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Press Release

In keeping with their philosophy of identifying knives by use-category, Buck has new models for hunters, for outdoor sports and recreation, and for everyday use. In addition, Buck offers a tantalizing new selection of Limited Edition knives with special appeal to collectors.

Expanding on the success achieved with the new Alpha Hunter series, introduced just a year ago, Buck has developed the Mini Alpha Hunter, a fixed-blade with the same great look and qualities, but with a little less size for those who prefer a more compact knife. With the addition of walnut handles on all 420HC Alpha's, there are even more for hunters to choose from.

Buck also has extended its growing program of collaborative efforts, teaming with famed custom knifemaker Tom Mayo to create the Buck/Mayo TNT, a dramatic new frame-lock.

The new Adrenaline-Ti brings a blend of dramatic new design and materials that move Buck into another dimension.

Even after 100 years, Buck's goal has never wavered - to create knives of unequaled quality, unmatched performance and unparalleled value and functionality. Today, Buck continues to search for new ways to deliver a better knife to the consumer.


Abel Reels- 5 Weight Rod Named World's Best

Press Release

According to Gary Sandstrom, owner of the Morning Hatch Fly Shop in Tacoma, Washington, selling it is simple. An angler enters the shop, gives this 5-weight rod a wiggle and just knows that it's right. Although it's an Abel—one of the high-end name in fly-fishing—as well as multi-piece rod, Sandstrom point out that even with the added custom reel seat, the rod sells for less than many other high-quality, mass-produced rods. This model retail price ($490) and replacement cost ($40 for a tip, $50 for midsection and $100 for the butt section) increase the attraction.

Sandstrom identifies the rod's "sweet spot"—its most comfortable casting distance—at about 40 to 50 feet. If required, however, this medium-fast rod can launch at whole line. In addition, this four-piece travel rod, with overlapping sleeve ferrules, comes with quite a long list of thoughtful features that really turn it into something special. Fine and subtle thread lines, embedded in the wraps, aid alignment of the section during assembly. To increase strength and prevent water damage to windings and guides, epoxy completely encloses the tunnel made by the guide feet. Dressed in formal black and gray, the rod blank is coasted with a tough, clear matte finish that protects the blank from nicks and eliminates rod-flash during casting. Abel machines the winding checks and finishing rings from durable Delrin. The slightly oversize guides from Fuji (Japan) and Hopkins & Holloway (England) turn out to be a wonderful convenience when an angler is shaking out line or using larger saltwater knots. The reel seats are anodized "Black Coral" or are available in various "Camo Coral" colors to match Abel's custom reels. The butt cap (much like a miniature fighting butt) and the top ring of the handle are made from a non-slip, cork-rubber composite material that eliminates wear and tear at critical places. A longer butt cap also keeps the reel away from dirt and debris. The reel lock nut is knurled and milled with deep cross-grooves for easy reel removal. The cross-grooves allow enormous torque. As Abel claims, "You'll never again have difficult removing your reel … even after a week in the salt.…" The handle design—a reverse half-wells—offers different dimensions in a single handle to accommodate various hand sizes. A woman, for example, might simply lower her hand an inch to the narrow section for a more comfortable grip. Though considered a freshwater rod—in fact, Abel calls it that—this rod can handle the salt as well. And it comes in a convenient square, lockable carrying case. In brief, the 4.2-ounce Abel 5-weight is innovative, versatile and functional. It is Abel quality at a modest price. — Darrel Martin


DAC Technologies Ships First of New California Compliant Gun Locks

Press Release

LITTLE ROCK, Ark., PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- James R. Pledger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DAC Technologies (OTC Bulletin Board: DAAT - news) announced today that the company has shipped its first order of over 2,500 "California-compliant" gun locks to Wal-Mart and Kmart stores in California. The state of California has established new regulations that govern performance standards for gun locks that must be provided with each firearm transfer in the state.

DAC Technologies has received approval for a number of gun locks and safes to be considered as "firearm safety devices" under the new California state regulations. To receive this approval, gun locks and safes must survive extensive attack with hand tools in testing at an independent testing laboratory. DAC gun locks and safes are certified to fit over 400 models of firearms. Approved DAC gun locks and safes will also be offered for sale to licensed firearms dealers and sporting goods retailers in California and throughout the nation.

