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LaCrosse redefines the rubber boot market with new Alpha Technology

Press Release

Portland, Ore. – For Fall 2003 LaCrosse Footwear is introducing its latest innovation in rubber technology: the Alpha series. Alpha technology, a LaCrosse exclusive, redesigns the rubber boot from the outside in using a patent-pending combination of neoprene and rubber to create the lightest, best-fitting scent-free rubber boots on the market.

Alpha technology combines the foot-hugging fit, light weight and flexibility of neoprene with the scent-free durability of rubber to create a whole new experience in comfort and mobility. Alpha’s patent-pending laminate technology combines lightweight, 3.5mm neoprene with a tough yet flexible rubber skin for scent-free waterproof performance that hunters have come to trust from LaCrosse. Because the neoprene and rubber uppers are so flexible they can be rolled down making them easier to put on than traditional rubber boots. They can also be rolled up and packed effortlessly for travel.

The new Alpha series includes boots designed for hunting, farm and agriculture, general recreation and chores. The 18” AlphaBurly® Sport is made with the new Sport Chassis, an aggressive midsole/outsole system that cradles the heel and forefoot areas, locking them in place. This provides optimum lateral support and exceptional stability on uneven terrain, which allows the hunter to cover more ground comfortably. In addition to the Sport Chassis, a lightweight fiberglass shank provides arch support and torsional rigidity, while a cushioning EVA midsole and footbed gives the hunter exceptional comfort and added insulation. A fleece lining provides additional warmth and comfort. The back gusset with Cam-Loc buckle system provides extra room for bulky clothing or larger calves.

The AlphaBurly has the same upper design as the Sport, but uses a traditional Trac-Lite™, rubber outsole instead of the Sport Chassis. This outsole provides traction in mud, water and slop.

On the shelf the Alpha boots look very similar to the already popular Burly® and Grange® rubber boots that hunters and farmers have been using for decades. However, the Alpha series is radically different from its all-rubber equivalent. At 3.6 lbs per pair Alpha boots are a third lighter than most rubber boots, but still provide the scent-free and waterproof protection hunters need in the field. In fact, the Alpha series is the first truly scent-free neoprene and rubber boot available. The difference is truly realized once they are tried on. The fit, comfort, and support are unlike any other rubber boots around.

The AlphaBurly Sport will be available to consumers in July 2003. The Sport is offered in two new camouflage patters, Mossy Oak® New Break-Up™ and Realtree® Hardwoods™ HD. LaCrosse is also the official boot of Buckmasters™, the largest whitetail deer hunting association, with the AlphaBurly Sport Buckmasters™ in Advantage® Timber™. Sizing is from 6-15 in whole sizes only and the suggested retail price is $89.95.

The AlphaBurly is offered in the traditional LaCrosse OD Green as well as Mossy Oak New Break-Up. There is also a youth style in OD Green in sizes 11-6, which will fit women up to size 7. Suggested retail ranges from $39.95-$69.95. Additional Alpha boots include the 17” AlphaGrange® and 9” AlphaMule. Both styles have a rubber chevron cleated outsole, a lightweight fiberglass shank and a cushioning EVA footbed. These are also available to consumers in July for a suggested price of $44.95 to $49.95.

LaCrosse Footwear Inc., markets premium-quality, high performance footwear for the recreation, sporting, farm, occupational, and military markets. Visit LaCrosse online at


Zebco-Van Staal Joins Line Up Of Brands For Avid Anglers At Zebco/W.C. Bradley Co.

Press Release

TULSA, OK. - The Zebco fishing tackle business of W.C. Bradley Co. has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire the Van Staal brand and products from Reel Ventures, LLC. Van Staal provides uniquely designed, super premium saltwater fishing tackle for demanding anglers. The transaction is expected to close by September 30, 2003. Details of the transaction are not being released at this time.

Zebco was purchased by privately held W.C. Bradley Co. in June of 2001 and since that time there have been steady investments in research and development, new product development, product quality and customer service. At the July, 2003 ICAST trade show, Zebco launched its first Quantum Performance Tuned line of inshore saltwater tackle. The acquisition of Van Staal adds a super-premium saltwater brand of reels and accessories. Tim Horne, President and COO of the W.C. Bradley Co. Home Leisure Group said, “When we purchased Zebco, we intended it to be a platform company around which complementary acquisitions would support the business’ growth plans. This is now underway.”

The Van Staal brand originated in surf fishing in the Northeast and is known for a line of fully machined and sealed spinning reels retailing for $500-$600 and titanium pliers retailing for $200-$300. Recently Van Staal has also introduced fully machined and sealed saltwater fly reels under the CVEX name retailing for $400-$600.

