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Rocky Carson- New All In One Tree Stand Safety System!


Intelligent hunters are outdoorsmen who succeed by being aware of the environment, controlling their scent and hunting safely. ROCKY's new Carson Safety System and Scent IQ™ clothing are two new revolutionary technologies that allow hunters to accomplish all three of these tasks in a head-to-toe concept.

Incorporated into select ROCKY camo outerwear and boots, the Scent IQ system allows hunters to totally eliminate human odor. All Scent IQ products are completely waterproof, noticeably lighter and more flexible than standard carbon-based clothing products.

Intelligent hunters are also aware of the dangers of hunting whitetail from a treestand. A recent magazine survey stated that more than 35% of hunters will experience at least one fall from a treestand during their hunting lifetime. Providing the luxury of easy-on and off, unlike most safety harnesses, the ROCKY Carson Safety System features a harness built into a durable vest that can be easily tightened. The unique system can’t be tangled and is extremely user-friendly.

The ROCKY Carson Safety System patented liner vest incorporates an inclosed safety harness which never gets in the way. It can be worn alone as an upper body harness system or it can be attached to the ROCKY CSS safety pants with leg harnesses as a full-body harness system. It can be zipped into a jacket with the back tether extending from the vest, through an opening slightly below the shoulder line. The liner vest system also has metal loops on each side for climbing and descending.









Press Release

The CRIMSON TALON™Broadhead The world's first fixed-blade broadhead to incorporate the patent - pending Spin-Tite Airfoil Technology™.

Spin-Tite Airfoil Technology™ actually spin-stabilizes the arrow resulting in perfect and predictable flight no matter what size or configuration of vanes or feathers!

Weighing a precise 100-grains and featuring a substantial 1 - 1/4 inch wide cut. The Razor-Bore Ferrule™ is constructed of the finest 7075 aircraft grade aluminum and touts the patent-pending V-LOCK Blade Attachment System™.

The V-LOCK System grips the blades and provides rock-solid anchoring in the ferrule. The six-blade configuration features razor-honed stainless steel patent-pending EZ-Flex Blades™. These patent-pending blades also sport patent-pending Shred-R Mini Gut Hooks™ that insure massive hemorrhaging and unmistakable blood trails. Additionally, the Shred-R Mini Gut Hooks™ also keep the wound from closing as with all other traditional broadhead designs.

Available in 85 , 100 & 125 grain models

Available in 3-Packs. Part Numbers : #2003-85 . #2003-100 . #2003-125

ABSOLUTELY NO TUNING REQUIRED! Simply screw-on and hunt!

Arrows are spin-stabilized from the front! ABSOLUTELY NO WIND PLANING! Period. Faster, flatter and more accurate than any other broadhead! Massive hemorrhaging and unmistakable blood trails! Wound will not close or clot.


Ithaca Introduces The Waterfowler “Storm”

Press Release

The Waterfowler “Storm” is another new addition to the tradition of quality and craftsmanship found in the Ithaca Gun family. Following in the footsteps of the Deerslayer Storm and Turkeyslayer Storm performance, the Waterfowler “Storm” has all the same attributes, but with a priority on wing shooting, balance, and shot patterning. The new Waterfowler “Storm” has an interchangeable vent rib barrel, and attains incredible shot patterning and velocity with its extended “Itha-Choke” waterfowl full steel shot choke tube. The addition of a synthetic stock and forend, and all metal parts having been completely parkerized, renders the Waterfowler “Storm” virtually element-proof. A Sims Limb Saver recoil pad is also included, reducing felt recoil substantially. It also comes standard with the classic Ray Bar front bead sight. The Waterfowler “Storm” is offered in the matt parkerized finish version, and will also be offered in the new Realtree MAX 4 camouflage in early in 2003. The “Storm” also has a limited lifetime warranty available to the original owner.

Available in 12 ga., 3” chamber. Barrel length is 28” (standard), and is also available in 24”, 26”, and 30” (non-standard) configurations.

