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2004 Lamiglas Fly Rods Ready for Action

Press Release

Woodland, WA USA. Lamiglas, Inc. has completed extensive research and development on its new fly rod offerings for the 2004 season. Seventeen new models, including two entirely new lines, and numerous cosmetic and component changes have evolved to create the most comprehensive line of fly rods in decades.

Traveler Series The all-new 4 pc. "Traveler Series" rods were created to fill the need for an extremely affordable, supremely qualified travel fly rod. Priced to retail around $150, buyers will be hard pressed to find anything remotely comparable. The series includes five models in 8'6" to 9' lengths and 5 wt. to 9 wt. line designations. Featured are forest green blanks and wraps, quality cork and hardware and Lifetime Limited Warranties. Travel tube included.

Appalachian Travel Series The new Appalachian Travel Series were late comers to the party last year and didn't make the catalogs but were strong sellers none the less. Three new models are added for 2004, a 6' 3 wt., 8' 6 wt. and 8' 6" 5 wt. will round out this "shorter" length series of rods. All models are 3 pc. for ease in travel. Travel tube included

Ti2000 Lamiglas' premium line of Ti2000 Fly rods will get upgraded REC titanium finished reel seats and cosmetically enhanced and functionally superior fighting butts. Travel tube included.

Esprit and Esprit Travel These models now feature single foot and traditional RECoil snap back snakes instead of the Fuji Concept Alconite (ceramic) sold last season. New improved REC reel seats and fighting butts will be found on the appropriate models. Travel tube included.

Grande Bluewater The 2004 Grande Bluewater rods feature improved casting actions and a new cosmetic facelift, such as high gloss black spigot ferruled blanks, Ice Blue under wraps and black over wraps, quality cork and machined grade 3 anodized reel seats (with gimbal on 15 wt.) These are the only real game in town for a true big game fly rod. Travel tube included.

Spey Two new 6 pc. travel Spey Rods with faster actions are available for 2004, they feature high gloss metallic burgundy finishes, custom wood barreled reel seats, beautiful wraps and quality hardware throughout. At around $500 these are great modern styled high performance oriented Spey rods. A 12'9" for 8/ 9 wt. lines and a 14' for 10/11 wt. lines will cover most fishing situations. Travel tube included.

Brush Creek Travel Now only available in a three pc. Design, Brush Creek Travel rods have hot new black fiberglass/graphite composite blanks, forest green wraps with metallic green inlays. These rods will now move to faster actions due to the small amount of graphite added to the blanks. Travel tube included.

G1000 Two and four pc. G1000 models now feature hand polished natural graphite shafts and new wood barreled reel seats on 4 through 6 wt. rods while 7 through 10 wt. models have machined grade 2 anodized reel seats. They also now have faster and lighter feeling in hand due to the modern design characteristics. Travel tube available on 4 pc. models only.

G200 Attractive new cosmetic changes highlight the G200 rods for 2004. High gloss deep blue blanks, blue wraps with metallic ice blue inlays and darker rosewood reel seat inserts. All models are two pc. and available in 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 wts. for the budget conscious angler…at about $80 these are an outstanding value.


MITCHELL® FULL RUNNERTM FRE600 Electronic totally unique spinning reel technology

Press Release

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - It's fitting that the inventor of the first spinning reel has now brought totally unique technology to the spinning reel market. The new full runner FRE600 electric spinning reel features a patented bait alert that beeps and flashes when a fish takes the line. Complete with battery.

What can a battery possibly do on a fishing reel? Plenty! While trolling, using floating bait or fishing from the shore it's not always convenient or possible to keep a hands-on relationship with the fishing rod. And fish seem to know when the angler's attention is elsewhere and pick that time to take the bait and strip line off the reel.

With the FRE600 the patented Bait Alert from Mitchell announces "fish on!" with a beeping sound and a light on the spool that starts flashing when a fish takes the bait. To operate, simply cast the bait where desired and disengage the reel by lightly pressing the front of the spool. Once the Bait Alert is triggered, simply turn the handle to re-engage the spool and get ready to set the hook. It's a simple process that is sure to result in more fish on the stringer. A long-life watch battery keeps the Bait Alert functioning and a replacement battery can be easily found anywhere batteries are sold.

The Full Runner feature of this reel allows bait movement for a more realistic bait presentation. This free-floating bait movement entices more strikes. When the spool is pressed to turn on Bait Alert, the full runner feature is also switched on. The spool tension can be quickly adjusted with the external adjustment ring at the base of the spool to vary the freedom of bait movement. A crank of the reel handle turns the Full Runner feature off.

