated . The infra-red flash seems like a good idea , no visible flash to scare game . But it just doesn't work .- Ken C.

Purchase: I hunt well North of my home(2 hours) and can't run up there as much as I like. Evening scouting is out of the question on a work night. Mike R.

Dislikes: The color stands out a little too much. I'm not worried about animals seeing it. I just don't want other people in the woods to see it. I'm considering buying some of the new made for plastic paint I see advertised on TV. The bad part is it's too late to paint them this year and not leave scent all around.- Mike R.

That wraps up part one of our three part series on trail camera reviews. Please stop back in the next week to read the summary of the remaining deer cams and maybe by then we’ll come up with an all around winner.

To read all of our Trail Camera Reviews click on the link below.

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