Model: Waterfowler Storm Gauges Available: 12, 20 Barrel Types: Inter-changeable vented rib Barrel Finish: Parkerized, or Realtree MAX 4 Barrel Length: 28" Standard, 24", 26", 30" (non-standard) Choke: Itha-choke steel full (extended) (black) Receiver Type: Steel Receiver Finish: Parkerized, or Realtree MAX 4 Drilled and Tapped: no Sights: Ray Bar Length of Pull: 14 1/8" Drop at Comb: 1 3/8" Drop at Heel: 2 1/8" Stock Type: Synthetic Forend Type: Synthetic Finish : Black, or Realtree MAX 4 Recoil Pad: Sims Limb Saver (black) Overall Length: 49" (28" barrel with extended choke tube) 12g Total Weight: 7.8 lbs (28" barrel) 12g MSRP: 499 Parkerized ($549 MAX 4)


Orvis’ BUZZ OFF Insect Shield™ Insect Repellent Apparel

Press Release

MANCHESTER, Vermont – Orvis announced today the launch of BUZZ OFF Insect Shield™ Insect Repellent Apparel, a new line of insect-repellent clothing, available at select Orvis retail stores nationwide and at beginning in Fall 2003.

A full rollout in all stores, dealers, catalogs, and the web is slated for Spring 2004. Company officials expect BUZZ OFF will become the biggest revolution in outdoor technical apparel since the introduction of Gore-Tex® in 1978.

BUZZ OFF apparel from Orvis is a high performance and potent innovation in bug repellency. It provides the benefits of a bug spray without the constant reapplication, so the number of insect bites is dramatically reduced without ever having to coat (and recoat) with a spray or cream. That’s because BUZZ OFF is in the clothing, not on the skin, so it keeps working as long as the garment is being worn.

The new Orvis product provides effective protection against mosquitos, ticks, ants, flies, chiggers, and midges or no-see-ums, thanks to its active ingredient, permethrin, a man-made form of an all-natural insect repellent derived from the chrysanthemum plant. It’s EPA-registered, odorless, effortless, and effective through 25 washings.

“We compare the launch of BUZZ OFF to the revolutionary impact Gore-Tex had when it was first introduced,” says Orvis BUZZ OFF Brand Manager, Ryan Shadrin. “It’s that kind of a seismic change in the way we think of performance clothing.”

“Imagine wearing great-looking, casual apparel that also happens to work as well as an insect repellent in preventing mosquito and tick bites. With no odor, no effort, and no hassle. That’s no small benefit, especially considering the increase in West Nile virus and Lyme disease across the country,” Shadrin said.

Extensive testing conducted both by the manufacturers of BUZZ OFF and Orvis has proven that Orvis BUZZ OFF apparel works. “We’ve been testing BUZZ OFF clothes in some of the harshest, buggiest areas in the country,” says Shadrin. “From mosquito-ridden bayous of Louisiana to black-fly-infested forests of Maine, BUZZ OFF performance has been impressive: not only does it work as well as bug spray, but just as importantly, it keeps working even when the garment gets wet, so you can enjoy the outdoors without ever having to reapply repellent,” he said.

BUZZ OFF will also be carried by Ex Officio, a Seattle-based company owned by The Orvis Company, Inc. Ex Officio has led the way in outdoor performance clothing for the last 16 years. Their garments are distributed in specialty outdoor, fly fishing, travel, and luggage stores throughout the U.S. and the world.

BUZZ OFF is a patent-pending innovation from Buzz Off Insect Shield LLC, based in Greensboro, NC. The idea for developing insect repellent clothing was originally driven by the U.S. armed forces’ need to protect field troops in a way that was safe and long lasting. After seven years of joint research and testing with the military, the company found BUZZ OFF to be highly effective in repelling mosquitoes and ticks. It is similarly effective in repelling ants, flies, chiggers and no-see-ums. In July 2003, Buzz Off Insect Shield introduced the first insect repellent apparel ever registered by the EPA.

More details about BUZZ OFF are available at Specific product information, as well as additional background regarding BUZZ OFF performance will be released in Fall 2003.