Full Runner FRE600 spinning reels feature a three-bearing drive, instant anti-reverse, 5.4:1 gear ratio and graphite spool. The 16.2-ounce reel can hold up to 240 yards of 12-pound monofilament line. The reel handle can be adjusted to left or right hand cranking. Multi-stop anti-reverse and rear drag adjustment provides power for hooksets and confidence for fish fighting.

FRE600 spinning reels can be matched with Abu Garcia, Berkley or Fenwick rods for the best combination of rod and reel. The suggested retail price of the FRE600 is $54.95.

For more information about the Mitchell Full Runner FRE600 Electronic spinning reel or other Mitchell fishing tackle products, call Mitchell Consumer Services at 1-877-502-6482.


Teton Fly Reels-Tioga

Press Release

The Tioga was created to fill the need for a popular priced, quality reel. Like its older brother, the Teton, the Tioga is machined from a solid block of space age aluminum alloy.

It is anodized with a durable black finish to resist corrosion and abrasion, and utilizes the same patented drag system that has made the Teton a worldwide favorite.

The reel is engineered to take advantage of modern mass production technology enabling us to offer the Tioga at a popular price. With more than two years of heavy use on the water, the Tioga has proven to have the same rugged reliability as our Teton model.

Changing from right- to left-hand retrieve can be accomplished in seconds, as can changing option spare spools. The Tioga is suitable for use in both fresh and saltwater. In saltwater, it is always advisable to thoroughly rinse the reel in warm, fresh wter to prevent the buildup of salt deposits. An occasional drop of light oil applied to the spool bushing, and backing of the drag tension when not in use will also extend the life of your reels.

The Tioga is available in six sizes to accommodate all fishing situations. Extra and large arbor spools are also available as an option. Tioga Reels are available to Dealers in Black. The special anniversary edition is available to Consumers in Gunsmoke.



Camovision Eyewear-You Can See Out, Game Can't See In.


CAMOVISION™ Eye Wear utilizes state-of-the-art technology which bonds camouflage patterns to the lenses without interfering with the hunters ability to see or obstruct the field of vision.

Now, for the first time ever, you will enter the field not having to worry about spooking game because they saw your eyes. With CAMOVISION™ Eye Wear you can keep your eyes where you need them, on target!

Now Available! "Clip & Flip" & RX Inserts CAMOVISION™ Eye Wear utilizes state-of-the-art technology which bonds camouflage patterns to the lenses without interfering with the hunters ability to see or obstruct the field of vision.

Now, for the first time ever, you will enter the field not having to worry about spooking game because they saw your eyes. With CAMOVISION™ Eye Wear you can keep your eyes where you need them, on target! Now Available! "Clip & Flip" & RX Inserts.

Product Information & Facts Ask any hunter how important good, effective camouflage is to the success of any hunt and the reply will be unanimous. Camouflage is absolutely essential! The only problem was, little thought had ever been given to one of the most important aspects of effective camouflage.

The eyes, may indeed be ‘The windows to the soul’, but for the hunter they present three other, major problems.

1. Man is a predator and like all predators our eyes are positioned in the front of the head as opposed to the side of the head placement of prey animals. This placement allows us to focus and gauge depth but also makes us an easily recognizable threat.

2. Man is the only animal, besides the moose, in the woods with whites in our eyes. Again, this is easily detected, making man an easily recognizable threat to prey game.

3. Although a hunter is capable of remaining still, the eyes are constantly moving. In fact, we move our eyes more than any other part of our body.

CAMOVISION™ Eye Wear solves these problems by expertly hiding the eyes behind a camouflaged lens. The wearer can see out, but nothing can see in. The result is total, complete, effective camouflage.

Available Camo Patterns: SuperFlage Game By Lynch Mossy Oak - Shadow Branch Mossy Oak - Break-up Woodlands Classic Camo Montana Camo - Ghost Ridge Montana Camo - Prairie Ghost Moth Wing Camo - Marsh Moth Moth Wing Camo - Timber Moth

Available From


Avery Outdoors Introduces NEW ITEM! Walk-In™ Dog Stand

Press Release

The Walk-In™ Dog Stand is the perfect solution for waterfowlers who walk or wade to their favorite hunting spot.

Lightweight and compact, the Walk-In™ comes with a heavy-duty ratchet tie-down that will fit trees up to 18" in diameter. The platform is covered with an EVA foam pad in Mossy Oak® New Break-Up®. Weighing only 6 lbs, it folds to 27" x 17" x 2" for compact transportation. Shoulder strap included.

Check Avery Outdoors at: for a list of dealers near you.

