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Hunting Boots – Review Summary Part Two


Hunting boots are one of the most valuable pieces of your hunting gear that you really don’t think about until they go bad and you need another pair. There are many hunting boots makers out on the market all telling you they make the best hunting boots. In Part Two of our Hunting Boots review summary we condense all of the reviews we’ve received over the last year into an informative article you can quickly get the hunting boot information you need, make your purchase and have one less thing to worry about this hunting season.

In part one we reviewed hunting boots from the Lacrosse Hunting Boots and Rocky. Rocky boots was our clear cut winner receiving the most reviews and most excellent ratings over the Reviews of Lacrosse Hunting Boots. In part two of our review summary of hunting boots we will take a close look at some of the other contestants vying for your hard earned dollar in the hunting boot arena.

L.L. Bean Hunting Boot Reviews

L.L. Bean only received two reviews of hunting boots, but I decided to mention them just the same. They have an excellent reputation for fit and quality and judging from the pair I owned they live up to this reputation quite well. I also just noticed that L.L. Bean is selling hunting boots from LaCrosse, Irish Setter and Danner. Perhaps this is a sign of them selling more than just their name brand hunting boots in the future. In particular they have a pair of hunting boots named the Danner Jackal. They look like they would be great stalking boots and are designed for you to feel everything under foot such as the stick you’re about to send an alert to animal kingdom the moment you step down hard on it. I may just have to add a pair of Danner Jackals to my collection in the next few weeks.

I also liked the Gore-Tex Kangaroo Upland Hunting Boots they show on their site. These look like they’d be great boots for those all day pheasant hunts. These boots are made of Kagaroo leather with a gore-tex lining. Did you know that Kangaroo Leather is 60% stronger than Cowhide of the same weight? Believe it or not it’s true.

L.L. Bean's Ridgeback Hunters Hunting Boots

Likes: I like these boots! They feel like my old pair of Rockies that are now in semi-retirement summoned only for shoveling stalls. These could easily go from Elk hunting to coon hunting that night. Their also very supportive for walking over rough terrain and the like. – Paul M. Idaho

Dislikes: With me getting older by the end of the day my legs are dragging especially if I'm trying to keep up with one of my Step-sons. What I'm trying to say is there not as light as I'd like them to be. Their kind of like an old enduro bike half on road half off.-Paul M. Idaho

Summary: Nice pair of boots, just a little heavy for my taste and age. Great site, I wish I had found it sooner. Will definitely send the link to my boys.- Paul M. Idaho

LL Bean Maine Hunting Boot Reviews

Likes: They are water proof.- Jim S.

Dislikes: The quality is not what I am used to from LL Bean the leather is not supple like the old ones used to be and they are not high enough. The sizes are not what they used to be as I wear a size 11 but the new ones had to be a 12 because the size 11 they have now run smaller than they used to and they do not carry 11 1/2. The leather uppers are not made the same and it is hard to get them to fit right around the ankle and they give very little support to the ankle. The return policy is fine but the second pair is the same as the first and the salesman says they need to be broken in. The tread design is also not very aggressive and they tend to be slippery in muddy conditions but so were the older models but the older models seemed to fit better and were much more comfortable to wear all day long.- Jim S.

Quality: I guess the construction is OK but have not had them long enough to judge the durability but the comfort is terrible with no support.-Jim S.

Summary: I have the impression that LL Bean has made the boot to be good looking or fashionable with little thought to comfort while actually hunting.- Jim S.

Cabela’s Hunting Boot Reviews

Cabela’s has a great reputation for the quality and price of their products. Cabela’s Hunting boots are no exception to this rule. Cabela’s hunting boots are all first class. They put a lot of time and effort into knowing and buying exactly what the consumers want.

Cabela’s Hunting Boot Reviews



Dislikes: NOTHING AT ALL!- Brian S.



Cabela's Predator Pac Hunting Boots

Likes: 1,200 grams of insulation will do it every time. These boots are warm plus some. Very well made and not as heavy as you'd think. As always I'm the one who ends up having to cross the deepest part of the creek. Not an ounce of water entered so I'd say their very waterproof. The water was almost, if not at the top of the hunting boots.- Rich S.