Orvis, the oldest continuously operated catalog company in the country, has been the premier outfitter of the distinctive country lifestyle and sporting traditions since 1856. The company’s international headquarters for its mail order, retail and wholesale businesses are in Manchester, Vermont.



Press Release

Building upon its reputation for bringing adventurers closer to nature, Steiner Optics has developed a line of high-performance binoculars specifically designed for birders and outdoor enthusiasts. Named after the small, swift and skilled hunting falcon that uses keen eyesight to track prey, the Steiner Peregrine is a compact, roof-prism binocular that offers excellent light transmission and exceptionally sharp optics.

Working closely with its championship birding team and experts at the American Birding Association, Steiner engineered the Peregrine to deliver exactly what serious birders and nature lovers want – a lightweight, comfortable binocular with a precision close-focus system that resists the elements and allows for uninterrupted, extended viewing.

“With input from a panel of birding experts, we worked with our optical engineers to create a binocular especially made for bird observation and all-purpose outdoor use,” said Sven Harms, vice president, sales and marketing for Pioneer Research, U.S. distributor for Steiner Optics. “The Peregrine has all the features that serious birders and nature observers demand.”

Since birds are often visible for only seconds, observing their true colors in bright contrast and clearly identifying the most subtle color difference is extremely important to birders, according

to Steiner’s studies conducted with amateur birders and ornithologists in the USA and in Europe. To help achieve a new level of brightness, Steiner equipped the Peregrines with a dielectric prism coating, through which over 40 layers of silicon and titanium are alternatively applied to the glass surface. This “Broad-Band Coating” (BBC) results in superior light reflection over a broader range of colors, compared to binoculars without the coating. The Peregrines are also phase corrected for sharpest possible, distortion-free images.

The Peregrine features a large, fast and very smooth center-focus wheel that focuses from 6 feet to infinity with just a touch of the finger tip, an important feature for quick bird identification. With the lightest weight in its class and soft, non-slip rubber armoring, the Peregrine is comfortable and stable to hold. The comfort level is further enhanced by soft, face-shaped eye cups that feel good and prevent side light from entering and disturbing the image.

Steiner-Germany is the world’s leading specialized binocular manufacturer, with a particular expertise in lens and prism manufacturing and lens coatings that are “tuned” to the observed target object. Steiner’s hunting binoculars favor the color of game at dusk and dawn, its marine binoculars reject blue haze and water reflections and its military binoculars reject enemy lasers and allow observation in near-darkness. The company’s new binoculars are adept at helping users quickly identify subtle true color differences of birds and other wildlife against the shade of dense foliage. Also, in the Steiner tradition, these new binoculars are waterproof and rugged and maintain their sharpness for many years.

Available in 8x42 and 10x42 models, the Peregrine is shockproof, fogproof and Mil.-spec waterproof, maintaining its peak performance at any temperature and under any conditions. Its rugged, UV- resistant rubber armoring is nearly impervious to dust, moisture and even rough handling.

The Peregrine’s dark-green, light-absorbing rubber body blends in with natural surroundings, providing an advantage when glassing for easily spooked species. And, with close-focus ranges as low as 5.5 feet, the Peregrine helps users detect color variations even in unexpected nearby encounters with birds.

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I bought it at a garage sale in town. $5.00

I love to bass so even the worst video can't be all bad. I already know most everything as I've won most of the tournaments I enter.

Teach me something new, I've known all this stuff years ago. The only difference between a heavy hitter and a small hitter is the size of the bait you throw at it. Everything should be the same.

Not applicable

Hey if you put me in a lake that hasn't been fished in years I'd whip these guys everytime. If I did a video you wouldn't be able to keep them on the shelves.


Cy Young


Kwik Draw Tackle Box

Fishing Tackle

We bought it out West in a sporting goods store I believe called Van's. Which I knew for sure, but I think I was in every store for 100 miles killing time while visiting my in laws.

Everything is right there and easy to get at. With this box you don't need to spend a lot of time fiddling when you should be fishing.