Hunting & Fishing Gear Reviews


Infinity Force Baby G

Archery Equipment

I purchased the Baby G Package from Cabelas a year ago 08/30/02 for the package rate at the time in the catalogue. It came fully set up and ready to shoot?? -After putting it together myself and tuning it - It was ready to shoot after about two hours. (Some instructions would have been Nice) If I was a beginner I would have been upset. But it all worked out.

Like isnt the Word I Love it. The only thing is that I failed to install the peep sight right away since I never had one on any of my previous bows and shot accurately , I must say after installing it , my shooting accuracy is UN- believeable. It is Fast AND Accurate. It has minimum vibration despte being a short bow. It shoots flat. I shoot carbon 300 arrows , my draw weight is 65lbs 29 1/2" 12gr field and broadheads. In short it has exceeded my expectations especially for what it cost me.

The only criticism I have is how I recieved the Bow , needing to put it together without the benefit of Instructions was an unpleasant experience to say the least. But as for the Bow itself , it is a great Bow. The only modifications I have made are string silencers , An arrow rest retainer (Since the arrow has a tendancy of falling off the arrow rest at full draw without it) , 2 anti vibration discs , and a string saver since I shoot with a release.

Well made , Lighter than I thought it would be to carry , I hunt in some thick areas , the Short bow being light in weight is extremely advantageous as any hunter who has had to traverse thick wilderness can attest. It is well made. You need to wax the string and check all the Screws as with any bow. I am pleased with it. And I am biased because I shoot so good with it. It is accurate. It is smooth.

The bottom line is that it is a value. The cost as compared to what you receive cannot be beat. To make it perfect - Upgrade the arrow rest. But other than that - it is a great bow. Buy it. And the package from Cabelas makes it a sure winner.



Spyder Wire

Cat Fish Fusion

Fishing Line

8 bucks at K-mart

We river fish a lot for catties and carps. Some of the other brads stretched out in a couple of nights, or worse yet had us losing hooks all the time.

I'm getting some ripples in my line that leave to much slack.

30 lb. test will stand up to anything.

Good line- you can give it a reel good pull and not worry about to many snags. The other night I landed the biggest sucker I've ever seen just after a heavy rain when the river was filled with logs and garbage. If I hadn't had the catfish wire on it never would have come in.




Whitetail Deer Archery Target

Archery Equipment

I bought this at walmart just two days ago. $50.00 plus taxs.

I don't.

Where do we start, first off it looks like the damn thing has been on the Atkins diet, hell my dog is bigger than this thing. The foam or what's left of it is just plain cheap and isn't holding up to my blunts at all. I can just imagine what will happen when I start practicing with my old Wasps. The grounding pins aren't big enough and the dog ends up falling over after a couple of shots. They should give you a few bags of mud to really plant the mother.

Cheaper than the ex-wife and at least when she fell over it was a good thing. Come to think of it, she had holes all over her just like the dog.

What country this came from should have kept this thing to eat. If I could find the slip I'd be taking this thing back tonight if it survives the gang coming over.


Save Your Money

Leuopold Scopes

Vari X III


After reading another review about the PSE Baby G we just had to write another about how great the PSE Baby G is in our words. What a nice setup. My Step-Son and I purchased them at the beginning of Summer off Cabela's. They ran about $450 at the time, but now I see them other places a little cheaper.

It's kind of like one stop shopping. Rather than spend several nights shopping for accessories and all we were able to buy them all in one place. What is most important to myself is every item was made for the bow, not some generic fitting items. It had been several years since I hunted archery and was mildly surprised at the weight of bows now days. Then I picked up the PSE baby G and was even more surprised at how light it was.

For a few extra bucks they could have hired some people to fully put them together. I felt like it was Christmas morning again putting toys together for the kids. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed every second of putting it together, but would rather have been shooting.

This a fine piece of machinery, light, well made, an 80% lket off what more do you want.

To finalize I'm sure I'd be impressed with most any of the new compounds. The PSE Baby G takes the cake. I'm shooting better with it everyday. It's a pleasure to shoot. It's light and fast, and accurate. If you're ready to buy definitely take a look at this one.


Craig W.


Kwik Draw Tackle Box

Fishing Tackle

We bought it out West in a sporting goods store I believe called Van's. Which I knew for sure, but I think I was in every store for 100 miles killing time while visiting my in laws.

Everything is right there and easy to get at. With this box you don't need to spend a lot of time fiddling when you should be fishing.

The box won't pack all your gear for you and the only way it's going be at your fingertips is if you've spent the time getting it ready the night before/

excellent, as we all know these things take some abuse over a good fishing season and to date it's not showing a lot of wear, which means I've jinxed it.

It's a nice box especially for tournaments when you want to stay in the water as much as possible.




Cabela's In-Store Pick-Up (125x125) Rock Bottom Deals at Cabela's Cabela's - Gift Cards

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