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Hunting Scope Reviews - Part Two


Hunting Scope Reviews part two is the second in a three part series summarizing all of the hunting scope reviews we’ve received over the past year. If you are not familiar with our review process the reviews are written by you the Reader and not the manufacturer who will always tell you theirs is the best, or the website staff who may be swayed for one reason or another.

Bushnell Scope Reviews

Bushnell boasts of being the industry leader in high-performance optics for the last 50 years. Bushnell boasts leading market share in all of the sports optics categories, and our products have consistently won design and performance awards from prestigious organizations. Our product lines enhance the enjoyment of every outdoor pursuit from spectator sports, nature study, hunting, fishing and birding to stargazing. Indoors, binoculars bring the audience closer to the action in fast-moving sports or the fine arts at theaters and concerts. – Bushnell Website

Bushnell Banner Scope Review

Likes: Not a lot, it's dim compared to my old scope and doesn't offer the field of view. The ad says allows more light in and I am thinking allows more light in than what a bucket. It was cheap which is about the only good thing to say about the scope other than it was made cheap by whatever country made it over there.- Clay, Parkersburg, WV

Dislikes: It's dark and I can't seem to hit the same place twice in one day. I'd reckon the bullet makers made this scope just to make money off the dumb clucks who buy it and try to site it in. . . .- Clay, Parkersburg, WV

Likes: I like the price for 1, and it seems pretty clear for an inexpensive scope. I took it out on my NEF 223 and sighted it in all adjustments were very crisp. the ao does not seem to be very accurate though. my laser range finder marked the distance at 100yards but the ao had to be adjusted to nearly 150 yards to clearup. -Aaron McKinney

Dislikes: as described above the ao does not seem to be accurate on the scope that i purchased.- Aaron McKinney

Summary: the scope shoots well and holds a good zero even after ridding in my truck bounding around the deer lease for about 3 months. overall i like the scope i will probably buy anotherone for my 234 befor next deer season.- Aaron McKinney

Bushnell Elite 3200 Hunting Scope Review

Likes: We have shot with three different Bushnell scopes, ranging from cheap to moderately expensive. While the 3200 Elite was more expensive than the other scopes it has performed extremely well. It gives us excellent light transmission at all times of day (we were even able to pot two cat killing varmints by a full moon with no trouble.) The "rainguard" feature keeps the lenses from fogging regardless of the weather. Sighting in was relatively easy, and the scope keeps shot groups consistent and tight.- Robert N. Cadwalader

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Dislikes: I would prefer all Elite models to have a sun shade with them. It's a useful tool when shooting anywhere near towards the sun and should be cheap enough to include with the scope. The size of the front objective lense (50mm) required that we remove the rear sight from the Remington Model 710 when we mounted the scope. I think that a slightly longer scope would allow it to sit a bit lower and more forward of iron sights.- Robert N. Cadwalader

Summary: I have shot with more expensive scopes as well as cheaper ones. The Busnell 3200 Elite group of scopes seems to be an excellent compromise between too cheap and too expensive. Much more expensive scopes do not offer noticeable increases in light transmission. Cheaper scopes tend to loose accuracy when used on rifles with heavier recoil. We will probably buy more of these scopes in the next year.- Robert N. Cadwalader

Bushnell Trophy Scope Review

Likes: The variable powers,multi-coated optics,100% waterproof/fogproof/and shockproof constuction.Also the fast- focus eyepiece. – Rusty Cook

Dislikes: Nothing really!- Rusty Cook

Summary: Really pleased with it overall!-Rusty Cook

Bushnell shotgun scope Reviews

Likes: All of my Bushnell optics have a clear view. Easy to sight in never lost zero. I also have a spotting scope made by Bushnell and it has stood up to everything I have put it through.- predatorak

Dislikes: Nothing -predatorak

Summary: More than worth the cost.- predatorak

Bushnell Elite Hunting Scope Reviews

Purchase: After a serious sheep hunt and snow storm, my scope finally packed it in. Water inside the tube. As it turned out I needed a scope quickly for a long planned hunt for Sitka Blacktail on Canadas Queen Charlotte Islands. This is the best scope I have ever had, it rained for 10 days strait and I always had a site picture with little fogging.- Kimber 96

Likes: Serious waterproofing with high end optics. –Kimber 96

Carl Zeiss Hunting Scope Reviews

Purchase: I'm very pleased to find your site. Thank You. The reason I bought the Zeiss is kind of a long story. I'll do my best to shorten it up. When buying my new mini-DV video recorder the Salesperson showed me the difference in quality between two video cameras one with an off brand lens and the other with the Carl Zeiss Lens. The Zeiss lens was crystal clear and almost enhanced the vibrant colors of the store. The off brand was just mediocre. When I purchased my new Sako a few weeks back I considered many scopes and then queried the net to see if anyone offered a Carl Zeiss lens and to my surprise Zeiss actually makes high end scopes. There wasn't a decision to be made after discovering the Carl Zeiss website. –Arthur V.