Explaining the reasons for their interest in Van Staal, Jeff Pontius, President of Zebco, said, “The Van Staal acquisition is more about where we are going than where we have been. It provides a product line and brand name at a super premium price position that complements our direction with Quantum. Van Staal also provides an opportunity to apply the level of engineering and technical capability we have built over the past several years. Plus, as fishermen, we think these are just awesome reels and we’ll be proud to both build them and fish them!”

“We are looking forward to providing a secure home for the Van Staal brand,” said Pontius, “and we want Van Staal owners and retailers to know that we will take a long-term view toward supporting and growing Van Staal.” Upon completion of the transaction, Zebco will assume responsibility for all warranty, service and parts supply. Zebco wishes to acknowledge and thank the principals of Reel Ventures, LLC, Rick Hersom and Michael Rigoli for their cooperation and support in assisting this transition. Future guidance on supply will be forthcoming when planning is complete and target dates can be provided.

“At this point, it is our intent to continue to support all three product lines, spinning, fly, and pliers,” said Pontius. “Going forward, we will create a small dedicated business unit for Van Staal and clearly we will be listening to the marketplace as we begin formulating plans for future development.” Download Microsoft Word Version of this statement here.


Mathews Archery LX

Press Release

The Mathews LX features the new HP (High Performance) Single Cam - it is the Least Complex, Most Advanced cam ever engineered! The HP cam is a sealed ball bearing cam with 65% and 80% let-off adjustable.

Note: When changing let-off you are also adjusting the draw by 1/2" If you switch from 65% to 80% you will gain 1/2". And when switching from 80% to 65% you will lose 1/2".

The LX also features our new V-Lock Zero Tolerance Limb System.

Specifications IBO Rating (FPS) (approx.) 317 at 65% 315 at 80% AMO Rating

(FPS) (approx.) 240 at 65% 238 at 80%

Cam(s) High Performance Cam Draw Weight 40, 50, 60, 70 lbs.

Draw Length 25-30 in. Half Sizes 25.5 - 29.5 in.

Axle to Axle Length (approx) 35 in.

Brace Height (approx.) 6 5/8 in.

Riser Length 24.5 in.

Physical Weight (approx.) 4.25 lbs.

Letoff (%) 65% or 80%

String/Cable Length String 98 5/8" Cable 37 5/8"


Trailmaster's Active Infrared Trail Camera


TrailMaster’s TM1550 is a Second Generation two-piece active infrared trail monitoring system which uses an invisible infrared beam across the trail between the transmitter and receiver. (150 ft./45 m. range)

The infrared energy is transmitted as a wide beam from the transmitter, and received in a small 3/8" diameter window on the receiver. The only part of the transmitted beam which is sensitive to being broken is the narrow 3/8" beam which is received by the receiver. See Figure 1 below. By setting the beam at the chest height of the animal you wish to monitor, and controlling the length of time the beam must be blocked before it registers as an event, you can count only the animals you want, and ignore other animals or objects which pass through the beam.

This patented TrailMaster system provides a monitor which is easy to align, but one with selective sensitivity to allow you to monitor for movement of specific game. The TM1550 Second Generation two-piece active infrared trail monitor and its accessories are the standard by which all other trail monitors are measured.

Two piece Active infrared technology sets the standard in trail monitoring technologies. Each time an animal passes through the infrared beam, the event is recorded by date and time to the minute. This event information is stored in the TM1550’s non-volatile memory. If the optional TM35-1 Camera Kit is attached, the TM1550 system can also take a photograph of the animal as it breaks the beam.

The TM1550 lets you record and store more than 1000 events. With the TrailMaster TM1550 you can collect event information and take photographs which will show patterns of game movement and prevent drawing incorrect conclusions based on a small number of events.

Uses an invisible active infrared light beam

Can be easily set for specific game

Records date and time to the minute of each event

Can store over 1000 events

Distance between transmitter and receiver can be up to 150 feet (45m)

Non-Volatile memory *

Password protected *

Advanced camera controls *

Operates 8 month to a 1 year on C-cell batteries*

Compact, rugged, and easy to set up

Accepts optional accessories (TM35-1&camera kit, TM Multi- CameraTrigger II,TM24 Portable printer or TM Data Collector and TM StatPack for data analysis

Weather-proof (Temp. range: -40°F / -40°C. to 130°F / 55°C)

Receiver 7.5 x 3.5 x 2.1 inches (10ounces**)

Transmitter 4.75 x 3.25 x 1.8 inches (17ounces**)

* NEW FEARURES ON THE TM1550 **Without batteries


Tracker Radio-Coon Hunting Dog Tracker

Press Release

The Maxima receiver is the most technically advanced directional dog tracking receiver available.

It is a fully synthesized receiver, capable of 1000 channel, 2000 channel, or 5000 channel reception, and programmable for 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 collars. The user can punch in the frequencies of all the collars owned, and any others quickly and easily. To use the receiver, the hunter unfolds the antennas attached to the receiver by stainless steel hinges, and turns it on.