Dislikes: The reason I bought the boots was because my feet always get cold on stand. I always try to get away with wearing the same boots for all of my hunting needs and this was a mistake for these boots. Their just to warm for large amounts of walking. I don't want to pick on the boot, because small game walking isn't what it's designed for, but it is nice being able to accomplish both big and small game with the same boots.- Rich S.

Quality: As you would expect with Cabela's very well made. – Rich S.

Summary: Great boots if you're a stand hunter, if you still hunt, or have plans on wearing these small game hunting then I would suggest another boot. Somewhere there is a trade off, between walking and warmth.- Rich S.

Cabelas amor-flex supermag Hunting Boots Waders

Purchase: I have duck hunted all my life and have just turned 15. I have always used hogdman wader until i discovered these cabelas waders that I have had 4 two hardcore duck seasons and have yet to get cold or wet. the armor flex design is really tough ,. I paid 179.99 for these badboys- Duckbuster

Likes: the hogmans I use to use would over barbwire and briers that me and friends would have to cross to get to our hunting spot but these have never even come close.-Duckbuster

Dislikes: the boot grip isn’t the best on toughs crisp cold icy mornings.-Duckbuster

Quality: very tough,warm,and long lasting-Duckbuster

Summary: great duck hunting waders for those who hunt more then they don’t hunt.-Duckbuster

Cabela`s scent free rubber boots 1200 gram thinsulate Hunting Boot Review

Purchase: Cabela`s catalog purchase, I purchased these boots knowing Cabela`s only puts their name on quality products and at 69.99 they were $20-$30 less than the big name boot manufacturers product.-Jim L.

Likes: Terrific fit, easy to walk in and these boots do not pull your socks off as you walk. Best of all they are WARM!- Jim L.

Quality: Excellent construction, very durable.- Jim L.

Summary: Typical Cabela`s product simply the best.-Jim L.

Redhead Hunting Boot Reviews

Redhead Hunting Boots is the in-house brand of Bass Pro. I can tell you from experience Bass Pro doesn’t put their name on something unless they are 100% convinced it is a quality product. Redhead Hunting Boots come in a variety of models one of which is sure to fit your hunting style. Not only does Bass Pro sell their own brand of hunting boots-Redhead, but also offer several other brands as well one of which will fit your need.

RedHead Hunting Boot Reviews

Redhead Snake Hunting Boots

Likes: well when I bought the boots I liked the price compared to rockys and they were snake boots ,waterproof and looked nice...when I received them they also fit nice.-don

Dislikes: well I wear them 4 times the first season and it was dry I live in Florida and don’t hunt in much water ... this year it was wet out there and the first time I stepped in water my feet got soaked and I was mad .. These boots were supposed to be waterproof they advertise that 100% waterproof. -don

Quality: the boots seem to be made well for snake boots 16 inch high ,the cortex lining and such-don

Summary: well I wont buy read head again if there not waterproof like they say then they might not be snakproof either... buy rockys they are what they say and if your like me and don’t hunt all the time then you wont find out what’s wrong with the boot till the warranty run out.-don

Redhead Ultra Snake Hunting Boots

Likes: For a great product for the medium budget hunter looking for professional budget snake boots, I would recommend the purchase of the Redhead Ultra 16 Snake Boot. I am thoroughly pleased with the Redhead Ultra 16 Snake Boots that I purchased from Bass Pro Shops. The camouflage definition (Realtree Hardwoods Green) is amazing on this particular pair of snake boots. They also offer a full 16 inches of protection against any rattler or copperhead in a foul mood and complete waterproof protection to your feet (pretty important on those long fall walks after that trophy buck).- Tim

Quality: These boots feature a very comfortable water proof liner that keeps your feet completely dry on even the wettest of hunting days. They are also very comfortable to wear as they are extremely well padded up the legs of the boot and the insole is wonderful while tracking your kill down the most tricky of hillsides. In addition to their complete protection from snakebite, these are the most comfortable snake boot that I have ever worn (I have tried a few). The sole gives the hunter tremendous traction on even the rockiest or steepest terrains while effectively supporting the ankle for a weak ankled former college athlete such as myself. These are a well-built, high-quality hunting boot made from the best of materials and craftsmanship.-Tim

Summary: I would fully recommend to anyone that they purchase a pair of the Redhead Ultra 16 Snake Boots as I am sure that they would not be disappointed in their purchase. They are just one more great piece of hunting gear produced by the folks at Bass Pro Shops. A great product at a great price delivered in record time by a company dedicated to the hunter and fisheman in all of us.-Tim

Redhead Bales II Hunting Boots

Purchase: Acquired the Redhead Hiking/Hunting Boots from the Bass & Pro Shop located in Newport News, VA. I only paid $39.95 on sale for a $59.95 value item.- Pat K.

