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Hunting Boot Reviews – Summary Part One


Hunting boots aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of hunting, however if you have a pair of hunting boots that leaks or your feet become cold on stand they can quickly ruin any hunt. These often overlooked pieces of hunting gear can’t be underestimated. A good pair of hunting boots can easily make the difference between a good day of hunting and a great day. Hunting & Fishing Gear Review continues our review summary articles by presenting the first in a multiple part series of hunting boot reviews. Essentially we take all of the recent hunting boot reviews and summarize them for you all in one place.

Hunting Boot Reviews.

Since adding the category hunting boots this time last year we’ve received thirty four reviews with more arriving daily. We can’t say there’s a clear cut winner amongst the hunting boots we’ve received so for this review summary we will list them in random order starting with Lacrosse Hunting Boots.

Lacrosse Hunting Boot Reviews.

Lacrosse prominently displays right on their website their 30-Day Comfort Guarantee. Most manufacturers will refund your money, or try to talk you into purchasing another pair of hunting boots, however I like how Lacrosse Outdoors is being up front with their promise of customer satisfaction without all the hassles of having to argue with some kid whose homework is two weeks overdue.

Lacrosse Alpha burly Hunting Boot Reviews

The Lacrosse Alphaburly Boots are a great archery hunting boots and wet weather hunting boots. They take the best features of neoprene and rubber and combine them into one boot that one-third lighter and fits better than regular rubber hunting boots. Here’s our reader submitted review of the Lacrosse Hunting boots.

Purchase: I was looking for a good, durable rubber boot to hunt all winter with so I decided there was none better than the Lacrosse. I bought the boots at Uncle Lee's in Greenville, Ky for around $75 or $80. They have been well worth the money.- High-Tech Redneck

Likes: I like the way the boot feels on my feet and they have a cleat like bottom so there not as slippery as your typical rubber boot. Also the 1200g thinsulate comes in very handy when your in the deer stand or the duck blind.-High-Tech Redneck

Dislikes: The boots are a little heavy on your feet and might cause you concern if you have to walk very far but all in all they are excellent.- High-Tech Redneck

LaCrosse Alpha Burly (non-Insulated) Hunting Boot Reviews

Likes: Light weight, Extremely compared to my older Burly 800 Insulated boots. A pleasure to take on or take off. Light weight in the field during summer and fall. - Wood in Central Virginia

Dislikes: Made in China.- Wood in Central Virginia

Quality: Appears to be same quality that made the original LaCrosse brand famous.- Wood in Central Virginia

Summary: Great boot design & weight factor; I understand that ALL of LaCrosse products now made over there (China) & shipped back here. [Made in china label on inside of boot heel,it looks like they tried to hide it too!] Box made no mention of where the boots were made. If you want an American Made boot, this isn't your product anymore.- Wood in Central Virginia

LaCrosse Rubber Boots Thinsulate 800g Hunting Boot Reviews

Likes: Has round cleats on the sole which don't pick up much dirt,easier to clean then chevron cleats and these green boots are made in the USA. Insulated Rubber boots for walking in swamps,creeks or river bottoms <---No Problem. Boots are 17" high, dark green in color with yellow trim at top. My version of the Lacrosse boots has laces and fit in the ankles.-Wood

Dislikes: Newer Version doesn’t have laces, have chevron cleats on bottom only. Now La Crosse boots made in CHINA??? All of them I saw in Bass Pro came from China.- Wood

Quality: Mine were mad in USA,where I can expect them to last for 10 years with no problems. Great quality and will see you through many a hunting season. Not sure about the quality of boots made in other countries.- Wood

Also in the Lacrosse family of hunting boots are the following you may want to check out for yourself. We haven’t received any reviews of them, however given the Lacrosse reputation for quality their probably excellent hunting boots.

Lacrosse Brawny Hunting Boots

A super-tough, super-light, waterproof hunting boot that'll get you where you need to go in comfort. The Brawny™ features a rugged, 1000-denier Cordura® upper in Mossy Oak® Obsession.

GAME COUNTRY 10" 1600 GRAM This heavily insulated boot is made for the extreme hunter. It comes with 1600-gram insulation which is more insulation than a hunter will ever need. It also comes with a Hyper-dri waterproof lining to guarantee your boot is 100% waterproof. And the aggressive outsole will provide traction in just about any condition.

Rocky Hunting Boot Reviews

Rocky are one of my favorite brands of hunting boots. In particular the pair of wore for years of hunting was the Rocky Super Brutes which I believe Rocky no longer makes. I like hunting boots that can be worn for both small game and then take twelve hours on stand a few days later. The Super Brutes were very well insulated, but also let your feet breathe which is half the battle. After several years my boots finally gave out and began to leak a little, however I still keep them around for the occasion dry small game hunt and they still feel like wearing a set of running shoes. Judging from our list of Rocky Hunting Boot Reviews several others felt the same about their Rocky Boots.