Likes: The scope provides excellent images. It manages to bring in vivid light in all, but the darkest conditions. I also like the 3 x 12 offering. This will not only be my NY deer hunting rifle, but also my safari and out west rifle. Since I haven't had the scope just a few weeks it hasn't seen the rain, or for that matter clear weather. I can only go with what I read and from that it has an excellent reputation in my book. –Arthur V.

Dislikes: For I am not thy one to be-little.-Arthur V.

Quality: This is a fine tool.-Arthur V.

Summary: The groups I am producing are some of the best I've experienced. The quality of this optic is second to none. They charge a premium price for a premium product, but as my father taught me, you must pay for quality. Arthur V.

Zeiss 3.5 x 10 conquest Rifle Scope Reviews

Purchase: Purchased Sept 04 thru internet approx $530.00 conquest recommended by a friend

Likes: Excellent quality. good price

Dislikes: so far, so good

Summary: My next scope will be in the $1000 range and I am now shopping for a new "deer" rifle that will serve me well for my first Elk Hunt in 2005. My previous scopes have been cheap $150. The conquest has helped me determine that quality is worth the extra price.

Zeiss Conquest Rifle Scope Reviews

Likes: It is clear and crisp. Very bright-Bucksnort

Dislikes: I don't like the adjustment knobs. Since the scope is from Germany it doesn't have a directional arrow pointing U/D R/L. Adjusting the scope reticle right or left is opposite from an American made scope.-Bucksnort

Quality: Rugged and beautiful.-Bucksnort

Summary: I'd purchase another in a heartbeat. Just make sure you bring your instructions with you when going to sight it in.-Bucksnort

That’s it for part two of Hunting Scope Reviews. Check back next week for part three and our overall summary of the rifle scope reviews we’ve received in the last year.

Nikon Scope Reviews

Nikon Prostaff Review

Likes: First, I couldn't beat the price. I was purchasing an economical rifle (less than $500) and didn't want to break the bank on a scope (saving for a really expensive one to put on a really expensive rifle in the future). Although there are cheaper scopes, I don't know if there are any cheaper with the same features, ones that I think are must: clear quality optics, fogproof, and lifetime warranty, which takes some of the risk out of a purchasing decision. Like I mentioned, I compared the quality of the view through the Prostaff to the Leopold Rifleman and more expensive scopes. Maybe I can't discriminate well enough yet, but I could not see a difference. It could also have been my imagination, but I thought the Prostaff was clearer than the Rifleman (I had initially thought I was going to buy the rifleman when I got there, because I just read about them in magazines and I am a sucker for those glowing testimonials from shooting editors.)- John Gierke

Likes: I like the camo version of the unit, being that it fairly new to the market. Not only that but also the fact the it is produce by nikon, a well known optic manufacture. I feel that i can trust this unit, and rely on the fact that it will fulfill my needs.- jhang

Summary: If you are buying your first scope or you have used those models that commonly come in package deals, you feel that you bought yourself an elite scope at great price. I am not sure how you might feel if you are one who has been using scopes that cost as much or more than the rifle they are mounted to, but if you will surely be happy if you are graduating from those $50 models. Note: Rating is based on the class of scopes in the $100-$250 range.-John Gierke

Dislikes: one thing i do not like about this unit that is confuses me when it comes to adjusting the scope. The diresction on the scope or adjustment whether it goes up or down, left or right, does not correspond with either moving your shot to that direction, yet it is the opposite of it.-jhang

Quality: the construction of and quality of the unit is superb. I like the lighting and potential that the manufacture lives up to, being one of the best optic out there.-jhang

Nikon Prostaff shotgun Scope Reviews

Likes: lightweight compact very bright and clear percise adjustments- Dan Wafer

Quality: one piece aluminum, matte finish, excellent quality with 4 inch eye relief which is great for a shotgun or muzzleloader and I have one on each type of gun- Dan Wafer

Summary: I believe the quality and clarity of this scope exceeds other scopes I have used costing twice as much. For the money it is a best buy. I especially like the light transmission, the 2X7 variable feature and the 4 inches of eye relief.- Dan Wafer

That’s it for part two of Hunting Scope Reviews. Check back next week for part three and our overall summary of the rifle scope reviews we’ve received in the last year.

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