In the manual mode, the user simply turns down the gain and soon he will receive a "beep" in the direction of the dog. The large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and excellent speaker provide the user with two methods to determine his direction to his collars. The backlighting system for the LCD allows easy day or night use.

The FCC rates the system as 12 miles line of sight, with 2.25-4 miles normal in the Ozark Mountains, and 4-7 in rolling mid-western terrain, and the full 12 miles in areas like West Texas. Like all Tracker receivers, it is lightweight - 14 ounces - and folds for easy storage.

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews

Rick Clunn Series

Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo

Rod and Reel Combos

Since I was a kid I never miss reading an issue of Outdoor Life. When I read this reel had won an award from them, I knew it was my next purchase. I figured I would put it through my own little torture test and that's jsut what I did this Summer. Don't trust my memory, but I'd say I spent about $130.00 on it back in May.

Love the reel, the rods okay. The reel has a great feel to it, and some device called a free floter which just about eliminates line drag when casting. I take chances trying to sneak my worm into places others wouldn't attempt. I look at it like each big daddy has a small area he protects much like a big buck. Well that small area is often a brush pile spilling into the lake and that might be his turf. Laugh if you want, but that mentality has landed me some nice fish on days others were just casting away.

I'm not thrilled with the rod, it has a strange feel that I'm not used to. Maybe Rick Clunn likes that feel, I'm not thrilled with it. I kind of feel most of the money went toward this jewel of a reel. We are getting close to dipping into my hunting season budget so what I plan on doing is matching the reel up to a good quality rod the way I like sometime after the first of the year.

Both the rod and reel are no doubt well made. I'm partial to the reel and will say it seems extremely well made. I will probably end up selling the rod to a friend or take it to the flea market.

Dinners ready so I have to run, my last piece of advise is see if you can buy just the reel, you'll love it. Overall it's a 5, it's the rod that I wasn't thrilled with.A 4.


Bill G.


Ridgeback Hunters

Hunting Boots

My Wife gave them to me for my birthday just a little while back. I looked on their website and I'll take a guess and say she paid $150 here or there.

I like these boots! They feel like my old pair of Rockies that are now in semi-retirement summoned only for shoveling stalls. These could easily go from Elk hunting to coon hunting that night. Their also very supportive for walking over rough terrain and the like.

With me getting older by the end of the day my legs are dragging especially if I'm trying to keep up with one of my Step-sons. What I'm trying to say is there not as light as I'd like them to be. Their kind of like an old enduro bike half on road half off.

You can bet their well made. You won't have to take or send these back.

Nice pair of boots, just a little heavy for my taste and age. Great site, I wish I had found it sooner. Will definitely send the link to my boys.


Paul Mestruer Idaho

RedHead Tree Stand Shooting Rail

Shooting Rail Armrest

Tree Stands

When I purchased my stand last year I didn't buy the optional shooting rail. I'm an okay shot, but don't put a lot of time in shooting especially from the sitting position. I missed a very nice buck on the first day of the Ohio season last year. I remember seeing the scope bounce around when for some reason I pulled, not squeezed the trigger.

This year I will have something to rest my gun on just like at the range. Because of the approach of the big one last year(dead-On) I didn't have anything to rest the gun on. This unit is solid and will allow me to rest the gun securely if things happen as they did last year.

I'm very pleased with it, especially at $19.98. No complaints as of now.

It's well made and in the couple of times I've attached it fit well with very little movement.

If you don't have a rail you should consider buying one. Not only will it help me shoot better, it has also another added measure of security when 20 foot up in a tree. By the way the big one I missed is still living as far as we know. Maybe I'll get my chance this year. Great site we've needed something like this for a long time. Already told the guys at work about it and they like it also.


Chuck S. Columbus, OH

Bausch & Lomb

Custom 10x40 Binocular


Paid about $160 on-line at Cabela's. I needed a pair of binoculars for duck hunting and didn't want to pay an arm and a leg.

Adjustments are really sweet. It's hard for me, apparently because of how close my eyes are, to get a pair of binoculars that really works for me. This model is very comfortable and the optics are just as clear as day.

I guess I would have preferred an armored casing and maybe camo pattern, but the black is not really that shiny and probably won't cause me a problem when I'm sitting in my blind.

Obviously, bausch & lomb are quality optics and these binoculars are proof of that.

I think they were a bit expensive to tell you the truth, but I trust the brand and they've been around forever. I've never heard anything bad about them and I wanted to get a pair that would last for a while.


Jake Schlesinger


Medium Supercast Reel

Fishing Reels

I scooped this unit up off The Sierra Trading It was on sale for $99.96 which I think is a good bargain.

Very smooth!

I'd like it to cast a little further. I'm never satisfied with my casts probably because I try to keep the weight to a minimum to make the presentation very life like.

A fine piece of machinery.

I haven't had it long enough to finalize my comments. I however don't see how someone can go wrong with such a nice setup.




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