These California compliant gun locks were introduced at the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas along with the DAC SportSafe. The DAC SportSafe received rave reviews and predictions by distributors and sales representatives indicate that this product will be in great demand by consumers. Mr. Pledger stated, "we are receiving orders daily for the new DAC SportSafe and have already shipped approximately 50% of our available inventory. This product should provide a substantial addition to our revenue."

DAC Technologies Group International, Inc., is an outsource manufacturer of high quality, reasonably priced security safes, gun locks and security products. DAC's mission is to provide the consumer with great value in the purchase of affordable products to protect the home and workplace. In particular, firearms safety and gun violence are key issues facing the American people. It is DAC's goal to assist in the reduction of gun violence and the unintentional use of firearms by children and other unauthorized persons through the distribution and sale of its effective safety and security devices. DAC now distributes its products through mass merchandisers such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Walgreens, Discount Auto Parts, Pep Boys and sporting goods stores nationwide.

For Shareholder Information please call 1-800-920-0098 or e-mail at [email protected]

The Private Securities Reform Act of 1995 provides a "safe harbor" for forward looking statements. Certain information included in this press release (as well as information included in written statements to be made) contain statements that are forward looking, such as those relating to consummation of the transaction, anticipated future revenue of the Company's and success of current public offerings. Such forward looking information involves important risks and uncertainties that could significantly affect anticipated results in the future and, accordingly, such results may differ materially from those expressed in any forward looking statements.


Eagle Claw is proud to introduce LAZER LINE

Press Release

This new premium monofilament is available in two types of line, Lazer Tough and Lazer Smooth. Lazer Tough (green) cuts through the heaviest cover. It combines a very high abrasion resistance with super knot strength which gives it a true advantage over other premium lines available.

The Lazer Smooth (clear) combines strength and very low memory making this highly sensitive line perfect for long, accurate casts while resisting line twists.

Enhanced design and superior technology gives both styles of LAZER LINE the leading edge when it comes to fishing under normal or extreme conditions!

Each type is available in 4lb. to 30lb. test.


LAZER LINE offers $5.00 worth of free fishhooks (by mail-in rebate) with the purchase of every spool. Something no other line company can do -- offer a premium monofilament along with free hooks. Both are "Made in the U.S.A."


Expedition Star - new Luxeon Star LED Flashlight

Press Release

Trenton, N.J., July 29th, 2003 — Tektite continues to demonstrate its role as the leader in LED flashlight technology with the introduction of its latest flashlight… the Expedition™ Star. The Expedition Star is the first flashlight to incorporate the new Luxeon™ Star LED and specialized narrow beam optics.

"The Luxeon Star represents the greatest breakthrough in LED flashlight technology since we introduced the multi-LED flashlight in 1998," said Scott Mele, Tektite president and noted flashlight expert. "With this advancement there's no reason to purchase traditional incandescent flashlights because the key features of incandescent lights—such as high luminous intensity and prefocused lamps—can now be found in a LED flashlight."

"Focusing on value, the Expedition Star offers the lowest cost of ownership when you factor in the 92.6% reduction in operating costs compared to traditional flashlights," said Richard Saint Cyr, Tektite vice president. "You can quickly see the value of the Expedition Star when you consider that average professional users spend upwards of $277 per year to keep their incandescent lights running."

In addition to being at the leading edge of technology and value, the Expedition Star has many standard features that make it one of the most rugged flashlights in the world.

- 1,000 Feet Depth Rating: double O-ring seals make this light watertight - Durable: constructed from ABS and Lexan®—the same material used to make bulletproof glass

- Reliable: 10,000+ hour lamp life and 65+ hours of battery life

- Vibration & Shock Resistant: LEDs have no filaments to break

- Shockproof: ABS body engineered for demanding environments

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews

Amacker Outdoors

Rigid Rail Ladder

Tree Stands

I bought this directly off the maker which is Amacker Outdoors Tree Stands. It was $350.00 plus some shipping which I don't recall.

