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Hunting Clothes - Reviews Summary Part One

Hunting Clothes

Hunting Clothes have advanced dramatically in the last ten years. Today’s hunting clothes are filled with all sorts of technology never heard of twenty years ago. When I started hunting many years ago the term hunting clothes referred to those my parents allowed me to get dirty. Essentially my hunting outerwear was several pairs of long johns, pants and shirts and then throws one of those plastic orange vests over me. Now days the term hunting clothes often refers to hunting outerwear designed specifically for hunting and nothing else.

In this part one of our Hunting Clothes Review Summary we’ll summarize the hunting clothes reviews we’ve received over the last year so you can make your buying decision without having to read hundreds of reviews. You will notice we feature everything from hunting vests to hunting camo as part of the review category hunting outerwear.

Hunting Clothes – Review Summary Part One

Its amazing the number of brand names of hunting clothes there are on the market. Many of which are made by the same manufacturers with just slightly different designs, insulation types and amounts. In addition Hunting Gear Retailers like Cabela’s and Bass Pro have all created their own lines of hunting clothes. These hunting clothes retailers have all expanded their selection of hunting clothes throughout the years and now offer page after page of hunting outerwear in every camo design imaginable.

Hunting Clothes Reviews

We start our review summary of hunting clothes in alphabetical order since there was no clear winner in the reviews we received over the last year.

Arctic Shield Xscent socks

Purchase: These socks really do what they say. Wear them for a week and smell them. NOTHING--- and my feet stink, just ask my wife.- Mike

Summary: Everyone fogets about their feet and this product lets you forget them.-Mike

ASAT 3d Leafy Camo Suit

Purchase: I bought this suit from Asatcamo It was $130 for the jacket, pants, and head cover. I bought this suit because I wanted to try a different camo. I got busted in my old Mossy Oak too much.- Hagy

Likes: It blends in with whatever environment you're in unlike most other camo. It also has the leafy design which aids in the camo effect. The suit is mesh so it can be worn during the warm months, yet you can still stay relatively cool. In the colder times it can easily fit over the top of you coveralls and whatever you want to wear under it. The more you wear it the quieter it becomes.-Hagy

Summary: In my opinion this is the best camo out there along with Predator. The open patterns are far better at fooling a deers eyes than the camo that tries to look like it's surroundings. Give this camo a try. They have a guarantee behind.- Hagy

Browning Gore-Tex Gear

Likes: very light never get wet in the rain like the sent sorb- Gator

Dislikes: has no fly on the front of the pants and side pockets always fill up with water when it rains--need pocket flap a must- Gator

Summary: good to know you folks are doing your homework.-Gator

Brush Creek Brush Pants

Likes: Their actually not bad looking when clean. Grey in color so you don't look like a deer with large legs. They fit pretty well.- Michael W.

Dislikes: They pull in and attract water like a sponge. Once wet they do their best to remain wet. Imagine small game hunting the night after it rained and every piece of brush you touch collects more water. This last Saturday I felt more like a sumo wrestler when I moved my legs than someone who enjoyed hunting.- Mike W.

Summary: Great brush pants, but not so great if they ruin a days hunt by pulling in water. I've tried water repellent on them and they still pull in the water. Unfortunately it looks like these guys are heading to the trash bin before this weekend. I've been looking, but have yet to find any gore-tex brush pants. I'm sure their out there somewhere. Good luck this year. Neat site, keep it up.- Mike W.

Cabela’s Hunting Clothes

Now we enter the territory of the big boys that is Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops. As I stated earlier they offer hunting clothes in every type, size and shape imaginable. A quick check of their websites shows they each have over a thousand pieces of hunting clothes and hunting outerwear for sale many of which are sold under their own brand names.

Cabelas Dry Plus Pullover (Insulated)

Likes: its very warm and water proof. excellent on cold days and I mean cold, like around 0 farenheight.the orange breakup is nice to, i think it helps keep you secluded.- blaise gubler

Dislikes: Dislikes: it might be too warm. If you plan to walk and stalk, you sweat alot.- blaise gubler

Cabelas Dry Plus Upland Pants

Likes: What I really liked was the waterproofing. That was my primary concern when looking for upland pants. The morning hunts in my area tend to be fairly damp caused by dew, frost, snow or rain. These pants did an excellent job of repelling water but also allowed perspiration to evaporate from my skin leaving me dry all day.- Chip

Quality: Outside - brushed 160-denier nylon that holds up great against briars and thorns. Softer and more flexible than the waxed pants or chaps a lot of upland hunters wear. Inside - Dry Plus liner to keep moisture away from your skin. Belt loops and suspender buttons. Unfinished 37" inseam. Cabelas will hem to 35 1/2" or less for no extra charge.- Chip