Likes: The shoes fit comfortable when I first tried them on. They are waterproof and made of solid leather that is soft and comfortable. We purchased them for riding motorcycles and to keep our feet dry. The soles are also very good and the boot looks good instead of large and bulky.- Pat K.

Summary: This waterproof leather boot is comfortable and looks good. It covers the ankles, provides support, and is comfortable. The price is also great!- Pat K.

RedHead Osage Hunting Boots - Review

Purchase: Hunting boots aren't high on my list of items to maintain and because of that I find myself with several pairs that are half dried out, half caked in mud and a third half with a family of mice living in them. This year I decided to start over with a couple of new pairs of hunting boots. The first pair I bought was the Osage hunting boots from Redhead. I've been wearing these boots for all of my pre-season scouting and their already fitting like a glove which is what you want in a pair of hunting boots. I paid about $120 for them.- D.M.

Likes: These hunting boots are lightweight and are doing great on cool mornings, but aren't caked with insulation making my feet sweat. They have their purpose which is to be my archery hunting boots. I also like the sole which is easy to walk on and doesn't bring half the forest up with each step I take.- D.M.

Summary: A great pair of hunting boots. I've worn them for scouting several times now and they feel and look great. They would also make a nice work boot and wouldn't have to be used just for hunting.-D.M.

End of Redhead Hunting Boot Reviews

Field And Stream Swamp Stalker 1000 Hunting Boots

Likes: I really like the boots. First, they have 1000 grams of Thinsulate and are very comfortable to walk in. The first time I wore them, felt like the thousandth.- Kevin K.

Dislikes: The one thing that I wasn't real crazy about with these boots is that the fitted ankle can be a little tricky in getting your foot past. Also, for guys that have fairly thick calves, they can be kinda tight even with the sizer strap on the side.- Kevin K.

Quality: The boot has a good sole with very good traction. The first day that I wore them, I didn't slip once while walking to my hunting spot in the dark.-Kevin K.

Guide Gear Rubber Hunting boot Reviews

Likes: These boots are VERY WARM, and surprisingly comfortable for a rubber boot. They are smaller at the ankle than other rubber boots that I have purchased in the past, which helps to keep them from "EATING MY SOCKS" (my socks don't end up down at my toes inside my boots. It also keeps them from causing blisters on my heels. Also a great camo pattern.- Tim D.

Quality: The boots seem to tough enough for anything I would use them for.- Tim D.

Summary: This is an all around great boot. I highly recommend it to everyone ! ! ! – Tim D.

Boot Blanket Reviews

Here’s a great idea someone had. Who cares about the quality of your hunting boots, just carry a pair of boot blankets out in the woods with you and you’re set to go. I suffer horribly from cold feet, no matter what pair of hunting boots I wear after about two hours in my treestand I begin to feel my toes go numb and soon after my feet are screaming for me to go for a little walk. I always tough it out, but I don’t have to tell you that cold feet make for a long day in the treestand. Bass Pro sells the Artic Shield brand of boot blanket proven to protect your feet down to -109 degrees. Here’s their description from the Bass Pro site.

ArcticShield® High-Efficiency Insulators How can you keep your fingers toasty warm at the most extreme temperatures? Wear ArcticShield. This incredibly efficient insulator has been proven effective at -109°F, making it the only option for bitter cold weather. Using patented Retain™ technology, which positions an aluminized middle layer between advanced thermoplastic fabrics, ArcticShield captures and returns up to 97% of your own body heat, to keep you comfortable even in sub-polar conditions. Lightweight, tough and naturally water resistant, too!

Simply slip over your boots for total warmth even in below-zero temps - no chemicals, no batteries. Weighs just 9 oz.; rolls up and stuffs easily into a pocket. Imported. $44.95 from the Bass Pro site.

That ends Hunting & Fishing Gear Review’s Review Summary of Hunting Boots. In Part Three we’ll share with you are remaining reviews as well as tell you about some of the newest hunting boots on the markets and technologies that are making hunting boots better each and every year.

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