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Coleman Portable Heater


Hunting- Petite doesn’t mean puny when it comes to the Coleman® Exponent® XtremeCat™ Catalytic Heater. Lightweight and portable, it is ideal for hunting, campers, cross-country skiers, hikers and other cold-weather buffs who enjoy the outdoors even when temperatures are low.

Weighing just 1.7 pounds, the XtremeCat model is the lightest Coleman heater available, and is the first and only heater in the company’s Coleman Exponent remote camping product line. It produces a flameless and whisper-quiet heat, and features the same platinum catalytic technology used in the larger Coleman catalytic heaters.

With its compact size and packable weight, the XtremeCat model is suitable for taking along on daytrips or overnight adventures such as hunting, ice fishing, hut-to-hut skiing and tent camping. It can be used inside tents, cabins, huts and other enclosed – but ventilated – spaces.

The XtremeCat heater provides 800 Btu of power – just enough warmth to take the bite out of cold weather. One 7.75-ounce cylinder of butane/propane fuel operates the heater up to 13 hours a full day of fishing or hunting.

Included with the heater are a canvas storage case and a durable base to give the unit more stability when in use. With the padded case and separate base, as well as a full canister of fuel, the XtremeCat heater’s pack weight is 2.5 pounds.

Suggested retail price of the heater is $27. Sold separately, a single canister of Coleman butane/propane fuel retails for approximately $4.

Coleman Heaters Catalytic Technology

Coleman and Coleman Exponent catalytic heaters are reliable sources of heat that operate using platinum catalytic technology to provide warmth without flames. The efficient catalytic process converts nearly 100 percent of the propane or butane/propane blended fuel to heat energy.

In the catalytic process, propane or butane/propane gas is brought into contact with oxygen in the air in the presence of a catalyst. The resulting chemical reaction generates heat.

In addition to comfort and efficiency, the catalytic process produces fewer gases (such as nitrous oxide or carbon monoxide) than conventional flame or radiant combustion at normal oxygen levels. It is important to remember that all combustion consumes oxygen; although all of the Coleman catalytic heaters have been approved for indoor use, some ventilation is required to minimize oxygen depletion.

About Coleman:

The Coleman Exponent product line is available exclusively through sporting goods and outdoor retailers throughout the United States.

The Coleman Company, Inc. manufactures and distributes products for camping, backpacking, tailgating, backyard grilling and other outdoor leisure-time activities. Widely available in the United States, Canada and more than 100 countries worldwide, Coleman products can be found at outdoor retailers, sporting goods stores,hunting gear shops, mass merchants, hardware home centers, food and drug stores, and online retailers.

Also available is the Coleman® Outernet™ site – a convenient new resource for outdoor travel planning. Accessible at, the site provides information on camping spots, scenic drives and other outdoor experiences that are off-the-beaten path – as well as mapping and reservation capability – within a visitor-specified geographic region of the United States.


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