Cabela's Mitten Gloves

Likes: They stay warmer than regular gloves while still offering the ability to use fingers when needed for such things as shooting, or casting. – Numb Fingers

Dislikes: They seem to get wet very quickly. I doubt they were treated with anything at all. I wore an old pair of gloves into my stand before putting on additional layers, but they still managed to soak up snow and water like it was going out of style.-Numb Fingers

Summary: They do their job and who knows maybe she bought me a cheap pair, or their cheapest pair. They came close with these, but close doesn't always count. I'll give them a two, maybe next year I will buy myself a nicer set of them.- Numb Fingers

Red Head Elements Gore-Tex Hunting Clothes

Likes: Likes: I had gone years wearing an old one piece outfit from K-mart or one of those places. I liked this outfit, but it didn't keep me warm when hunting as most of it's insulation properties had left years earlier. I guess I just got used to putting layers upon layers of hunting clothes on to compensate for my hunting clothes not being up to date. Anyway you asked what I like, well first off they are gore-tex and I mean to tell you big time waterproof. There's nothing worse than deer hunting with wet clothes. With these you don't have to worry about getting wet, it just sheds them off. Back to my original point, with this set of hunting clothes I can just throw them over whatever I'm wearing and don't even have to wear long johns except on the coldest days. This makes it real nice when packing for a hunting trip, got rifle, got hunting boots, got bib, got jacket, ready to go!- Kevin

Dislikes: Ouch the cost, but like I said think of it as a lease payment and in ten years or so you'll have spent hardly anything for warm days in the woods.- Kevin

Summary: Hunting Clothes don't get any better than this. When I come home from a hard day my work clothes go in a pile. When I come home from hunting my hunting clothes are neatly hung up in a scent proof bag I bought for them. Now that makes my wife mad. Bottom line Redhead Hunting clothes are tough to beat and I'd give them six stars if I could. p.s. An old buddy of mine has the Browning all in one Hydro Fleece and he swears by it as well.- Kevin

GORE-TEX Scent Suppressant Camo

Likes: I have currently two types of scent controlling camo and both seem to help in my ability to get close to Big Bucks. How ever as mentioned above the GORE-TEX SUPPRESCENT is easier to wash and claims not to lose it's effectiveness after many washes.From my use to date I feel that is true. The garment is soft and quite quiet it fits well and has some nice pockets as well. It is all so quite burr resistant something I really like in my camo. I have it in Moss Oak but you can get it in other patterns. The last two P&Y's I harvested were at 7 and 5 yards. They both came in down wind. The weight of the Camo is lite but it seems to do very well at keeping me warm in temps down to 25 or so. I buy all my hunting outer wear large so I can layer under for warmth.- Gary

Dislikes: I would like to have a built in arm guard added to the Jacket. This is on one of my other Jackets and I have come to really like that. All so the hood is attached and personally I do not like that.-Gary

Summary: While I know scent controlling garments are not 100%. I have a wall of bucks that I have taken that say they do help. And if they help 10% that’s well worth it to me. I can't post the photo of the wall here but there are 12 nice bucks that range from 120 class to 180 class and many were taken at 15 yards and less. I watched the 180 class 16 point buck come over 100 yards down wind right to me when I arrowed him at 15 yards. So yes I wear and feel the scent controlling garments do help some. It is my opinion that they have all improved in just the last 2 or 3 years. And the cost now is really not that much higher than any real good quality Camo. The design of these type Cameo’s has come a long ways and they fit and wear as good as any camo with out the scent controlling. The Scent Controlling garments do not lessen the need for hunters to still do all they can to control your scent!- Gary

Hunter Safety System Reversible vest/harness

Likes: In addition to being safe and easy to put on, it is a reversible vest for bow or gun hunting and comes with 6 handy pockets to carry my hunting gear. All the straps are easily adjustable for light or heavy clothing, and it also comes with a built-in deer-drag system.- Jay Everett

Dislikes: I cannot think of a thing I don't like about this product. It's extremely hunter-friendly, safe, quick and multi-functional. It may have seemed a little pricey at first, but when I think about how much I spend on other hunting items, this is a real bargain. What is my life worth? How would my family survive without me or my ability to earn an income? This is probably the most important hunting item I have ever purchased.- Jay Everett

I’ll end part one of Hunting Clothes – Review Summary there. Please stop back in the next couple of days to see part two which will feature the remaining hunting clothes reviews we’ve received and part three of our Hunting Clothes Review summary which will tell you what’s new in hunting clothes along with covering some of the technologies that going into making your hunting clothes work.

To view the hunting clothes reviews we’ve received in the last year please click the link below.

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