Some buddies built me a nice stand last year, but there wasn't time for walls, or even a real solid ladder. I appreciate their efforts since I couldn't get to camp until the evening before. It was a nice stand the only problem was I kept thinking to myself I had way to much going for me to be risking my life everytime I got up and down from it. This is a lot safer than nine out of ten home made ones and as I get older I catch myself thinking about safety more often.

I'd guess she's about 80 pounds or so which doesn't make it very portable for me at least. It's too bad they can't make these with some space age alloy, or even abs plastic.

The stand is very well made and once you get in place you're not going anywhere unless you want to. I also like it's ability to adjust to different size tress right down to just a little bigger than a few years old.

I'm very pleased with it and know I won't be wandering about my next trip out of the tree when I'm up there. This is the first ladder stand I've owned and after a few mornings in it have to say this is the way to go. Make sure you pick the right spot the first time as you don't want to be tugging this dog through the woods during the season. Good Luck this year...


Jacob, Fayetteville, NC

Abu Garcia

Tournament Baitcasting Reel

Fishing Reels

I'm very excited about your new site and thanks for putting it out there for all of us. Up until now there hasn't been a Consumer Reports type site for us to review Fishing Gear. I bought this reel at my local tackle shop here in Syracuse. I bought quite a bit that day, so I'm not positive how much it was. I'd guess around $80 some dollars.

I'm really getting the Bass Fishing bug so I think I like best about it is how quickly one can cast compared to an open face under rod design. I realy like the feel of it's parts when working the bait. Very smooth and well made.

No problems with this so far.

Time tells all, but I think it's pretty well made. I haven't been fishing long enough to know what's good or bad so I'll just say it's the middle of the road.

I love my new fishing addiction and my Garcia reel was a real good choice for me right now. I'm having enough problems getting my purchases past my wife. I'm sure you know the price of a tackle box full of bait and how much that costs so to make my point the price is right.


Bass Addict

Redhead Rain Suits

Camo Rain Suit

Rain Gear

I got it at Warehouse Hut for $30.00

This is something you hope you never have to use. It seems everytime time is on my side for a trip to fish or even the woods here comes the rain. I've worn these three times and am happy with them. I thought about buying a more expensive pair, but how often do I use them came to my mind and for that matter often when it's raining they won't bite or move.

Rain gear always comes folded so neat and tidy, but once you get them out of their cover you'll never see them folded like that again. These would make a nice pillow for somebody.

A little nosier than I'd like, but made well and probably won't tear easily.

Nice little buy to have on hand for a few bucks. Better than a poncho you can't move in, but not as nice as some of the suits I see at the club. All in all it's what you put the money into.


Mel W. Appleton, WI


Medium Supercast Reel

Fishing Reels

I scooped this unit up off The Sierra Trading It was on sale for $99.96 which I think is a good bargain.

Very smooth!

I'd like it to cast a little further. I'm never satisfied with my casts probably because I try to keep the weight to a minimum to make the presentation very life like.

A fine piece of machinery.

I haven't had it long enough to finalize my comments. I however don't see how someone can go wrong with such a nice setup.



Foggy Mountain

Total Season Deer Lure


I bought this on the net directly from Foggy Mountain. I have a small archery shop and am selling it for jsut over $20.00 a bottle/

As on their advertising it's true a deer will know when the rut is a lot sooner than we will. I thought about this and it does make a lot of sense. I've used it three times in my pre-season trips and to date I've had a few nice ones come in to me and they appeared curious about the odor. One note is make sure you don't put it right behind you, as this will have their focus directly on you, I wasn't thinking and made this mistake.

You always wonder if this stuff works or not. I wish there was a lot more reviews on this stuff. Hopefully this website will add a category for reviews of buck lures to cut through the crap so I'm not wasting my money and will know what will sell.

Nice big bottle and they tell you to lay it down just like a deer would, lots of it.

It certainly isn't scaring them away so I'm gonna give it two thumbs up. A couple of guys in the store the other day said they've used it as a masking scent and it worked well for them.


Sportsman Shop


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