The box won't pack all your gear for you and the only way it's going be at your fingertips is if you've spent the time getting it ready the night before/

excellent, as we all know these things take some abuse over a good fishing season and to date it's not showing a lot of wear, which means I've jinxed it.

It's a nice box especially for tournaments when you want to stay in the water as much as possible.



Smart Cast Fish Finder

Smart Cast

Fish Finders

This was gift from my wife on our 20th anniversary. What a great gift it is. I saw them at one of the larger tackle websites for just over 150 dollars. She didn't get me the boat I wanted, but just about the next best thing.

At first I wasn't sure what to think about such a device. When I saw it was a fish finder my first thought was, I don't have a boat to use it, but that is the beauty of this device. You actually attach it to your line and cast it into the water. It broadcasts the water's floor and anything swimming around it,to a small screen you keep next to you on the bank. You don't even need a boat! I think these things will be the next big thing for all fishermen this time.

I love it and don't often say anything bad about it, one little concern is the chance the sensor device get's wrapped around something and I lose it. Other than that what a neat device.

It's very well made and seems somewhat water resistant as well even though I put it back in the truck the first time it started raining on me a few weeks ago. There was a warning that it's not for use in the cold weather which goes hand and hand for anything with batteries.

Thanks to my gift I now know the details of a small farm pond I've been fishing for years. I'm pulling in more than I've ever pulled from the pond. I have to warn you when you go to a public place you'll get some strange looks at first and don't be surprised if several people come up to ask what it is. I wish I had a mess of them to sell myself.


Newly Hi-Tech Fisherman


Duck Calling Kit


I picked it up the night before a hunting trip last year. I'm new to Duck hunting and the kit came with an instructional tape which was half the reason I bough it.

The tape has detailed instructions which I need. Through the years I've hunted just about everything and it felt awkward to be a rookie again. The call worked well for me the one time I had it out before the season was over. I won't count the day after I bought it since I didn't have time to view the tape until a few days after that trip.

It's kind of funny looking for a call. It looks cheaper than it really is. Put some camo on it or something.

I don't know what to say in this area. I can tell you it's still working after a couple of field outings and much practice in my living room.

The duck calling kit is a great place to start. The video gives great instructions. If you've hunted for a while and haven't tried duck hunting you owe it to yourself to give it a try. It's definitely brought back a lot of life to my hunting. Let me tell you it's not easy either.


Dafy D.

Trail Sense Engineering

Trail Mac Deer Camera

Trail Cameras

I looked at a couple of trail cameras in the stores and was ready to buy the problem was I didn't have a lot of confidence in any of them. I decided to do some research on the web when I ran across the Trail Mac Game Camera. After reading their literature I was sold and went all out and bought two instead of the one I originally planned on.

I'm in marketing and quickly realized this company was building their product and firm for the long haul. I'm sure lots of cameras are being bought this reason, but it won't be long until guys are sharing stories about how this one and that one fizzled out. Word of mouth spreads fast especially after a few beers. The camera was designed for being outside and not for sunny days either. The literature states the battery life is extra long and you should get a full three months out of it which for me is the scouting season. There's a quality Cannon camera inside with a flash unit that is reviewed very well on regular cameras. The units are tough and made for work, I'm very impressed with them to date.

The makers should offer bulk buy discounts in my case a little discount for buying two wouldn't hurt, but if a group of guys wanted to get together and buy them all the better this would lower the price for everyone and make more profit for them. Right now they need to get their name out there, for everyone. Also, they should nake the unit in gray, black isn't bad, but sticks out when put against a gray tree especially once fall hits.

I'm tough on my purchases. I make a lot and spend a lot and expect quality. It's only been a few weeks since I bought them and I'm already satisified with the quality. Time will tell, but for me to be impressed early is a good sign.

If you are preparing to buy look up the Trail Mac Game Camera. You'll be impressed. Camera checking day is like Christmas all over again. I grab the film drive like a mad man closer to my home where there's a one hour photo. All in all it's a lot of fun.


J. Murawski


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