Rocky Hunting Boot Reviews

Rocky Ranger Hunting Boots

Purchase: I bought the boots at Bass Pro Shops this time last year. I'm a huge Rocky fan and wanted something a little more versatile for those days that start out frigid and end up warm. I now own three pairs of Rocky's. Their the best lasting, wearing boots I've every owned.-Snipe Killer

Likes: All Rocky boots are great. Money is really an issue with me but I was still surprised at how cheap these are. I picked them up for just over one hundred dollars.-Snipe Killer

Dislikes: I can't think of a single thing. If I come up with something soon, I'll check back in with You. Snipe Killer

Rocky Sport Utility Hunting Boot Reviews

Likes: These Rocky's have 1000 grams of Thinsulate in each boot. If that won't keep your warm you might be dead. A few times late season hunting it got so cold and with the snow kicking in Colorado I had to call it a day early, that's a lot of the reason I went out and bought the new boots.- Stat7

Dislikes: They have camo, but I wish it was on the entire boots, not just certain areas. I keep staring at the tread on these things and I'm just not sure how it will do in the snow. I may try to update my review in a month or so if it gets published just to let you know.- Stat7

Quality: These things are really well made, almost too well as you have to unlace a lot of the boot just to get them on.- Stat7

Rocky Retraction Hunting Boot Reviews

Likes: This is the most comfortable boot I’ve ever worn. Holds up great under deep water stream crossing. broke in fast.- Nick Mays

Dislikes: Well it is a little heavy at times so I wouldn't recommend it if your doing a lot of spot and stalk. – Nick Mays

Quality: Very well made –Nick Mays

Summary: I love these boots a lot. IF I’m just walking to my tree stand and back.-Nick Mays

Rocky Blizzard Stalkers Hunting Boot Reviews

Purchase: I bought these 2 years ago at Gander Mountain on sale for about $80. I bought them because I was tired of my feet getting cold! - Chip

Likes: With 1200 grams of Thinsulate, these pac boots are rated to -135 degrees F. These boots are waterproof and are made of Cordura which makes them VERY tough! - Chip

Dislikes: They are fairly bulky (as most pac boots are). A little difficult to walk in since they aren't very flexible. –Chip

Summary: I've worn these through snow, rain, ice, and below zero temps and wind chills and my feet have never been cold in them. My first true test was when I laid in a cornfield hunting geese and the wind chill was -25. My feet were comfortable the whole time! For under a $100, these are really a bargain! Remember, they are not for walking. But for sitting in the duck blind or a treestand, you can't beat them!-Chip

Rocky Buckstalkers Hunting Boot Reviews

Likes: These boots are WARM! The temp was in the teens when I wore them the first time and my feet were warm (actually sweating)the whole day in my tree stand. -Chip

Dislikes: Nothing so far. -Chip

Quality: 17" rubber boot in Mossy Oak Camo. Scent control system blocks human odor. 1,000 grams of Thinsulate in the pair that I bought is excellent for long, cold days in the deer stand. 100% waterproof! -Chip

Summary: These are the best boots I've ever bought for sitting still. I bought a size bigger than I usually wear so that I could put on two layers of socks and still have room to wiggle my toes. Great buy!-Chip

New Hunting Boots From Rocky

Rocky ProHunter Boots for Men

Ultra-durable 1000 denier Cordura® nylon/full grain leather upper; lightweight EVA midsole for additional cushion and comfort. Exclusive new football cleat-inspired ROCKY Vibram® ProHunter outsole for extra grip. Color: Realtree Hardwoods Green®.

Rocky 8'' Lynx Scent IQ Boots for Men

Scent IQ lining eliminates human odor. Aggressively designed outsole provides sure footing. Avg. weight: 3.37 lbs. Color: Realtree Hardwoods Green® HD.

Rocky Revolver Boots for Men

Hate struggling with laces? This is the boot for you. Exclusive BOA Revolver lacing system offers a snug, customized fit by turning the dial. Then just pull on the dial--laces release instantly for super-easy removal. Especially handy when wearing heavy gloves! Includes a football cleat-like Vibram® ProHunter outsole for aggressive traction. Avg. weight: 3.5 lbs. Color: Mossy Oak® Break-Up®/Brown.

Rocky® Silent Hunter Boots for Men

1000 denier Cordura® nylon/full grain leather upper provides a barrier for your feet, while the zipped front adds another level of protection by keeping twigs and rocks out of your laces. Hook 'n' loop strap over the zipper clasp helps it stay put -- and stay quiet. Football-cleat inspired Vibram® ProHunter outsole is a ROCKY exclusive, anchoring your feet in rough terrain like no other. Color: Realtree Hardwoods.

That will wrap up part I of hunting boot reviews summary. Check back in the next week to read part two of our review summary. Pictured are the new Rocky Revolver Boots.

Click below to read all of our hunting boot reviews we’ve received over the last year.

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